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VALMET Ilmansuodatin MAT6744 M-Filter Valmet ostettavissa hintaan 39 € paikkakunnalla TAMPERE. Tarkista sopivuus traktoriisi ja erilaisiin tytökoneisiin, joissa Valmet moottori Irrelevant when modern ammo means the shortest *practical* barrel is too short for the bullpup because you run out of forearm. Valmet M82. From Academic Kids. The Valmet M82 is an assault rifle, that was introduced in Finland in 1978 and discontinued production in 1986 M107A1® Model 82A1® Model 95™ Model 99™ MRAD® REC7® REC7® DI REC10® Fieldcraft. Accessories

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The Valmet M62/76 series of rifles are updates of the AK-47 design. The Valmet M76, M72 and M78 have been used as props to simulate the AK-47 and related Soviet weapons in a number of US films.. Interior Valmet RaceAbout Concept '2000 Valtra tractors combine versatile features and innovative technology into outstanding comfort: a high-quality tractor tailored to your needs Convaid | R82 renamed Etac. Still providing the same product brands. R82 contributes in fulfilling the increasing demand for high quality aids designed for children and teenagers with special needs

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When 5.56mm ammo was ALL designed around a 20″ barrel, maybe. But when it is tailored for the 14.5″ barrel, you get the length advantage of your bullpup, with equal ballistic performance, reduced weight, superior trigger, vastly better ergonomics, and credible bi-dexterity without weird workarounds.A montage of a bunch of shooting from my trip to Finland in June 2017! Including: m/31 Suomi KP-44 KvKK-62 LS-26 DP-28 (Emma) M91/24, M27, and M28/30 Mosins M32/33 Maxim Rk-95 Sako TRG in 7.62mm […] Valmet M82 5.56 Bullpup. Military Arms Channel 70.725 lượt xem2 năm trước. Forgotten Weapons 232.208 lượt xem1 năm trước. 5:59. Valmet M71 - How Does it Shoot in Full Auto The bullpup has always seemed to me to be the answer to a set of questions nobody down on the pointy end of things was asking. It’s always come in as a top-down driven creation of the technocrats, and the compromises forced on the designs by the format chosen have been hand-waved away as being inconsequential by those technocrats. From the perspective of the actual rifleman, however…? Those issues are a bit of a real problem set. The Valmet M82 is a bullpup assault rifle with a Valmet RK 62 76 internal design created by Finnish company Valmet. The M82 was introduced in Finland in 1978 and discontinued production in 1986. Only ~ 2,000 M82 were manufactured..

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I love the M82- @ 2,000 manufactured, and I have only seen SN ranges that would put @ 500 in the U.S. 1 meter is equal to 39.37007874 inches.. The Valmet M82 is a bullpup assault rifle with a Valmet M76 internal design created by Finnish company Valmet. The M82 (also sometimes designated by the military as the M107) is a..

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  3. Length (Overall): 82.5 inches Caliber: L53.5 Weight (Complete): 185 pounds Weight (Barrel): 138 M82 APCBC-T (early). Complete Round Weight: 19.39 kg Projectile Weight : 10.94 kg Propellant..

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  1. The US Army ordered standard M4s (burst fire and A2 uppers) for the 82nd Airborne Division and the 101st Examples include these M4s, the SR25 and Barret M82 prior to their adoption into the official..
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  3. The m/44 pistol was intended to be a lower-cost replacement for the Lahti L35 pistol for the Finnish Defense Forces, but production delays resulted in the first batch of 25 examples not being completed until […]

You can observe what I’m talking about in the many officially-produced videos coming out of places like the British Army’s recent CQB efforts. In those videos, you’ll see the exact same thing I first observed with British troops and the L85 back in the 1980s–The f**king rifles are deadly. Every reload, every immediate action, the soldier has to stop, take their weapon of the shoulder, and remove their attention from the surrounding environment, looking down at their weapon to either load it or clear it. The latest set of these videos I’ve seen was produced within the last three-five years, and you see the riflemen doing exactly this, removing situational awareness, focusing on serving their weapon, right in front of the CQB instructors, who apparently see nothing wrong with the practice!    Some of the reasons why the M82 was not accepted to service were its too hard noise close to soldier's ear. Also the foresight used to hit the soldier's teeth during a hard landing with a parachute.

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  2. The Valmet M82 is a bullpup assault rifle with a Valmet M76 internal design crea ted by Finnish Only ~ 2,000 M82 were manufactured, mostly as semi-automatic version in 5.56 mm NATO caliber for..
  3. Isuzu (82) Italmacchine (2) ITAS (1) Iveco (656) Iveco / Irisbus (1) Ivory (1) JAC (66) Jacto (2) Trailers (4) Universal (4) UNK (1) Ursus (3) UTVA (1) V-KRAN (2) Vaderstad (27) Valmet (1) Van de..
  4. Le Valmet M82 est une variante bullpup du Valmet M76. Connu aussi comme M76 court, Il fut produit entre 1978 et 1986 à 2000 exemplaires. Valmet M82 adalah senapan serbu bullpup kaliber 5..
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Valmet M82 Bullpup-mallinen rynnäkkökivääri kehitettiin vuonna 1977 Valmet Oy:n Tourulan tehtaalla Jyväskylässä. Tarkoituksena oli kehittää kompaktin kokoinen ase laskuvarjojääkärien ja.. The bullpup Valmet M82 was an attempt to create a compact weapon for Finnish paratroopers without using a clumsy folding buttstock. This was probably one of the first attempts to convert an existing traditional rifle into a bullpup layout. Like most such later attempts, it was not successful Those who advocate bullpup rifles for MOBUA seem to forget that roughly 50% of all building corners are right turns, and the only way to fire a rifle around them without exposing yourself to enemy fire is to do it off the left shoulder.

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All of the bullpup designs share the same problems, in that the ergonomics are not aligned with tactical reality. In the fight, your weapon must align with what you are doing to maintain situational awareness, and if you have to lose that awareness to serve the weapon, or if it distracts you as you do that, you’re going to die in the actual gunfight.Theoretic ballistic benefits of longer barrels do not even begin to justify the ergonomic cost imposed by the bullpup format.

Assault Rifle / Assault Carbine. 82 Valmet celebrated its 220 years of industrial history in 2017. As part of the anniversary, we decided Surprise...a Valmet review! TD also in attendance. (Filmed before the Apocalypse) TNPrs who donate.. Valmet. Katkelmia Valmetin saksankielisestä yritysvideosta vuodelta 1990. Valmet: Historia ja Suomen tietotaidon kehittymine... 3 192 katselukertaa. Valmet M62/S: The AK in Finland

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The Rk 95 Tp (known commercially as M95) is an upgraded variant of the M62, designed and manufactured by SAKO. It has a folding stock, and can be fitted with suppressors. It was adopted into service by the Finnish Army, although in relatively small numbers, and it is still used by Finnish Special Forces. We did battle drills with some British Army elements, once upon a time. During our after-action review, one of the issues brought up by the British NCOs was that we US Army guys were not doing the coordination piece when reloading our rifles. Discussion was had over the issue, and once the difference between the L85 and M16 was made clear, they saw the lack of sense of bothering with it, when all of my guys were trained to reload in split-seconds while maintaining observation of the situation.    Furthermore this assault rifle lacks a bayonet lug and can not mount a knife-bayonet. This issue was fixed on the Valmet M82A, which has a redesigned front sight post. VALMET material handling equipment 12. The most recent sale advertisements for VALMET vehicles The Valet M82 is a bullpup conversion of the Valmet M76 rifle, originally designed in the hopes of attracting Finnish Today they are one of the scarcer Valmet variants, and definitely the strangest

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Valmet Corp. VALMT.HE. Latest Trade. About Valmet Corp. Valmet Oyj is a Finland-based company, which is engaged in the development and provision of services and technologies for the.. To save time and money, Finnish engineers decided to keep the well-proven AKM action, receiver and barrel, and save on overall length by putting it into a bullpup housing. Early prototypes featured wooden stocks, while latter models had a polymer housing which enclosed the receiver. The pistol grip with the trigger was moved to the front of the magazine port, so a long link was introduced between the trigger and hammer unit in the receiver. The safety / fire mode selector switch was kept in the same place on the receiver, placing it far behind the new pistol grip and trigger. The sights were mounted on relatively high posts and set to the left from the weapon axis. There were no provisions for left hand ejection, so the M82 could not be fired from the left shoulder. VALMET farm equipment 266. VALMET parts 42. The most recent sale advertisements for VALMET vehicles

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sasha_rus82, ответил в теме Cube Talk 9X - Брак/Ремонт (Пост vadolaz #70616540). sasha_rus82ᵥ    Early prototypes of this assault rifle featured wooden stocks. Later models had a polymer housing. It is worth mentioning that the Valmet M82 was poorly balanced, as most of the weight is in the rear part of the weapon. Valmet M82 BULLPUP. Valmet M82 BULLPUP. Double click on above image to view full picture The Valmet M82 is a bullpup assault rifle with a Valmet M76 internal design created by Finnish company Valmet History Technical Data Features References The Notify me!

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  2. Bid on Lot #960: Very Rare Finnish Valmet M82 Bullpup Semi-Automatic Rifle - Introduced in Finland in 1978 and discontinued in 1986 after only roughly 2..
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  4. The Valmet M82 is a bullpup assault rifle with a Valmet RK 62 76 internal design created by Finnish company Valmet. The M82 was introduced in Finland in 1978 and discontinued production in 1986
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  6. The Finnish firearms manufacturer Valmet built assault rifles, in co-operation with SAKO, based in part on the Kalashnikov action in the early 1960s, and continued to manufacture them up until 1994. Their original offering was the milled receiver Model 62 which was offered in 7.62x39mm and 5.56x45mm NATO for export. The model M62 (known as Rk 62 in Finland) was adopted by the Finnish Defence Forces, and still serves as the standard infantry weapon of the Finnish Army. The M62 has an unusual T-shaped tubular buttstock, compared to other Kalashinkov pattern rifles. The gas block and front sight design is very similar to the Israeli Galil rifle, as the Galil was designed based on the Valmet. The M71S was a stamped receiver offering that more closely resembled the original AK-47 design and was developed for customers who wanted a rifle that looked like an AK-47 (since at the time many customers couldn't get a military or civilian version at all). The M71S was built between 1971-1977 and was offered in 7.62x39mm and 5.56x45mm NATO. The M76 was the Model 62 with a stamped receiver, more conventional buttstock and foregrip assembly. Later, Valmet produced the M76F which was an M76 that had a side folding version of the original M62 buttstock. Valmet later merged into SAKO (in the late 1980s), and the some of their designs are currently being manufactured.

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   Designers intended to create a compact weapon. An attempt was made to convert a well-proven Valmet M76 assault rifle into a bullpup layout. It allowed to reduce overall length of the weapon. Internal design of this assault rifle is similar to that of the Valmet M76, which in turn is based on the Soviet AKM. The M82 is a gas operated, selective fire weapon. Finnish designers decided to keep receiver and barrel of its predecessor. This rifle had a lightened bolt carrier and thinner barrel in order to reduce weight.If ammunition is limitation, more logical is to alter ammunition rather than weapon itself? Anyway bull-pups have generally different balance, with point of center-of-gravity more rear which is unfavorable if you want to have weapon firing in full-auto mode. In Russian A-91M: http://modernfirearms.net/en/assault-rifles/russia-assault-rifles/a-91m-eng/ was counter-weight by grenade launcher. Additional problem is usage of high-capacity (drum) magazines. siai sm82. siat 223. siebel. valmet l-70 vinka. valmet vihuri ii. valtion viima ii. vampire MKEK 25 mm, 35mm, 105 mm ve 155 mm top mühimmatları; 105 mm, 155 mm ve 8 inç obüs mühimmatları; 155 mm uzun menzilli modern mühimmat ailesi; 40 mm Bombaatar mühimmatı; 60 mm..

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   The pistol grip with the trigger was moved to the front of the magazine port. The safety / fire mode selector switch is far behind the pistol grim and trigger. It can be set to "safe", "single" or "automatic" fire modes. A charging handle is located on the right side of the receiver.Bullpups can allow for longer barrels, in a shorter overall weapon. 5.56mm is better out of a longer barrel at range. So logically if afghans are out ranging you’d select a longer barrel, but you don’t want a long rifle.There really is that much difference between the formats. I did a demonstration rapid fire from cover, and then asked the Brits to tell me where and when when my magazine changes had taken place. They could not tell, not even coming close. My only real pauses in firing were during target resets, and most of the mag changes were accomplished during target presentations. The rounds can be chambered individually, or used with the M82A1 Magazine. Commands[edit | edit source]. .50 BMG (1 Round) Osta käytetty Valmet-traktori. Mascuksessa on myynnissä suuri valikoima Valmet-traktoreita eri hevosvoimaluokista. Valmet-traktori halutuilla ominaisuuksilla voi löytyä alla olevasta luettelosta

English: Rk 62 (Rynnäkkökivääri 62 or M-62) is an assault rifle manufactured by Valmet and Sako. It is used by Finnish infantry. This reliable infantry weapon was designed in 1962 and is based on Russian AK-47 design. The M-62 uses 7.62x39 mm ammunition It’s worth noting that the Finnish Army adopted a new rifle for its paratroops in 1995. The RK95TP is basically simply a Sako/Valmet RK62 with a folding stock; The Finnish firearms manufacturer Valmet built assault rifles, in co-operation with SAKO, based in part on the Kalashnikov action in the early 1960s, and continued to manufacture them up until 1994. Their original offering was the milled receiver Model 62 which was offered in 7.62x39mm and 5.56x45mm.. GuideColt 82. CalOpal M. 83. DRYING SECTION. Valmet Paper Ltd., Waterside Business Park Johnson Road, Eccleshill UK-883 38A, Darwen, United Kingdom +44 1254 819 050/070/078 View and Download Valmet SMART-PULP operating and installation instructions online. Smart Consistency Transmitter

Valmet M82 5.56 Bullpup. Military Arms Channel 71.862 views1 year ago. Valmet M82 Bullpup Rifle. Jim VonSillaw 2.257 views2 year ago. 5:59. Valmet M71 - How Does it Shoot in Full Auto The Valmet M71 was introduced as a commercial export rifle in 1971, and was the first AK available on the commercial market in the United States and Valmet started production of the M82 bullpu. Valmet Model 82 rifle, left side view. Valmet Model 82 rifle, partially disassembled. Caliber: 5.56×45 mm / .223 Remington Action: Gas operated, rotating bolt Overall length: 710 mm Barrel length: 420.. You have found the Valmet M82 Forum on Forum Jar. There are no entries in Valmet M82 forum. Become the first person to post messages in this forum by using the form below

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If the bullpup ejects downward, then you just shoulder it on the left and fire. See FN P90 or Keltec RDB. Or you have a chute that directs the casing not into the shooter’s face (FN F2000, or Desert Tech MDR). BIU-82 A4131411. Model Stock analysis for Valmet Oyj (VALMT:Helsinki) including stock price, stock chart, company news, key statistics, fundamentals and company profile Email Address

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The M16 family has nearly perfect fighting ergonomics, for a right-hander. All I can think of to improve the thing would be to make the controls truly ambidextrous, and move the bolt release down to where the Robinson Arms XCR has it, at both sides of the forward trigger guard. With that modification, and the rest of the AR-15 ergo package, you’re set for success. Alibaba.com offers 261 sisu valmet products. About 9% of these are Agriculture Machinery Parts. A wide variety of sisu valmet options are available to you, such as use, type 핀란드의 군수업체 Valmet社에서 제조한 불펍식 돌격소총. 사진에 나와있듯이 M82는 처음 설계부터 가늠자와 가늠쇠가 왼쪽으로 크게 편향되어 배치되어져 있다

imported from Wikimedia project. English Wikipedia. Wikimedia import URL. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Valmet_M82&oldid=905290314 In short, if you’ve got to fix attention on your weapon to serve it under fire, you’re screwed. The technocrats who force these things on their forces all need to be taken out to a firefight, and handed one of their creations, so that they can experience the problems for themselves. Of course, most of them have no damn idea at all what they would be doing or observing, so maybe that would be a waste of time, and we just ought to sterilize them for the good of the species, replacing them with old-school SF weapons sergeants who understand the realities of combat. There are reasons that much of the West’s premier special operations types have gravitated towards the AR-15 format, and it ain’t the nonexistent kickbacks from Colt, either. As a combat instrument, the AR-15 is about 90% perfect, despite the many teething problems it had at the beginning.Exactly the point. Urban warfare calls for compact weapons but they have to be able to go around corners from both left and right. I encountered issues with corner peeking in the game Brothers in Arms DS. The issue was that trying to fire around any corner, whether a right turn or left turn, resulted in the player avatar literally jumping out from around that corner, firing as long as the trigger button was pressed in full view of the enemy, and then jumping back behind cover. In contrast the Japan-only DS game Unknown Soldier-Mokuba no Houkou featured a much better corner cover technique when the player equipped an sub-machine gun or pistol: The player avatar would peek around the corner and fire at the enemy one-handed with reduced accuracy (though it’s much better than having the player’s avatar jump out imitating some action hero). I suspect that a bullpup would fail at opposite dexterity corners. Did I mess up?With a standard-format rifle, everything you need to do is right there in front of you; you can serve the weapon without taking total focus off the environment. Hell, with practice, you can shuck your entire basic load of ammo through your M16/M4 without it ever leaving your shoulder, or taking your eyes off the surrounding environment. I’ve done that as a drill in the past, and it’s a great confidence-builder.

Technische Daten von Valmet-Valtra Trakoren bis Baujahr 2000. Zu den Modellen. Lautstärke Kabine/ db. 83. 82. Valmet 655, 705, 755, 805, 855, 905 PowerPlus technische Daten Example sentences with Valmet M82, translation memory. Showing page 1. Found 0 sentences matching phrase Valmet M82.Found in 0 ms. Translation memories are created by human, but..

The Valet M82 is a bullpup conversion of the Valmet M76 rifle, originally designed in the hopes of attracting Finnish military interest for paratroopers. These initial military rifles were made with wood stocks and in 7.62x39mm. For a multitude of pretty obvious reasons, this did not work out – but the rifles were sold commercially on the civilian market, mostly to the US. The commercial guns were chambered for the 5.56mm cartridge, and used a urethane stock instead of the original wood. A total of about 2,000 were made and sold between 1982 and 1986, when “assault weapon” importation was cut off. Today they are one of the scarcer Valmet variants, and definitely the strangest.Instead of 6,5mm grendel etc why don’t we actually try 5.56 bullpups I.e. Short overall length yet with decent length barrels. Valmet, Espoo, Finland. 5.2K likes. Valmet is the leading global developer and supplier of process technologies, automation Valmet. Commercial and industrial equipment supplier in Espoo, Finland The Valet M82 is a bullpup conversion of the Valmet M76 rifle, originally designed in the hopes of attracting Finnish military interest for paratroopers. These initial military rifles were made with wood.. Welcome to The VALMET & GALIL Info Pages. Your home for Information, discussion and history of all Valmet and Galil Rifles. This website is still new and growing, please watch for new pages and..


Valmet M82 is on Rediff pages, Weapon,Follow Valmet M82 to get latest updates from Valmet M82. to get instant updates about 'Valmet M82' on your MyPage. Meet other similar minded people I just don’t get it, if the “useful” 5.56mm can be improved via a longer barrel, yet to do this you don’t want a longer gun; bullpup, 26″ 6″shorter than a SLR. De-clutter the Lsw you “externally have an Em2″ which was 6” shorter than a rifle we used for years. Valmet M82 5.56 Bullpup. Yıl önce. PLEASE SUPPORT MAC ON PATREON (we are viewer A short overview of the history, mechanics and operation of the Valmet M82 Bullpup Rifle in 7.62x39. p.s..

   This weapon is fed from 30-round capacity magazines. It is compatible with all standard M16-type magazines. Though semi-automatic civilian versions of this weapon use smaller magazines. VALMET. Тарктор МТЗ-82.1. На ходу. Детальна інформація за телефоном з 10:00 по 16:00 The Valmet M82 is a bullpup assault rifle with a Valmet M76 internal design created by Finnish company Valmet. The M82 was introduced in Finland in 1978 and discontinued production in 1986 Which is how you get a manual for the SA80 which replaces the old “transfer rifle to left hand and shoulder” of the SLR with “take two steps out from corner and maintain”. Which no troop is dumb enough to do, generally speaking. I can’t speak for the HQ genius who came up with that one.

80 240 240 82.5 175 28 240 240 82.5 175 28. 80 310 310 82.5 175 28 310 310 82.5 175 41. 100 350 Valmet 86 Traktor-ID in Brasilien im Jahr 1979 und auch heute noch freigegeben Este modelo na verdade e um Lizard 422 modificado para parecer um Valmet 86id pois são um pouco semelhantes

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Try it with almost all of the bullpups out there? LOL… Ain’t happening. Especially with modern body armor and other gear; reaching around under your armpit ain’t easy to do when you have all those magazines and other items in a chest harness or on your armor. There’s a reason most of the British Army is still using the old-school belt and harness arrangement for their gear, and that’s one of them. Doesn’t matter if it’s an AUG, a FAMAS, or the excremental L85–The ergonomics dictate having to take the damn things off the shoulder, and your hand sure as hell ain’t finding hand to do the reload. With the standard layout, you index your firing hand forefinger on the magwell, and then putting the mag in is simplicity itself, as long as you’ve drilled that into muscle memory. Suodatin. VALMET 860 metsäkoneet: 3 ilmoitusta. Lajittele: Julkaistu. VALMET - 860.4. pyynnöstä. Kuormatraktori. Vuosi 2010 Kilometrimäärä 12200 m/h Teho Valtra N82-N141 (2007-12). Valtra N122-N142 Versu/Direct (2009-11). Valtra N93-N143 HiTech (2011-17) Now, you see that as being “no big deal”, when you’re the uninvolved observer; after all, there are always going to be guys on the left and right providing cover, yes? But… The problem is what happens when the reloading soldier returns his attention to what is going on around him… He’s lost continuity, focus; things have been happening while he was looking away, reloading. What that leads to is both missed opportunities to take the enemy under fire, and a loss of awareness of what his comrades are doing. It takes seconds to re-orient yourself, and in that time, enemy troops can escape, friendlies can disappear into the woodwork, and you start from zero, trying to assess what to do next, whether to shoot or not, and it’s not a good thing. This is how blue-on-blue happens, and how you get blindsided by the enemy doing the “unexpected”. Which is usually “the unobserved”, in reality.

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Zemědělské technika VALMET 251. Náhradní díly VALMET 38. Lesní technika VALMET 18. Vysokozdvižné vozíky VALMET 12 Very Rare Finnish Valmet M82 Bullpup Semi-Automatic Rifle. 1600 x 900 jpeg 102 КБ. Valmet M82 Bullpup Assault Rifle Finland Armed Forces 640 x 459 jpeg 61 КБ Download. Valtra Valmet 8050 Tractor Workshop Manual.pdf

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  1. Robur LO 3000 автомобиль с бортовой платформой '1974-82
  2. All of the technocrat reasoning behind the adoption of these things is specious in the face of realities on the battlefield. I would wager that the cumulative effect of serving a bullpup rifle in combat is probably as significant as hauling around a belt-fed SAW. You have to consider what is going on with every reload and mis-fire drill–The rifleman has to take their attention off the environment, coordinate with his flanking team members as he does so, focus on his weapon exclusively, perform his functionally slower drill, re-shoulder his rifle, and then re-orient himself to what is going on around him. It isn’t just the reload drill you have to consider–The time it takes to communicate and re-orientate is significant, and slows the overall pace and tempo of the operation.
  3.    This assault rifle has unusual fixed dioptric sights, set to the left from the weapon axis. In the sight the shooter's right eye is focused on the front sight and the left eye on the rear sight. The two sights overlap at certain ranges, providing excellent accuracy at fixed range. However due to the fixed nature the weapons accuracy suffered at variable ranges. As a result it made shots over 300 meters difficult.
  4. T82. Case IHC CNH. T4. T5. Valmet

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  1. ..15:47 193K Valmet_M62DiagramLG.jpg 2005-10-20 15:41 276K Valmet_M62Disassembl..> 2004-08-07 12:04 75K Valmet_M62ForearmA.jpg 2009-10-08 16:23 19K Valmet_M62ForearmR.jpg..
  2. Valmet's fiber technical know-how provides intelligent, integrated and complete processes for both chemical and mechanical pulping. Our portfolio is built on strong R&D to guarantee high..
  3. Valmet M82. The Valmet M82 is an automatic rifle, that was introduced in Finland in 1978 and discontinued production in 1986
  4. Valmet is the leading global developer and supplier of process technologies, automation and services for the pulp, paper and energy industries. We aim to become the global champion in serving our..
  5. gton) round. These rifles were exported mainly to the USA. Production ceased in 1986.

Valmet M82 adalah senapan serbu bullpup kaliber 5,56 mm dan 7,62 mm buatan Valmet asal Finlandia. For faster navigation, this Iframe is preloading the Wikiwand page for Valmet M82 The South African army experimented with a bullpup version of the R4, the Vector CR21, that was a very similar to this. It never got much past the prototype stage due to the basic problem of all bullpups, namely how do you fire it left-handed?    The Valmet M82 has no provision for left-hand ejection. It can only be fired from the right shoulder.

Mind-boggling–The technocrats provided them with a weapon that forces them into sheer tactical stupidity, and nobody objected. You can see guys going to a knee in the assault, and reloading, looking down at their rifles to perform that drill. They do the same thing in shoot houses, demonstrating that it’s clearly a trained and approved technique. It’s baked into the design–You practically cannot do anything else with the L85. Valmet models. Tractor model. Number of cylinders. Tables contain partly reference pictures. Valmet remanufactured cylinder heads and crankshafts VALMET lauksaimniecības tehnika 253. VALMET rezerves daļas 38. Pēdējie sludinājumi par VALMET tehnikas pārdošanu Spectrum EL: with Valmet M82!

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