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This includes Australia, where several right-wing rallies have been held this year with protesters - many of them white South African migrants - holding up placards such as "Recognise the genocide" and "Stop the murders". The white population of South Africa now makes up about 8 percent of the total population of the country. In regard to whites, a real genocide unfolded with the silent approval of the authorities. According to a number of sources, for the period..

Mr Kriel said AfriForum believed that as South Africa was its former colony, the UK had an "extra responsibility" to put pressure on the African National Congress (ANC) government not to expropriate land without compensation. This documentary is saddening and the brutal reality about the genocide and mass rape against innocent Whites carried on by Christian and Communist blacks in South Africa, all pushed by Jewish commissars.

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The chaotic and sometimes violent seizure of white-owned land in neighbouring Zimbabwe, which had a similar history of European settlement, has been widely blamed for wrecking the country's once prosperous economy. From city life to adventure, wildlife to culture, breathtaking scenery to sun-soaked coasts - discover South Africa Miraculously he survived, and managed to flag down a passer-by early on Sunday morning. Mrs Howarth, who police said was “unrecognisable” from her injuries, had multiple skull fractures, gunshot wounds and “horrific” burns to her breasts.Fuck you, anonyhole. Show me a single case where the French and English invaders didn’t take the cleared land for planting that my ancestors had been using for agriculture for generations. They certainly did overrun our farms and burn our orchards.

Dr. Greg Stanton, founder of human rights group Genocide Watch who accurately predicted the Rwandan genocide in 1994, warned that the increased killings of white farmers in South Africa are being carried out for the sole purpose of extermination and seem to be directed by government.. Police sketch of unknown White girl, horribly burned to death by blacks in South Africa. She was still alive when the black bastards lit her up. Look at her: This could be your own wife or daughter!

A glimpse of the HELL these people suffered before death: (DO NOT click it if you are sensitive) http://incogman.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/VICTIM-BATHTUB.jpg Old White man with his head bashed to pulp and dumped into his own bathtub like a sack of garbage by murderous black killers.The rise in farm attacks has been blamed on increasingly anti-white hate speech, particularly from the ruling African National Congress.STFU with your BS that the Europeans settled the best land propaganda. It’s not like the “white man” came here and overran their farms and tore down their fences. They had not settled this land in any sense of the modern definition of such. The native African’s in modern day South Africa hadn’t done that either. Would these people be better off had they been left to their tribal existences? Hardly. They would’ve killed each other off hundreds of years ago. The Native American was fraught with their own internal infighting and only did European immigration bond them with a common enemy. Africans are no better.More than 24 years after the end of apartheid, white people enjoy average standards of living far higher than black South Africans.

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Kruger’s family, like many, has been touched by violence. “My wife’s aunt — it wasn’t a farm situation — they broke in through the roof, stole her TV, tied her up with cords and she was killed,” he said. The stunning white genocide in South Africa is violent, and according to Genocide Watch, run by Professor Gregory Stanton, this has placed the white people at stages six and eight of genocide. Stage six is referred to as the preparation stage while stage seven is the extermination stage White Genocide -. Thread starter Null. South Africa isn't comparable to the US though. They were colonized by Germans but they've always been a black majority nation even in the apartheid era "I'm in the Garden of Eden," he said, on an afternoon drive through Robertson, about an hour outside of Cape Town.

Genocidal Results of the Failed American Indian Policies of the United States Government In South Dakota, 21 percent of state prisoners are American Indians, yet they only make up 2% of the population. Indians have the second largest state prison incarceration rate in the nation As it inches closer to the mainstream, the narrative about “white genocide” in South Africa grows more sophisticated. Through their partnership with mature Afrikaner organizations, America’s white nationalist groups gain a host of misleading factoids and talking points that can be dangerously persuasive in the “fake news” era.“The question I would ask, given the rhetoric, is there a future for farming in South Africa? It’s not just about, is there a future for white farmers. It’s three times more dangerous to be a farmer than it is to be a policeman. It’s sad — it’s not what we want.”

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  1. “I would like to say, I certainly have never been and was never a supporter of the apartheid regime, and I certainly didn’t immigrate because I wanted to get away from South Africa,” said Kruger, now executive director of the Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia.
  2. “Fraught with internal infighting” my ass. Nations having wars with other nations isn’t “internal infighting”, it’s war just like Europe had among its nations.
  3. Another one is the far smaller and more extreme Suidlanders (Afrikaans for Southlanders), whose members Simon Roche and André Coetzee carried out a six-month visit to the US last year.
  4. al Investigation we were asked to come forward with topics we felt were important and should receive high priority focus by law enforcement. A number of us brought up the murder of White Farmers which is steadily getting worse. We were very quickly shut down. The next week, they brought in a team of these marxist bleeding hearts and other idiots to give us a speech about “White Racism” and why its racist to talk about the epidemic of Murder of White Farmers, how its actually not that important of an issue, why we shouldn’t be concerned about it and how those who promote awareness about this issue are “Neo-Nazis” as they called it. They interjected their little speech with images of the Swastika, the old, pre-apartheid era South African Flag and such. You can see how they were attempting to frighten people away from the subject.

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  1. g community it is 138, which is the highest for any occupation in the world.”
  2. The three men responsible for killing Mrs Howarth — Themba William Yika, Nkosinathi Yika and Lucas Makua — were arrested soon after, and more than 150 farmers turned up to demonstrate outside court.
  3. "A crisis can be averted if there is international pressure. If you turn a blind eye, it can bring us to the position of Zimbabwe. We don't want the country to be destroyed," he said.
  4. Start studying Rwandan Genocide. Learn vocabulary, terms and more with flashcards Hutus were native, Tutsis migrated in • Hutu- short, dark, relatively unintelligent • Tutsi- more white, more intelligent- myth that they were South Africa are very bad at correctly identifying people's ethnic identity • So..
  5. "They take our language away, they took our culture and traditions away. They took a lot of things away," he said. "There must be a day where we say 'today it's like judgment day.'"

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Much of what is today South Africa was largely without humans back then. Black Africans moved southward and they then encountered the white settlers.In any other country, such a crime would be almost unthinkable. But in South Africa, these kinds of farm attacks are happening nearly every day. This year so far, there have been more than 70 attacks and around 25 murders in similar attacks on white farmers.While right-wing groups have claimed South Africa is experiencing “white genocide”, Genocide Watch disputes that characterisation. According to the group’s founding president, Dr Gregory Stanton, “early warnings of genocide are still deep in South African society, though genocide has not begun”.Last week, during a debate in parliament about the farm attacks, an ANC MP shouted “Bury them alive!” while MP Pieter Groenewald was speaking about the plight of white farmers.

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  1. In South Africa, the white government followed a policy of segregation which they called Apartheid. ANC = African National Congress = leading party of South Africa; it came to power in genocide = the murder of a whole race or group of people. government = the people who rule a country
  2. ..South Africa South Korea South Sudan Spain Sri Lanka Sudan Suriname Sweden Switzerland Syria T Telephonic Press Briefing on COVID-19 in Africa and the U.S. Response with Ambassador Tibor P White Black Red Green Blue Yellow Magenta Cyan. Transparency. Opaque Semi-Transparent
  3. Only a small percentage of South Africa was left for black people (who comprised the vast majority) to form their 'homelands'. This Act also got rid of 'black spots' inside white areas, by moving all black people out of the city. Originally it was called the South African Native National Congress (SANNC)
  4. This kind of person is represented through-out the South African power structure, all the way down to the police on the street. Corrupt and often anti-White. White people frequently get no justice, sometimes the police don’t even show up to the scene of a crime for hours. Last year, a White man was actually held at gunpoint while black policemen took turns raping his wife. Merely reporting a crime puts Whites in serious danger from the police.


That kind of thing can come back later. In Africa it’s turning bad for descendants of the colonists. They really need to get out of there, and in their place that’s what I would do. The Zulus, Bantus and others are intending to kill white South Africans. This ain’t the kind of thing that any debate is going to stop.An official committee of inquiry formed to investigate farm murders found that robbery was the motive for the vast majority of the 2,700 attacks studied, whereas racial motives accounted for two percent. According to Afriforum’s own analysis, 13 of the 74 victims in 2017 suffered torture.But when looked at side by side, the cases of Khumalo and Sparrow show a country acting to impede the progression toward genocide by mitigating polarization as well as punishing classification, dehumanization and symbolization, just like Stanton recommends: “To combat symbolization, hate symbols can be legally forbidden (swastikas in Germany) as can hate speech.”

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On the topic of South Africa, he suggested an American crusade to rescue the white South Africans. I think he also covered the parable of the spider born in the barn, saying it didn’t make the spider a farm animal.In 2010, high-profile ANC member Julius Malema sang “Shoot the Farmer, Kill the Boer”, which Genocide Watch describes as “once a revolutionary song, but now an incitement to commit genocide”. Last month, Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan visited South Africa and met with officials after President Trump ordered an investigation. "This land is ancestral land, it's our land," Coetzee said. "If you take it from us, we will all die."IF YOU’RE NEW to this website and, like many Whites today, wondering what’s now happening to America, then I ask you in all honesty to think about what’s going down in South Africa (Zimbabwe, too) when it comes to White people. The mainstream media is keeping deathly silent about any of it, since they know if White Americans had any straight-up info, they would surely start questioning the whole PC deal.

“The well-known ‘blood sisters’ from the South African company Crimescene-cleanup have rightly indicated that, in their experience, farm tortures are by far the most horrific acts of violence in South Africa,” the report said.Mr Kriel told the BBC that he did not believe the "wording" of the tweet should be debated, and the focus should instead be on protecting property rights rather than allowing the South African government to press ahead with its plans. I see the future with one of two possibilities. In future number one, technology is such that committing crimes like this or acting in this manner will be impossible – simply impossible.While South Africa has one of the highest rates of violent crime anywhere in the world, the attacks on white farmers are no ordinary crimes.

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  1. According to official data, white South Africans account for just 8.4 per cent of the country's population but own 23.6 per cent of the land, a Controversy-courting columnist Katie Hopkins got herself banned from South Africa in February this year after visit to shoot a documentary on the genocide, barred..
  2. g in, they've got guns."
  3. g your way, if not already. Think that’s so impossible? Ask the shades of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, gang-raped and tortured to death in Knoxville, Tennessee.
  4. So can the whites in South Africa not be concerned for themselves, their families and culture as to what is statistically white targeted murder? Read this article : White genocide may loom in south africa. by Samuel Francis. The tenth anniversary of the Rwandan genocide is upon us this..
  5. The survivors. These South African Whites came within inches of losing their lives at the hands of brutal White-hating animals.
  6. Category: White Genocide. VIDEO: What Are The Criteria For Food Parcels? Do Any Poor White People, Families or Groups Get Food Aid? Five Grandparents Including 3 Farmers Brutally Murdered in Five Days in Progressive South Africa, But We Are Told To Worry About #CoronaVirus
  7. This documentary is fifty years old now, but little has changed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7K5qVWG5CXU

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Malema was convicted for hate speech and the singing of the song was banned, but just seven months later president Jacob Zuma sang the song himself at an ANC event, in direct contempt of the judge’s ruling.“This is proof that the utterances of political leaders could lead to violence and murders and that the issue of farm murders is of little importance to the ANC,” AfriForum’s head of community safety, Ian Cameron, said in a statement afterwards. “Certain members of the ANC were chatting during the debate and not listening nor partaking at all.”These kind of murders are not some random occurence, or anomaly. No way. Over 68,000 White people have been viciously killed since the end of apartheid. Proportionally, it would be like hundreds of thousands in the US. One way to put it all in perspective is to imagine living in a US state that had these kinds of brutal crime specifically directed at your race; what would you think? Would you still keep your mouth shut and just watch more nonsense on Jew TV, hoping it never happens to you or your loved ones?In addition, this whole situation should be a wake-up call to the White race on how these people really are, how they act once they gain real political power over us.

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Most of us are of the right age to remember the movie ‘Born Free’, about Joy and George Adamson and their lions, in Kenya, I believe. What you may have never heard is, both Adamsons were killed in separate incidents, not by lions surprisingly enough, but by longtime black african employees. Same old same old.DO NOT CLICK on it if you can’t handle really sick stuff, or still stubbornly insist on clinging to stupid beliefs about diversity and multiculturalism. Blind idiots deserve to personally find out what you’ve wrought on the rest of us! http://incogman.net/2010/03/i-killed-them-because-they-were-white

What do you think the real power structure has been doing to America over the last 50 years? How about the last 10? Our race has been purposefully and gradually rendered powerless; our brains are now pickled by a continous drip-drip of multicult propaganda, while at the very same time they’re exporting our jobs and filling our countries with the flotsam and jetsam of the planet! Book a hotel in South Africa online. Hotels from budget to luxury. Good rates. No reservation costs. Read hotel reviews from real guests. Hotels in South Africa. Enter your dates and choose from 27,951 hotels and other places to stay "I've come to the point — and maybe I'm a little bit biased because of a lot of the time that I've spent on the ground — where I don't blame people for using it in certain cases," said Cameron. Official statistics on farm attacks are non-existent, due to what human rights groups have described as a “cover-up” by the notoriously corrupt — and potentially complicit — South African government.What don’t you get White people, for crying out loud? Look at these photos of Whites victimized: (DO NOT click it if you are sensitive) http://incogman.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/THE-SURVIVORS-II.jpg

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There seems to a Genocide in South Africa, killing of the Whites by the Blacks ably assisted by a sly Policy of non action and covert encouragement by ANC. Genocide Watch had raised South Africa to level 6 when Malema was singing Kill the Boer song' Taken as a whole, this episode does not present a picture of a country barreling inexorably toward genocide. Instead we see one that, despite deep historical divisions, nevertheless operates under the rule of law.

Countries in South Africa is the part that often brings confusion. Geographically, Lesotho is an African country located right inside South Africa forming an enclave (an independent country that is completely landlocked by another) and is the only independent African country to have such attribute "There is an absolute hate for white South Africans because we are seen as the people going ahead and leaving them behind," she said. Mr Kriel said AfriForum believed that the ANC's land reform plan had reneged on the pact reached with Afrikaners when apartheid ended in 1994.

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Whites in South Africa own over 70% of the farm and agricultural holdings in the country despite people of color making up 90% of the population, according to a 2017 South African Department of Rural Development and Land Reform Land Audit. There are cases where entire families including Grandparents going down to the Grandchildren are ambushed, held hostage at gun point in their own homes while the mothers and daughters are raped, before they are all brutally murdered. In one case, they tied up the husband and made him watch as they raped his wife and daughter. They then taunted them before fleeing the property saying they were coming back in a few days to murder them. In another case, they broke into the home of an elderly women and her friend, tied them up, boiled the kettle and then poured the boiling water over their backs. In many of these cases, bible verses and crucifixes and other Xian crap have been left behind at the scene by the murderers, covered in blood. Go figure. This is exactly where xianity belongs. A fucking murder scene. Africa CDC Pathogen Genomics Intelligence Institute. Africa CDC Institute for Workforce Development The white genocide is heating up in South Africa: South Africa race tension grows . The whites in South Africa are keenly aware of the plans to The Boer farmers in South Africa are on Genocide Watch.org Alert. Julius Malema, head of the ruling ANC's (African National Congress) Youth League..

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King Leopold II ruled over the Congo during one of the genocides in human history, so But there was a time, at the peak of European imperialism in Africa, when Belgium's King Leopold II ran For almost 30 years, rather than being a regular colony of a European government the way South Africa or the.. For now, the National Assembly has adjourned until after elections in May and it remains to be seen whether or not the constitutional amendment will pass. She added that South Africa "is on the brink of another Zimbabwe" and quoted Freedom Front Plus leader Connie Mulder, as saying that South Africa "could slip into a Rwandan situation". Some 800,000 people were killed in the 1994 genocide in the East African country. Enter your email address to subscribe to The Burning Platform and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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The BBC has found that there is no reliable data to suggest farmers are at greater risk of being murdered than the average South African.The message has resonated with Australia's former Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton who said in March that he was looking at giving South Africa's white farmers access to fast-track visas because they were being "persecuted" and needed help from a "civilised" country. This divide is part of a bitter battle in South Africa. It all revolves around a controversial governmental proposal to seize land from white farmers without paying for it — land expropriation without compensation, as it's known.

Home » African gangs » White genocide imminent in South Africa. More than 70,000 Afrikaners have been murdered since South Africa handed over power to Nelson Mandela in 1994. That in no way minimizes the 300,000 or 400,000 black people murdered since the African National Congress.. She feels her stake in her land is deeply personal; it is the land that she fought for and where her husband died. The things he said are publicized, but not their consequences. Khumalo is currently awaiting a ruling from an Equality Court on charges of crimen injuria, which is a cross between hate speech and libel.But Mrs May, during her visit to South Africa, said she supported measures that were legal and transparent and she welcomed President Cyril Ramaphosa's assurances there would be "no smash and grab" seizures of land. Customized evaluation tool to determine if you're ready to enter the market and become a pro trader. Change your career through passing the Gauntlet. Get a guaranteed funding offer upon completion

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So that is how much law enforcement here cares about White lives. It is the same all over the world. Its racist to care about White Lives. Living in South Africa, Gandhi continued to study world religions. When Gandhi arrived in South Africa, he was quickly appalled by the discrimination and racial segregation faced by Indian immigrants at the hands of white British and Boer authorities UNIDO-supported Waste-to-Energy South Africa Project works to improve awareness and capacity surrounding the benefits of biogas, with a focus on harnessing energy produced from organic waste, mainly from the agro-processing industries In 2011, the High Court banned the song Shoot the Boer - then the political signature tune of radical Economic Freedom Front (EFF) leader Julius Malema - saying it amounted to hate speech. Perhaps in response to populist pressure from Malema, Zuma earlier this month called for the confiscation of white-owned land without compensation. Zuma urged the “black parties” in the parliament to unite to form the two-thirds majority that would be needed to make the necessary change to the country’s constitution.

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October in Orania can be charming. When the sun sets, long ribbons of burnt orange settle on the horizon. The flies and mosquitoes that come with the oppressive summer heat haven't arrived yet. It is Magdalene Kleynhans' favourite time of year From an article on a South African trial case for one of the few black animals brought to justice (watch videos below):I have mentioned a lovely white South African woman in her late 20s here. I see her occasionally (she works at a local restaurant). Great girl, hardworking. Her parents are well-off, so perhaps her family isn’t in the worst straits, but she’s told me that there was danger in apartheid South Africa and now it’s gone to hell. Guatemala is taking steps to hold an ex-dictator accountable for genocide committed against Maya-Ixil Indians in the 1980s, even as the United States continues to honor the American president — Ronald Reagan — who helped make that genocide possible Daniel Friedman, a white South African comedian who goes by the name Deep Fried Man, pokes fun at the idea that after the death of Nelson Mandela, whites became fair game for white genocide. Many South Africans refuse to accept that South Africa is the rape and murder capital of the world

"The violent, ethnic cleansing of white farmers by armed, black gangs is infuriating & heartbreaking. And the world doesn't care. Or at least the mainstream media doesn't care. Do you?" she added. White nationalists in South Africa are falsely warning of a coming white genocide and their movement is making its way to the mainstream The Global Conference on Genocide, organized by the University of Cape Town will take place from 4th December to the 7th December 2014 at the The conference will cover areas like Individual cases or comparative analyses of genocide or mass trauma, Colonialism and mass violence, War crimes.. Mr Fikeni told the BBC that international support for South Africa's white farmers was not surprising, and tied in with the votes for Brexit and Donald Trump, and the rise of right-wing parties across Europe.

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The view that white South Africans are at risk of a "genocide" has also been taken up by members of the Europe of Nations and Freedom Group, a small right-wing group in the European parliament. In South Africa you are twice as likely to be murdered if you are a white farmer than if you are a police officer - and the Dr. Stanton of Genocide Watch, a respected human rights organization, has stated that the white population of South Africa is now in the sixth of the center's eight stages of genocide Home Africa Live Rwanda genocide suspect Kabuga arrested in France. T r foundation/nita bhalla. Rwanda genocide suspect Felicien Kabuga was arrested on Saturday in the Paris region, according to the French Justice Ministry They met various far-right activists, including David Duke, the former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan and Trump supporter, as well as other white supremacists and Nazi sympathisers, according to South African journalist Lloyd Gedye. South Africa's reputation for crime extends beyond its borders, but attacks on white farmers in particular have captured the attention of international audiences, especially in conservative circles. But data in a new report indicate that farm attacks have actually been on a steady decline

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There are no white South Africans being murdered at a rate any different from other South Africans in a well, um, crime-ridden South Africa. There is no white genocide taking place. Black people, like everyone else, are just as anxious to know what land expropriation without compensation will look like “How she managed to breathe with the bag in her throat remains a mystery. One of her rescuers later recalled how Sue was unresponsive except for the constant groaning. Whilst the man ran back to the road to see if an ambulance has not arrived yet, she managed to curl one of her arms around her breasts in a last attempt to protect herself.”

There is no white genocide in South Africa, although a lot of Eurocentrist would like it to be so, so they can justify their lies So no, there is no white genocide in South Africa as of 2017. Unfortunately and shamefully, in SA the crime rates are unfortunately high in general (townships and poorer.. "The words of one person inciting others... that's how a genocide can start," said Judge Collin Lamont as he delivered his judgement on Mr Malema, whose vocal, and popular, calls for land reform have pushed the ANC to toughen its position.The website below is just too gruesome to be fully reposted here with images and all, so I’m letting just the link, but it’s the brutal truth of what is happening in South Africa, and being repeated in Europe and other areas. Just ignore the xtian biased bullshit. It’s still informative and a punch in stomach on liberal race-traitor Whiggers. When contacted by ABC News, a spokesperson for the Langeburg municipality that oversees his land, said that Coetzee has not been prevented from farming and added that he has only submitted an application to mine. They did not comment on whether his application to mine had been approved. The municipality, according to court filings, has disputed the validity of his deed. Contrary to sensational reports of escalating violence against white farmers, the long-term trend shows decline. Farm murders peaked at 153 in 1998, one year after the government declared them to be a “priority crime” and convened a series of task forces to address the issue.

“The farmers live in fear, because being a farmer in South Africa is the most dangerous occupation in the world,” Henk van de Graaf, spokesman for the TAU, told Swedish newspaper Nya Tider last year.The editor of the UK-based Africa Confidential publication, Patrick Smith, said he believed that Mrs May's comments were "recommended by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to differentiate the UK's position from that of Trump and his white nationalist pals". “It is important to note that not all who are murdered on farms are white people. On the other hand, it is equally important to note that black farmers are not subjected to the same levels of torture as their white counterparts.”

The white South Africans were sold out by treasonous Politicians just like whites in America. A corrupt government of low IQ Marxist are easier to control then white Christians .Most of the world wanted to get its hands on the material wealth of South Africa.Had to get rid of the white government first.It was all about gaining control of resources.Now the government is in debt ,the economy will eventually be ruined by the Marxist and the Western banks will get a big slice of the country wealth. Wall Art to Perfectly Compliment Your Man-Cave, Home Office or Cabin Interior or Exterior - MC/Visa/AMEX/PP 23x42 - 26x48 - 33x56 - Custom $249 - $349 - $549 - $749 + S&H Custom Union Designs on Request 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed [email protected]The closest they have been able to muster is a disgusting Facebook rant by Velaphi Khumalo, an ANC member working at a government office in Gauteng, who wrote “white people in south Africa deserve to be hacked and killed like Jews. U have the same venom moss. look at Palestine. noo u must be bushed alive and skinned and your off springs used as garden fertiliser [sic]” South Africa's new president Cyril Ramaphosa has signed a racially motivated death warrant for thousands of white South African farmers. To hell with them, this is a genocide. The petition states they can be easily vetted and also possess skills that make them compatible with our culture and..

The genocide was carried out primarily by Hutu supremacist militia groups, co-perpetrated by the state government of Rwanda, the Rwandan Army, and Rwandan civilians Rwanda is a very small country (about the size of Maryland), located near the center of Africa, a few degrees south of the Equator In future number two, peak oil or some other peak creates a world where no one would ever think to keep a low IQ person alive as the resources for such kindness wont exist. This world is ruled by people that know how plan, make and use tools. You tell me who will be left standing?When paramedics arrived, they found three dead dogs, and the woman lying in a pool of blood, spokesman Russel Meiring told News24. “They used a drill to torture her,” police spokesman Lungelo Dlamini said."There needs to be redistribution to address the wrongs of the past. You can't talk about reconciliation and forget social justice," he said.

They can get “out” if they leave with the clothes on their backs. Two: I have heard that the SA farmers are not welcomed into Europe, or the USA…rather Africans are flown in by gov secretly. SA is what “some” want for Europe and the USA. Take heed. The government says there is no genocide of whites in south africa. Over 4000 farmers and more than 70 000 whites have been murdered since democracy in 1994 in south africa. Is the world blind to genocide of a minority ethnic group What we are witnessing in South Africa is literally genocide on a most horrifying scale and in a most inhumane manner; these acts precisely fit the horrors that SJWs, leftists, liberals, progressives, and other activists and agitators struggling with a stubborn separation from reality warned would befall America if Donald Trump won the 2016 election.Collaborations between the racist “alt-right” and their South African counterparts have ramped up. In the last year, YouTuber Stefan Molyneux has done a series of videos warning of collapse and imminent civil war in which he interviewed some of the most prominent names on South Africa’s far-right, including Simon Roche of the rightwing prepper group Suidlanders. In June, Lauren Southern released a slick documentary called Farmlands starring Roche.

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"The anti-establishment is growing across the world, partly because of immigration pressures. There are those who feel local cultures are being invaded, who want whiteness to be maintained in its purest form," the political analyst said. British national Janice Atkinson - who serves in the parliament as an independent after being expelled by the pro-Brexit UK Independence Party (UKIP) - unsuccessfully pushed for a parliamentary debate on South African farm murders last November. I Thank the Lord we have been never been a victim of crime but many thousands each day here are. Black and white alike, but definitely the violent crime is mainly against the whites.”George Adamson was murdered nine years later in 1989, near his camp in Kora National Park, while rushing to the aid of a tourist who was being attacked by poachers. He is credited with saving the tourist’s life.[15] The Truth About South Africa Politically Motivated Murders in South Africa from 1994 to 2012 Whites Murdered by Blacks Since 1994, an estimated 68798 Since 1994, an estimated 68798 white South Africans have been murdered of which 4041 were commercial farmers. True figures are very hard to..

I am not going to claim that blacks in South Africa suffered no injustice during apartheid (or after). However, if we examine South Africa’s trajectory since Nelson Mandela became president, would you say that things have overall gotten better or worse?The study’s appendix shows that in the most recent year examined, white deaths due to interpersonal violence numbered about 500, which equals 2.7 percent of the total. This is a 28.5 percent drop from 2000, when white deaths by interpersonal violence approached 700.

His claim to the land is different. He's part of the Khoisan tribe, the indigenous people of South Africa who were there long before anyone else. JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources South africa. Genocide stages: CLASSIFICATION, SYMBOLIZATION, POLARIZATION. 40+ years of race-based apartheid rule by minority whites growing white genocide movement among right-wing whites and boer In what has now come be known as the Rwandan Genocide, the whole world watched on as about one million Tutsis, moderate Hutus and some foreigners were murdered at the hands of the Hutus who sought out their victims and eliminated them. Churches and sanctuaries became mortuaries

The Jews in SA never see this discrimination and keep their jobs, because they serve as the “White faces” for any of those too stupid not to know what’s going on.The International Jew worked for years to bring down Whites in South Africa and he succeeded. Whites are a now a powerless minority, constantly at the mercy of being victimized by roving bands of Negro criminals. Whites are being turned into shantytown beggars and fired from employment to make way for blacks. It indicates the efforts to bring closer the groups separated for so many years and their common future without conflicts. The variety of colors on the flag stands for the plurality of political and ethnic groups in the country, that is why the flag is sometimes called rainbow flag. Like on the flag of the African.. By Scott Baldauf Staff writer. Johannesburg, South Africa. With Congress looking toward the president, and the White House looking toward the UN, nothing was done, and the genocide ran its course

Reinforcing emergency response against COVID-19 in Africa. WHO takes health care services directly to South Sudan's flood-affected communities in Mayom County You seem to think that all of the people here were hunter-gatherers with no population centers, no agriculture and no trade. Of course, you also think there’s a difference between democrats and republicans. While South Africa has one of the highest rates of violent crime anywhere in the world, the attacks on white farmers are no ordinary crimes. While right-wing groups have claimed South Africa is experiencing white genocide, Genocide Watch disputes that characterisation The South African genocide conspiracy is a complex conspiracy theory claiming that the white people in South Africa will be the target of a genocide campaign. Since European colonization, centuries before the 20th-century apartheid era in South Africa.. Folks, these South African Boers, or Afrikaners, are White people just like you and me. They may speak a different language but they are our kinsfolk. Also, Whites don’t usually behave like this — never have. Regardless of what the Jew organization SPLC tries to say and all the old photos from a hundred years ago they endlessly play-up on the “History” Channel. It’s all a part of instilling White guilt so the real power structure gets away with turning our countries into profitable third world slave states.

Nicknamed “the electrician” for his method of electrocuting anti-apartheid activists to death, police officer Paul van Vuuren was allowed to quietly retire to a farm where he could live in peace, drinking white wine and scarfing down big piles of steak. For his cooperation, he was granted amnesty in all but three of his 18 applications, which included torture, assault, kidnapping, arson and bombings.“I wonder why there is no news in our press about these horrific, race-based tortures and murders by blacks of white South Africans?”If these myths are allowed to spread and take hold, our reality could come to resemble the type of bloody fever dream that plays inside the mind of a person who thinks of the Turner Diaries as a bedtime story. The myth of white genocide in South Africa has fuelled far-right violence the world over, including the attack on Christchurch's mosques. Ross Webb calls on his fellow South Africans to stop helping those who perpetuate the myth and who use South Africa to support their deluded fantasies. Lusaka, 1986

White people need to please understand that most black people don't hate them; we just hate their actions and their view of what should be happening in this country. We hate their refusal to admit that South Africa has a serious crime problem that affects South Africans of all races Cases are usually resolved under the framework of civil law through restitution to the harmed party, but the Equality Court is empowered to refer special cases to a criminal prosecutor. In 2017, real estate agent Vicky Momberg was sentenced to a term of three years, with one suspended, for a hurling a flurry insults at a black police officer that included the racial slur “kaffir.”The government says this is needed to reverse the forced eviction of black farmers under white minority rule.The daily figure for those with coronavirus drops under 100 for the first time since the lockdown started.

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