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With classic red stripes next to white stars on a field of navy blue, USA Luge on Tuesday unveiled a bold new design for the sleds, uniforms and helmets its Olympic athletes will be using at the 2014.. An excerpt from The Winter Olympics: An Insider's Guide to the Legends, the Lore, and the Games by Ron C. Judd, a Seattle Times staff reporter Luge/skeleton is a gravity powered extreme sport in which the performer powers through a narrow, icy track During the Olympics, ski jumpers are assessed by the distance of the jump and the level of.. Olympic bobsled, luge, skeleton - Read online for free. A description of Olympic bobsledding, luge and skeleton and a schedule of events. Also includes U.S. athletes to watch

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Generally, the higher and colder the location of the track, the faster the ice will be. Warmer ice allows the razor-sharp runners to sink in farther, creating greater friction. And in a sport so dependent on aerodynamics, thinner air at higher elevations creates less drag on sleds. With luge competition in full swing at the Olympics this week and Chris Mazdzer becoming the first U.S. athlete to medal in the men's singles, Stratasys is hoping its work with USA Luge last summer.. In skeleton, starts are made with the slider standing, crouched forward, hands on the sides of the low-slung sled as he or she sprints about 50 meters in spiked cleats before leaping onto the sled face first. In the descent position, sliders keep their hands along their sides, their chins barely off the ice. They steer by shifting their body weight. Olympic Medal Winners: The gold, silver and bronze Olympic games medals are awarded to the boats that finish in the top three of the final race, which has six teams/athletes competing

The famous luge event Olympians on this list are all regarded as some of the toughest athletes to have ever competed at the Olympics. Almost every one of these historic luge Olympians have taken.. Luge is a sled event at the Winter Olympics where athletes fling themselves down an ice shoot at incredible speeds. Lugers lie on their back and go down the chutes feet first at speeds of up to 87mph

There are three divisions in the luge competition: men's singles, women's singles, and doubles. Luge doubles can be contested by either sex but the teams are almost always made up of two men.Dating to the 15th century, lugeing is a traditional winter sport in Austria and Germany. The first international sledding competition was held in Davos, Switzerland, in 1883. The International Sled Sport Federation was established in 1913 in Dresden, Germany, and it merged with the Fédération Internationale de Bobsleigh et de Tobogganing (FIBT) in 1935. The first European luge championships, with single- and double-seater events, were held in 1914 at Reichenfels, Austria, and the first world titles were contested at Oslo, Norway, in 1955. In 1957 the luge sport left the FIBT and established the Fédération Internationale de Luge de Course (FIL). Lugeing was included in the Olympic Winter Games for the first time in 1964, and in 2011 it was announced that a team relay—consisting of doubles sled, women’s singles sled, and men’s singles sled competitions—had been added to the schedule for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. According to the order of the Bavarian State Government we have closed all leisure and tourism facilities in the Olympic Park. The gastronomy has also not opened. In general, no events are taking.. Bobsled? Luge? Downhill skiing? There are cases for all three. What is the fastest Winter Olympic sport? It's a great, and timely, question - especially because there's no one agreed-upon answer, and.. In news sure to devastate her legions of fans, Anne Abernathy, the woman known as Grandma Luge has pulled out of the Winter Olympics in Torino after succumbing to a wrist injury, organizers said

Canada's luge relay team doesn't want the 2014 Olympic bronze medal heading their way to impact The athletes, in five different sports, include Albert Demchenko, the silver medallist in men's luge and.. Because weight is a key to speed, weight limits are strict. A singles sled must weigh between 21 and 25 kilograms, or 46 and 55 pounds; a doubles sled must be between 25 and 30 kilograms, or 55 and 66 pounds. There is no weight limit per se for the athletes, but the total weight of the sled and its driver(s) is tightly controlled; lighter athletes often add supplemental weights to their bodies—under a complicated, prescribed formula—to hit the maximum allowances. Doubles lugers, for example, are allowed up to 180 kilograms, or 396 pounds, of weight between them. And yes, officials do check: Sleds and sliders are weighed in after each run. It's the olympic luge!!!. O lympics. Riders wear specially designed suits to reduce wind resistance. Luge gloves are spiked at the fingertips to assist riders as they accelerate at the start Skeleton sleds also have no brakes; racers slow them by sitting up and putting their feet down on the ground over the course of the finish area, which runs back uphill toward the starting position to allow slowing by gravity. The Russian Olympic Committee has launched a Train with Champions programme to allow the country's citizens to benefit from online fitness sessions led by some of the country's Olympians

Access official Olympic Luge sport and athlete records, events, results, photos, videos, latest news The new Olympic Channel brings you news, highlights, exclusive behind the scenes, live events and.. Check out BOOGA OLYMPICS!!. It's one of the millions of unique, user-generated 3D experiences created on Roblox Skeleton, curling, bobsleigh, snowboarding, ice hockey, even luge, here's our guide to Winter Olympics sports, where you can learn them or take a holiday and improve your technique In luge, as in bobsled, the start is key. Luge sliders don’t run and jump into their sleds. They start seated atop it, hands on two bars sticking out of a start gate at hip level. They then rock back and forth and use their arms to launch themselves down the track, pushing with their spiked gloves for additional speed. Luge - Olympic Games - 2017/2018. Choice of a season Olympic Games - Information. Women's Single Men's Single Men's Double Relay

A vital step in the development of youth sport. After a first taste of major multisport competition at the EYOF, many athletes have gone on to compete in the European Games and Olympic Games A quick refresher: Luge is an Olympic sport in which participants maneuver sleds down an icy track. But that type of person doesn't necessarily excel in Olympic-level luge This page provides Luge facts about Luge in the Olympics in the form of medal standings, all-time event overview, detailed results of the past, champions and much more

The Olympic flag is raised and a chosen athlete lights the Olympic flame . It is a symbol of spirit The fire comes from Olympia , a small town in Greece and many runners transport the flame in a torch.. The Olympic Games, the world's most important sporting competition, take place every four years. Every fourth year, they took place in Olympia in honour of the Olympian Gods. The prizes for the.. Luge action in Vancouver will be at Whistler Sliding Center. The track for the men's luge competition is 1,450 metres long, and 1,198 meters for the women's and doubles luge events. The official track speed record is a mind-numbing 153.98 kilometers per hour!The sled, called a luge, is of wood, plastic, or fibreglass construction, with wide runners faced with steel. The maximum weight of the sled is 23 kg (50.7 pounds) for singles and 27 kg (59.5 pounds) for doubles. Doubles races are open to both sexes, but the event is typically run by all-male teams. Luge competition is often held on a bobsled run. Runs vary in length but typically range between 1,000 metres and 1,300 metres (approximately three-fourths of a mile) for men and between 800 metres and 1,050 metres (approximately half a mile) for women. Speeds reach up to 145 km (90 miles) per hour as competitors navigate the icy turns. A slider wears an aerodynamic bodysuit and spiked gloves, which enables the athlete to “paddle” the ice at the start of the race, propelling him down the course. A helmet is mandatory.

Sarajevo Olympic Bobsleigh and Luge Track is a bobsleigh and luge track situated on Trebević mountain FIL (International Luge Federation) and FIBT (International Federation of Bobsleigh and.. Olympic Sports. Ice Hockey. Luge. Beijing 2022 will recruit 27,000 Games volunteers for the Olympic Winter Games and 12,000 for the Paralympic Winter Games, who will provide services in the..

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Street Luge and Downhill Skateboarding and Downhill Skating. Table Tennis. Tag Rugby. Winter Olympics The Olympic Games is a quadrennial international multi-sport event celebrated as a global sports festival by people all over the world. The Olympic Games are held in both the summer and winter..

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The sliding sports, perhaps more than any other, meld the dual talents of athleticism and technological prowess. Because heavier sleds naturally slide faster, bobsled, skeleton, and luge, the old joke went, were the only sports one could train for by heavy lifting—of multiple beers. No longer. Weight restrictions placed on sleds and riders ended all that, making taut bodies the new norm for athletes engaged in the sport. Impressions from the #Luge Competitions at the #PyeongChang2018 Olympic Winter Games#LugeLove #FILuge #Wintersports #OlympicGames Print the worksheet about Olympic and Paralympic games and complete the exercises to help you practise your English

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Most modern ice tracks are built of concrete, which is covered by a thin layer of refrigerated ice and meticulously manicured, although a handful of old-style “natural” courses made from pouring freezing water on snow still exist in Europe—one of which is still used for World Cup competitions, the highest level of the sport.In all three sliding sports, the lowest cumulative time wins. The fastest sleds are those that negotiate curves in the closest semblance to a straight line. Sleds bumping and banging into the icy sidewalls lose tremendous amounts of speed. Drivers who run “clean” through the course, avoiding bumps and entering and exiting turns gracefully and efficiently, will post the fastest times. (fr); 올림픽 루지 (ko); Luge at the Winter Olympics (en); Slittino ai Giochi olimpici (it); Санкање на Зимските олимписки игри (mk); Rodel vid olympiska vinterspelen (sv) I consent that the Eurosport family of companies may provide me with news and marketing information about their products and services.

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Winter Olympics 2018 Sports. Alpine Skiing. Luge. Racing as singles or pairs, competitors propel themselves down an icy track feet first on a small sled with only the shoes' spikes to act as brakes Discover Olympic's Diverse Wilderness. With its incredible range of precipitation and elevation, diversity is the hallmark of Olympic National Park. Encompassing nearly a million acres, the park.. Need a reference? Check our encyclopedia for a gloss on thousands of topics from biographies to the table of elements...Sport,Summer,bob,bobsleigh,games,luge,official olympic logo,olympic,olympic games,olympic summer games,olympic winter games,olympischen spiele,sports,the olympic games,winter

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  1. Meaning and history Olympics Logo. The 1896 Summer Olympics logo is one of the earliest modern Olympic emblems. It revolves around the theme of Ancient Greece
  2. ated by a handful of countries—Germany, Austria, Italy, and the former Soviet Union countries.
  3. Die Olympiaworld Innsbruck steht für einzigartige Top-Locations im Herz der Alpen
  4. Olympia was the place where the first event of ancient Olympics took place in 776BC. Modern Olympics History. Centuries later, after Greece got its independence from the Ottoman Empire, the..
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In the luge, athletes speed downhill face-up, feet-first on an icy track, riding a fiberglass sled. The sled rides on two sharp-bottomed blades known as runners, the only part of the sled that makes contact.. Luge is a Winter Olympics competition. Watch the olympics! The Olympic Athlete, From Georgia, was going at a speed of almost 150km/h doing the luge and he caught the side of the track.. Fans can stand right along most parts of the track—even on bridges over the top of it, in some places. Few Olympic sports allow you to get close enough to actually feel the jet wash of passing competitors. It’s truly spectacular, and a thrill even for spectators with only a casual interest in who wins.

The average member of the public may have little idea that any of this is going on, but the Francophonie organization takes the issue so seriously that no sooner does one Olympics end than it starts.. The only Olympians to win four consecutive gold medals in the same individual event are Carl Lewis (long jump), Al Oerter (discus), and Paul Elvstrom (sailing). The ancient Olympic Games were a sporting event held every four years at the sacred site of Olympia, in the western Peloponnese, in honour of Zeus, the supreme.. International luge competition has been dominated by European athletes, those from Germany and Austria in particular. At the 1998 Winter Games in Nagano, Japan, U.S. doubles teams claimed the silver and bronze medals, the first luge Olympic medals won by non-Europeans. Georg Hackl of Germany has been the sport’s greatest performer.

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This is BME-Pain-Olympics-3 by Oskar Pärsim on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them Luge requires a huge amount of technical skill. Luge athletes reach speeds of 140 kilometers/per hour. Do you really think bobsleigh and luge would be Olympic sports if the outcome were based..

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  1. LAKE PLACID, N.Y. -- The U.S. Olympic program for slider sports has two approaches to recruiting athletes for its bobsled, skeleton and luge teams
  2. The 2014 Winter Olympics, officially known as the XXII Olympic Winter Games, were a major mixed-team figure skating, mixed-team luge, half-pipe skiing, ski and snowboard slopestyle, and..
  3. The latest news, events and results for USA Luge from the USOC official site. OLYMPIC
  4. 6 Every 4 years at the Olympics athletes try to do extreme stunts and tricks. 7 Marc Andre Fleury is the She is 30, she weighs 71kg and is 172 cm tall. 13 Luge is just like skeleton but you sit differently
  5. The fourth track, completed in 2008 on the slopes of Blackcomb Mountain for the 2010 Vancouver Games, looks to be one of the fastest courses in the world, with 16 curves over a 1,450-meter men’s course that, even in its infancy, has proven steep enough to produce some truly spine-tingling moments. For more on the Whistler track, see page 77.
  6. Luge has been featured at the Olympic Games since the 1964 Winter Olympics. The program did not change, until Sochi 2014, when a team relay was added. The doubles is officially noted as a mixed event, although only men have participated in it
  7. 1. The first Olympic Games took place in the 8th century B.C. in Olympia, Greece. They were held every four years for for 12 centuries. Then, in the 4th century A.D., all pagan festivals were banned by..
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Our sister site TeacherVision has put together valuable resources to stay on top of your children's learning (and emotional wellbeing) during this extended leave from school.Visit TeacherVision » Click here to get to the Olympic Channel and experience more videos from the sport of Luge . You can also access athletes' biographies and learn about the International Luge Regulations

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Bobsled, luge, and skeleton athletes all compete on the same field of play: frozen, U-shaped tracks of steep-banked ice that twist their way down mountainsides. The only difference for the three sports in terms of the track is that they start at different points on the mountain—bobsledders and singles lugers typically start higher than skeleton riders and doubles lugers. Women also start lower on the course than men. News & Multimedia Calendar & Results Athletes Live Documents Statistics Media Information. FIS Points Cup Standings Timing & Data YOG Quotas Olympic Quotas Georgian luge hopeful Nodar Kumaritashvili crashed hard during the men's Luge practice at the Whistler Sliding Center on Friday.Credit...Peter Parks/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

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The sliding sports are a sort of blue-collar special at the Olympics. Because fans are allowed to spread out along the entire course, thousands of tickets are usually available, and bobsled, skeleton, and luge are not usually among the Games’ biggest draws. That makes them rather affordable, in Olympic-ticket terms. And once you’re there, the thrill is inescapable. The Olympic Games are an international sports festival that began in ancient Greece. It is certain that during the midsummer of 776 B.C. a festival was held at Olympia on the highly civilized eastern.. Winter Olympics Training: Luge. For Olympics-bound lugers, snow-free summer months don't mean a break from training Luge, bobsled, and skeleton are the most dangerous sports at 2018 Winter Olympics. Find out how they're all different with this guide

Top U.S. luger Tony Benshoof is the only American chance for a medal; he has consistently placed in the top 10 in world competitions. Italy's Armin Zoeggeler, the 2002 and 2006 gold medalist, is favored to win the top spot once again. One of the fastest Olympic sports, Luge includes many specific details. Learn them here Skeleton riders take two runs on the same day, and their times are tracked in hundredths of a second.

Luge is one of the seven Olympic sports currently contested at the Winter Olympic Games,[1] it has been a constant presence in the Olympic program since its introduction at the 1964 Winter Olympics.. Find out more about Olympic Luge, including videos, images, facts and interviews with Olympic champions and athletes. Learn about the history of Olympic Luge, tips on the luge run.. Winter Olympics 2014 was an international sporting event held in the Russian city of Sochi on February 7-23, 2014. Sliding center Sanki, 5.000 seats, bobsled, skeleton, luge. Mountain Olympic Village

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Luge and skeleton athletes use the same run as bobsleigh at an Olympic Winter Games. Luge athletes hurtle down the course feet first, while skeleton competitors lie on their front and are head.. Speaking of sports, exactly how many sports are there in the Olympics? Although it might seem like a The first modern Olympic Games took place in 1896 in Athens, Greece. The first games featured..

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Gold medals all around! From speed skating to the luge, the best bulges to look for at PyeongChang Olympic Games. Oh Nothing, Just 30 Bulges From The Winter Olympics. Gold medals all around Each bobsled run begins with racers standing outside the sled, pushing hard and digging in with spiked cleats for up to 50 meters as the sled runners slide in grooves on a level ice surface before all team members pile in and tuck down for the downhill run.

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  1. Luge at the 2010 Winter Olympics. The luge competition of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics will be held at Whistler Sliding Centre
  2. Sliding athletes are generally incredibly fit: wiry and strong from top to bottom, with lightning-quick reflexes and the steely nerve it takes to fling your body down a ribbon of ice at more than
  3. Special Olympics athletes and supporters encourage everyone to stay fit and active even while In every corner of the earth, Special Olympics is changing the lives of people with intellectual disabilities
  4. Get the latest luge news, schedule, results, pictures and more on ESPN.com. The Olympic Stadium will host the opening and closing ceremonies, and most medal ceremonies
  5. For the 1980 Winter Olympics, the luge track was located there. Men's tower start house at the Canada The men's singles luge event started here during the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary

At the Olympics, bobsledders take four runs. Starts are crucial: A fraction of a second edge at the top of the course can turn into several seconds by the time the team reaches the bottom. To gain maximum advantage, many modern bobsled drivers have begun recruiting sled “pushers” from the ranks of elite track-and-field athletes. Race times are recorded in hundredths of seconds, and the difference between first and second—or, at the Olympics, between a medal and no medal—is often minuscule. The Winter Olympics, much more so than the Summer Olympics, includes lots of sports that seem dangerous. Many of the sports involve incredible speed or jumps that are not found in the Summer.. With five medals, the United States has won the eighth most medals in the history of luge at the Olympic Winter Games. However, it should be noted that the United States has yet to win an.. Live HD streaming for all Luge events. Watch live action, highlights, interviews, full replays and more from the 2018 Olympics (9-25 Feb) Global CyberLympics' goal is to raise awareness towards increased education and ethics in information security through a series of cyber competitions that encompass forensics, ethical hacking and defense

It's only fitting that the most romantic sport at the Winter Games would catch everybody's eye on Valentine's Day See more ideas about Luge, Olympics and Winter olympics. The abandoned Luge and Bobsleigh Track from the 1984 Olympics in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Luge is a winter sport featured at the Winter Olympic Games where a competitor or two-person team rides a flat sled while lying supine (face up) and feet first. The sport is usually contested on a specially designed ice track that allows gravity to increase the sled's speed Luge drivers, who slide feet first on their backs, on narrow sleds, achieve even higher speeds than their bobsledding counterparts—exceeding 137 kilometers per hour (85 mph), and their equipment couldn’t be more different. Luge sleds are small and flexible, with runners angled inwards. Drivers lie on their backs and steer by applying pressure to the runners with their calves and to the sled surface with their shoulders, not with a steering wheel. Men's doubles luge is an Olympic sport (the doubles event isn't in the Olympics on the women's Doubles luge is the Facebook redesign of sliding sports: There was something that people loved, and..

It's important to stay informed. We've put together a list of sources so you can stay up to date on the ongoing pandemic.View resources » ❮ ❯ (c) www.geoolympiad.org | Hosted by the Department of Geography, National Taiwan Normal University | Site Admin Skeleton sleds are heavier, rectangular sleds, 79 to 119 centimeters (31 to 47 inches) long and 46 centimeters (18 inches) wide, with a fiberglass top sheet over steel runners placed 33 to 38 centimeters (13 to 15 inches) apart. The combined weight of the sled and sledder is capped at 115 kilograms (253 pounds) for men (42 kilograms for the sled alone) and 92 kilograms (203 pounds) for women (35 kilograms for the sled alone). Russian International Olympic University brings sporting legends and the Olympic Movement to your classroom! Russian International Olympic University stands for learning from the best in the field

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olympics2010. 1:09. Olympic Death Luge Video: Luge Crash Video Nodar Kumaritashv. rvlhans. 6:11. 10 Most Disturbing Deaths At The Olympic Games. Entertainment World О проекте Sleds have evolved from crude toys, really, to precision instruments, with closely protected secrets contained in their runners, floorboards, seats, and cowlings. Yet even the fastest sled in the world will finish last if it’s not pushed and driven by athletes every bit as sculpted and honed as the equipment. In the Olympics, you'll see singles and doubles luge. It takes place on a flat brakeless sled with the athlete lying on their back. The sled has handles on the side for the slider to brace themselves

Our other sister site, FamilyEducation, has pulled together useful information for parents about how to stay on top of the situation. Visit FamilyEducation » International Linguistics Olympiad official website.. North America’s four existing ice tracks serve as good examples of how different courses can be: The current Lake Placid track, one of the most “technical,” or curvy on the World Cup circuit, has 20 curves for men and 17 for women; Calgary’s track offers only 14 curves for men and 10 for women; the track at Park City, Utah, has 14 curves for men and 12 for women. These courses range from 1,455 meters (4,773 feet) in length for men’s competition at Lake Placid to only 1,086 meters (3,563 feet) for women at Calgary.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sarajevo Olympic Bobsleigh and Luge Track. We recommend booking Sarajevo Olympic Bobsleigh and Luge Track tours ahead of time to secure your spot Luge, which takes its name from the French word for sled, is one of the fastest Olympic sports, with riders exceeding 90 mph. It wasn't until the 1998 Nagano Games that the United States broke the stranglehold, claiming the doubles' silver and bronze. They repeated the silver-bronze feat in the doubles event 2002 at Salt Lake City. The team of Brian Martin and Mark Grimmette took the bronze in 1998 and the silver in 2002, but the U.S. failed to medal in the 2006 Games in Torino. The Youth Olympic Games are an international Olympic sporting event of the highest level for athletes aged 15 to 18. Lausanne 2020 makes youth Olympians shine in Switzerland and around the world

Winter Olympics. Introduction. The Summer Olympic Games or the Games of the Olympiad is an international multi-sport event, occurring every four years Luge is often the fastest event in the Olympics -- so fast that track designers for Sochi tried to slow it down

Luge at the Winter Olympics. Luge is billed as the fastest sport on ice. Competitors race down a specially designed track feet-first only inches from the ice More from Winter Olympics. Full Games Schedule. Luge: Luge - Doubles. Tobias Wendl, Tobias Arlt

Follow the latest news from around the Olympic sports world. Want to get involved in Olympic sports? Find opportunities near you at SportsEngine.com Lugeing, also called luge tobogganing, form of small-sled racing. Luge sledding is distinctive from bob and skeleton sledding in that the sled is ridden in a supine position (lying on the back) and steered by subtle leg and shoulder movements. The sport takes its name from the French word for “sled.” Luge, otherwise known as the feet-first version of skeleton, has been around longer than skeleton—it's been a Winter Olympic sport since 1964—which is the only reason why it ranks higher Redneck Olympic Luge Practice.. I was hoping there'd be a guy with a broom scrubbing the ice ahead of him. Redneck Olympic Luge Practice. lickinggecko. Adjust content blockingContent Blocking

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..the qualification rules and the quota allocation for the luge at the 2018 Winter Olympics.[1]. ✪ The Details of Luge | Olympic Insider ✪ Wolfgang Kindl's Guide to Luge | Gillette World Spor The ancient Olympic Games were primarily a part of a religious festival in honor of Zeus, the father of the Greek gods and goddesses. The festival and the games were held in Olympia (see 'Did you know'.. Singles lugers get four runs over two days; doubles lugers get two runs on one day. It’s a dangerous sport: The sleds are so sensitive that even slight head movements can make a sled and rider, who is attached only by gravity and a firm hand grip, veer off the course. Luge times are kept in milliseconds (thousandths of a second).Curves on the courses are very steeply banked—near vertical, in the case of horseshoe turns. The curves make each track unique. Although each sliding track shares common traits (on average, they are between 1,000 and 1,500 meters [3,280 and 4,921 feet] long and about 1.5 meters [5 feet] wide, with slope grades ranging from 8 to 15 percent), there is no standard sliding track. Each course must have a hairpin turn, a left turn, a right turn, and a labyrinth, but, like the downhill course in skiing, each has its own unique layout and characteristics, often reflective of the terrain onto which it’s built. This is part of the tradition and allure of the sport, and it keeps things interesting for competitors and spectators alike. Olympic Games London 2012, from 28 July to 03 August in Great Britain, London, 135 countries and 388 judoka. Olympic Games London 2012. Great Britain, London

Transfer news - Neymar's wage demands mean he may retireCaeleb Dressel dressed for success with blistering swim inGymnasts bling it on with almost 5,000 crystals per

Historian Yohuru Williams dives into the history of the Olympic Games The doubles competition, in which one rider lies on top of the other, uses the more traditional format. Each team makes two timed runs during the one-day competition. The team with the fastest total time is the winner. Winter Olympics 2014: The physics of driving on ice. Team officials believe the lack of success has more In luge, racers lie on their backs, racing down the ice track feet first. Courtesy of Dow Chemical

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