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Book our tours including Volgograd and learn how the city recovered from one of the bloodiest battles in human history. Private Tours to the Best of Russia & Beyond VOLGOGRAD, Russia (AP) — Egypt striker Mohamed Salah's shoulder injury appeared Sunday to have significantly improved before the Pharaohs' last World Cup game against Saudi Arabia

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Volgograd, formerly Tsaritsyn (Russian: Цари́цын ), 1589-1925, and Stalingrad (/ˈstɑːlɪnɡræd, ˈstæl-, -ɡrɑːd/; Russian: Сталингра́д ), 1925-1961, is an industrial city and the administrative centre of Volgograd Oblast, Russia. The city lies on the western bank of the Volga River "The Motherland Calls" is located on Mamayev Kurgan hill along Lenina Avenue in Volgograd, Russia. There are 200 steps leading up from the foot of the memorial complex to the base of the statue, representing the 200 days of the Battle of Stalingrad. Listen to R Rossii Volgograd 70.43 FM, Volgograd Oblast Russia - internet radio online. ✅ A list of over 100000 free internet radio stations, playlists radio, broadcasting in MP3, AAC+, and Ogg formats

In 1608, the first stone church was built in Volgograd: the Church of John the Forerunner. By the beginning of the XVII century, the fortress garrison amounted to 350-400 people. In 1670, the fortress was captured by the troops of Stepan Razin – a Cossack leader who started a major uprising against Tsar – but they abandoned it a month later. The situation repeated in 1708, when the fortress was taken by the rebelling Cossacks of Kondraty Bulavin. Later, in 1774, the leader of another Cossack insurrection, Yemelyan Pugachev tried to take over the fortress too, but to no avail. At first, the city was in the jurisdiction of a Kazan governor, then – of an Astrakhan governor. According to the census of 1720, the city’s population amounted to 408 people. In XVIII century, the city was considered a district town. Its population was growing rapidly: if in 1807 there were less than 3,000 inhabitants, by 1900 their number reached 84,000. The first railroad appeared in the city in 1862. The first theatre was opened in 1872, the first cinema – in 1907. Current local time and date in Volgograd, Russia from a trusted independent resource. What Time Is It In Volgograd, Russia?Local Time

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Volgograd (Russia) Hotels: Intourist Hotel Volgograd (City Centre) Volgograd Hotel Volgograd (City Centre) Yuzhnaya Hotel Volgograd (City Centre).. The modern day city of Volgograd is said to have been founded in 1589 as a fortress named Tsaritsyn on the River Volga in territory which had been annexed to Russia with the defeat of the Astrakhan..

Stantsiya Volgograd Pervyy. The Norwegian regional reform will be implemented for all locations in Norway by January. Weather forecast forStantsiya Volgograd Pervyy, Volgograd (Russia) World /. Russia /. Volgograd /. Volgograd (48°42'36N 44°28'47E) Begin planning Travel guide Before you go What to see Our blog Contact Us All You Need to Know About Russia Best Time to Visit Russia Learn about Russian seasons & how to choose the month for your trip Why Visit Russia 6 facts about Russia that make it worth your visit Things to Do in Russia Spice up your Russia getaway by adding on some "must" activities While in Russia Read our recommendations & feel like a local when traveling Russia Currency & Money Before going to Russia it is good to know a few things about local money Best Travel Tips First time going to Russia? Make use of handy advice from experts Russia Trip Planner Բացահայտեք Russia-Volgograd-ի առցանց շախմատային պրոֆիլը Chess.com-ում: Դիտեք նրանց շախմատային վարկանիշը, հետևեք նրանց լավագույն խաղերին և խաղի մարտահրավեր նետեք նրանց

Annually Volgograd welcomes on its territory up to half a million tourists. In 2009, the city was visited by 456 thousand tourists, in 2010 – 474 thousand tourists, and in 2011 – 648 thousand. The enlarging of the network of hotels on the territory of Volgograd region is a most important constituent of the region’s touristic infrastructure. Currently, the hotels, hostels, touristic bases and resorts of Volgograd region hold 7,329 rooms and can host 18,310 visitors. The premises include:- 123 hotels; - 184 touristic bases and resorts; - 28 health stations.By the beginning of 2012, the capacity of Volgograd hotels was 2,445 rooms, i.e. 4,792 visitors. In order to stimulate the development of touristic industry, new changes were introduced to the regional legislation. Moreover, an accreditation was carried out by Russian Hotel Association with the aim to give the owners of hotel property an opportunity to avoid extra expenses in the procedure of classification. All this will play in important role in the development of the touristic sphere of the region. Already today we can notice the growing interest of international hotel operators towards the sphere of hotel construction in Volgograd. There are projects for building a network of economy and business class hotels of various international brands and by world-known hotel operators: Hilton Worldwide, The Rezidor Hotel Group. Find airports near Volgograd, Russia. See the closest major airports on a map, as well This airport is 27 km from the center of Volgograd, Russia. If you're looking for international or domestic flights to.. Городской транспорт – это автобусы, троллейбусы и маршрутные такси. По Волгограду курсирует электричка. Скоростные трамваи немного имитируют метрополитен, перевозя пассажиров под землей. Количество автомобилей на дорогах возрастает с каждым годом, поэтому в час-пик на улицах выстраиваются длинные пробки.

Volgograd, Volgograd Oblast, Russia 10-Day Weather Forecaststar_ratehome. 69 F Volgograd International Airport Station|Report Volgograd has the only underground operating tram in Russia - Metrotram. The sculpture named The Motherland Calls is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest sculpture-statue in the world In total, the statue is 279 feet tall from the tip of the sword to the top of the plinth. The female figure stands at an impressive 170 feet tall. The sword, meanwhile, is 108 feet long and made entirely of stainless steel.  Rusya ülkesinde Volgograd şehrindeki mevcut yerel saat ve coğrafi bilgiler. The Time Now, seyahat, arama ve araştırma sırasında kullanılabilecek güvenilir bir araçtır. The Time Now, Rusya ülkesine.. Volgograd is a large city along the west bank of the Volga River in Southern Russia. It used to be known as Stalingrad, a name which the city is still known as on several war-related dates each year

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Автомобили и промышленность загрязняют городской воздух, но экологическая обстановка в Волгограде далека от критичной. В атмосфере находят фенол, оксид азота и формальдегид, но в умеренных количествах. Волга считается тоже загрязненной, но вода, прошедшая через очистные сооружения, признана приемлемой. Vidy_sporta › Futbol › Russia › rotor-volgograd Volgograd. Wikipedia open wikipedia design. Volgograd is a major railway junction served by the Privolzhskaya Railway. Rail links from the Volgograd railway station include Moscow; Saratov.. Многие заводы города не смогли пережить распад СССР. Однако устоявшие металлургические, машиностроительные и химические предприятия продолжают свою работу. Волжская ГЭС по-прежнему остается одной из крупнейших в России. All restaurants in Volgograd with information on whereabouts, opening hours, average check and payment methods. The description of restaurants is accompanied by photos..

Volgograd definition, a city in the SW Russian Federation in Europe, on the Volga River: battles in World War II, September 1942-February 1943. See more Information about volgograd. Founded in 1589, Volgograd, located on the bank of the lower Volga, is one of the largest cities in Russia, with a population of over 1 million people

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Для Волгограда характерна неустойчивая погода. Резкие перепады температур здесь можно наблюдать в любое время года. Расположение на юго-востоке России подарило городу по-настоящему южное лето, когда столбик термометра поднимается высоко вверх и даже в тени приходится дышать раскаленным воздухом. Гроз и дождей в летние месяцы почти нет, зато ветер дует постоянно. Только желанного охлаждения он не приносит. К концу лета не остается ни зеленой травы, ни зеленых деревьев. Волгоградское солнце все беспощадно выжигает. Город находится в степной зоне, поэтому большинство деревьев – это искусственные посадки, которые не могут здесь выжить без ухода человека. Volgograd, Russia Stories 7 Story Shares. Прeкраснее вeсны мoжет быть тoлько молoдость и любoвь! ⠀ #spring #love #young #volgograd #vlg Криминогенная обстановка в городе отличается от района к району. Здесь есть места, где следует соблюдать осторожность, опасаясь сомнительных личностей. Наркотики и алкоголь - основные бичи пригородов и заводских общежитий. На центральных улицах безопасно и спокойно. Проблемы с гопниками и разбоем наблюдаются в близлежащих поселках. Но даже там, если не гулять по темным переулкам, то вряд ли можно ожидать неприятных сюрпризов. В целом за год в Волгограде регистрируется 1 409 преступлений на 100 тыс. населения, из них 2,5 убийства, что свидетельствует о положительной динамике. Volgograd International Airport's IATA code is VOG, while its ICAO code is URWW. The most popular routes connect Volgograd to Moscow, Moscow, Krasnodar, Kazan and Moscow

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  1. More recently, a new problem emerged. The 8,000-ton statue isn’t actually connected to its foundations, but rather relies on its own weight to keep it in place and standing upright. In 2009, it was discovered that rising water levels were causing the foundations of the memorial to subside. At the time, an unnamed official told the BBC that the statue was already listing by around eight inches, and that it would probably collapse if the tilt increased much more.
  2. Volgograd's Geography. The city was founded as a military garrison in the late 16th century, shortly after Russia first conquered the area from the Astrakhan Khanate. While its immediate purpose was..
  3. Volgograd (Russian: Волгогра́д vuhl-gah-GRAHD) used to be called Stalingrad. It lies along the west bank of the Volga River in Southern Russia. It was the scene of one of the most important and bloodiest battles of the Second World War

Volgograd, famous as the site of a major WWII battle, might once again be renamed Stalingrad after And there's definitely some strong support for this decision: Russia's Deputy prime minister Dmitry.. In the city, there are more than 160 large and medium enterprises in numerous industrial spheres (fuel, chemistry, food production, wood processing, machinery, metallurgy, defense, consumer goods etc.) The city accounts for about 11% of the industrial output of the South Federal District and for 46% of the industrial output of the Volgograd region. More than a third of the city’s economically active population is employed in the industrial sector. Where is Volgograd located? 5 Maps of Volgograd physical satellite road map terrain...Where is Volgograd located. Here you can see location and online maps of the city Volgograd.. Volgograd is one of the largest cities in the South of Russia and the administrative center of Volgograd region. From 1589 to 1925, the city was known under the name of Tsaritsyn, and from 1925 till 1961 - as Stalingrad. In 1961, Stalingrad was renamed into Volgograd. The 2nd of July 1589 is officially considered the date of the city’s foundation: on that day the name of the Tsaritsyn fortress was first mentioned in a document issued by a Tsar. The fortress in question was situated a little bit to the North from the place where the river Tsaritsa merged with the river Volga, on a high right bank. In 1607, the inhabitants of the fortress started a riot against the Tsar’s military unit but the riot was suppressed within half a year.

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The entire city is a living testimony to one of the darkest times in Russia's history. From that darkness, though, rose incredible good, and it is that good that is celebrated in every corner of Volgograd. Atop Mamayev Kurgan you will find a beautiful war memorial with an eternal flame and ruined walls from the actual battle. Though there are many museums and monuments in Volgograd, one can't-miss site is the majestic allegorical statue of Mother Russia. 82 meters (279 feet) tall, it stands atop the Mamayev Kurgan. In 1967, when The Motherland Calls was built, it was the tallest sculpture in the world. Two hundred steps leading to the foot of the monument symbolize the 200 days of the Battle of Stalingrad.Apart from the various records, “The Motherland Calls” is notable for being a beautifully dramatic sculpture. The sculpture depicts a woman stepping forward in an elegant but forceful manner, her left arm outstretched before her and her right raised high and wielding a mighty sword. It is a symbol of strength and determination, a call from the Motherland to never surrender and to maintain the attack until all enemies are defeated. The city of Volgograd is located in (Volgograd oblast - Russia). Find out more practical and tourist information about Volgograd. Fortress town in the southeast of Russia Экономическое положение города не вызывает оптимизма. Несмотря на жизнь в мегаполисе, у волгоградцев очень низкие зарплаты, не способные обеспечить достойное существование.

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Find out information about Volgograd, Russia. formerly city , capital of Volgograd region, SE European Russia, a port on the Volga River and the eastern terminus of the Volga-Don Canal Volgograd resimleri: Tripadvisor üyelerinin, Volgograd içindeki önemli yerlere, otellere ve gezilecek yerlere ait 7.992 gerçek fotoğrafına ve videosuna bakın Volgograd, Russia: trova gli hotel. 1110 hotel e case vacanza disponibili subito. Agoda.com offre una grande scelta di alberghi a Volgograd per soddisfare ogni disponibilità di budget General information about Volgograd, province of Russia, Russia. Current time, Time Zone, DST, GMT/UTC, population, postcode, elevation, latitude, longitude Today’s Volgograd is one of the most beautiful cities in Russia. It is a large industrial, transport, scientific and cultural center in the South of Russia. One of Volgograd’s main peculiarities is its formidable length: it stretches on the bank of the Volga for 90 km. The city’s population is over 1 million people. Due to its profitable geographic location, Volgograd is a multifaceted city with an important strategic role in the social and economic development of the South of Russia. Volgograd is a city through which the legendary Silk Way used to pass. Today, it is a port of five seas. After the construction of the bridge over the Volga, it became gates to Kazakhstan and China, too. Moreover, it is a transport nod on the Privolzhskaya Railway (the railway along the Volga River), the European route E40 and a federal highway “Caspium” M6. Interregional and international traffic is managed by the Volgograd River Port, the international airport of Volgograd, an intense railroad nod, the Volga-Don Channel opening into the 9th International Transport Corridor. The city features all the means of transport characteristic for a megapolis: suburban trains, electro- and auto transport, as well as the only in the world speed underground tram.

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The restaurant shown on this live webcam is located in the heart of the city of Volgograd, Russia. It has a catchy name Счастье есть!, which literally means 'Happinnes exists!' 5 4.81 370 Reviews Volga Dream Grand Volga Premium river cruises to Volga River 5-starship Next Date: Oct 06, 2020 12 days3 cities Russia:Moscow, Uglich, Volgograd Set sail on Lower Volga on board the Volga Dream cruise ship. In 12 days make your way from the capital Moscow to Volgograd.

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Металлообрабатывающее предприятие «Красный Октябрь», «Волгоградский завод цветных металлов», химические комбинаты «Каустик» и «Химпром», а также некоторые другие индустриальные комплексы обеспечивают работой большую часть волгоградцев. Продукция заводов нуждается в сбыте, поэтому всегда востребованы менеджеры по продажам. Europe > Russia > Volga Region > Volgograd Oblast > Volgograd. Volgograd (Stalingrad). Contents. 1 Understand. 1.1 History. 2 People. 3 Climate. 4 Visitor information. 5 Get in. 5.1 By plane. 5.2 By train. 5.3 By car. 5.4 By boat. 6 Get around. 7 See. 8 Do. 9 Buy. 10 Eat. 11 Drink. 12 Sleep. 13 Go next Город находится на берегу реки Волги и расположен в юго-восточной части России. Выгодное географическое положение обуславливает развитые торговые связи. At Volgograd River Station, the largest in Russia and Europe, you can find attractions for all kinds of people. With your friends you can go to the City Fitness sports club or spend a relaxing evening in..

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  1. ..in Volgograd Gas Prices in Volgograd Health Care in Volgograd Pollution in Volgograd Property Prices in Volgograd. These data are based on 573 entries in the past 18 months from 51 different..
  2. Weather Forecast for Volgograd | euronews, previsions for Volgograd, Russia (temperature, wind, rainfall). Ten day forecast for Volgograd
  3. Fantastic tour. Only suggestion would be to maybe substitute the visit in St Petersburg to the Mini Russia exhibit to something else more suited to the age group. Felt this was more of a family outing with kids.
  4. Волгоград входит в ТОП-15 крупнейших городов России. Однако его позиции неустойчивы. За последние годы количество местных жителей уменьшилось. Если данная тенденция продолжится, то статус города-миллионника может оказаться в очередной раз под угрозой.  Однако Волгограду не привыкать. Он лишался его уже дважды, но каждый раз возвращал снова.
  5. Volgograd is one of the most beautiful ancient cities of Russia. Volgograd-The City of Heroes, one of the city located in Russia, is where located Volgograd State Medical University.This year,VolGMU..

Давление, мм рт. ст., дюйм рт. ст., гПа. Пт, 15 мая →.. Volgograd will host four group games at Russia 2018. The city will welcome Robert Lewandowski's Poland for their match with Japan, as well as England as they take on Maghreb nation Tunisia volgograd. Questo sito utilizza cookie. Clicca qui per saperne di più Download Volgograd stock photos at the best stock photography agency with millions of premium high quality, royalty-free stock photos, images and pictures at reasonable prices

Current local time in Russia - Volgograd. Get Volgograd's weather and area codes, time zone and DST. Explore Volgograd's sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset Большая часть населения русские. Однако здесь можно встретить армян, украинцев, казахов и татар. However, Russia does have some of its very own Pacific islands, although they aren't exactly Volgograd (in Soviet past Stalingrad) - the city in the south of Russia where in 1942-1943 passed..

Quick facts about Volgograd. Area: 113,9 sq km (territory of Volgograd Oblast). Volgograd is located 670 miles southeast of Moscow in the flatland zone between two major Russian rivers — the.. By FIFA’s decision, Volgograd joined the list of Russian cities that are to host the games of Football World Cup in 2018. This resulted from the combination of formidable preparatory work by regional and city municipalities, and the unique conditions Volgograd offers. While planning the concept of the city’s preparation for the World Cup, its designers’ main idea was to preserve the unique spirit of the city and make the premises as accessible as possible. Nearly all the grounds of the World Cup are situated within the 4 km’s radius from the central object: the stadium. Moreover, numerous premises are located within a walking distance from each other. Taking into consideration the interest in football shown by Volgograd citizens and their unstoppable love towards their “Rotor” football team, one may be sure – the new stadium “Arena of Victory”, built for the World Cup, will be in high demand even after the end of the event. Especially because its infrastructure includes the exposition and concert premises that are absolutely necessary for Volgograd citizens. The new stadium, situated in the park zone of the central part of the city and equipped with well-planned transport drives, promises to become another center of the city’s cultural and sport life. Volgograd-Moscow, RUSSIA, 1986-1988 Thierry Mugler. The Motherland Calls, Volgograd, by Irina Ruleva

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  1. Volgograd Tourism: Tripadvisor has 25,487 reviews of Volgograd Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Volgograd resource
  2. Volgograd Memorial Historical Museum and Volgograd Planetarium are cultural highlights, and some of the area's If a Russian relative or legal guardian (rather than a parent) is traveling in Russia with..
  3. Volgograd-The City of Heroes, one of the city located in Russia, is where located Volgograd State Medical University.This year,VolGMU is organizing 10th Malaysian Intervarsity Games.We are glad to..
  4. Volgograd Urban Okrug, Volgograd Oblast, Russia. Krasnoarmeyskiy rayon, Volgograd, Volgogradskaya oblast', Russia - panoramio (1).jpg 2,048 × 1,536; 1.41 MB
  5. Moscow & St. Petersburg Small Group Tours Private Tour Packages Trans-Siberian Trips Volga River Cruises Moscow Tour Packages St. Petersburg Tours All Russia Tours
  6. From a technical point of view, it was a truly ambitious project. The posture alone was a hugely complicated issue, apart from the simple size of the thing. Pre-stressed concrete and wire ropes were used to achieve the dramatic stance and to help balance the statue with its outstretched arms. The exterior walls were made from concrete about 12 inches thick, and the interior was made from a series of separate chambers.

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  1. Volgograd city is located in Russia at the 48.7194, 44.5018 coordinates. Distance from Volgograd to cities are listed below, also there are 17 sub cities within Volgograd, click on the city name to find..
  2. Volgograd-The City of Heroes, one of the city located in Russia, is where located Volgograd State 5 am - 6 am in Volgograd, Russia Video by Nguyen Chong Zu, student VSTU from Vietnam..
  3. Volgograd devlet üniversitesi , volgograd üniversiteleri , Volgograd devlet üniversitesi , Rusyada Volgograd Rusya Federasyonu 'nun Avrupa kısmında, Karadeniz ile Hazar denizinin ortasının biraz..
  4. What time is it? Current local time inEurope/Volgograd. Major Cities in Time Zone Europe/Volgograd

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We loved our guides and drivers in Moscow and St. Petersburg who were very professional, accommodating and friendly and added so much to our experience. I would definitely recommend them anytime. Their explanations were clear and they were amazing guides. Volgograd International is located in Russia, using iata code VOG, and icao code URWW.Find out the key information for this airport. Volgograd, Russia (RU) Medium airport

Volgograd ), formerly Tsaritsyn ), 1589-1925, and Stalingrad ), 1925-1961, is an industrial city and the administrative centre of Volgograd Oblast, Russia.[13].. Full site / Mobile. To Top or End. Click Full site for site navigation links at top. Mobile has three-line hamburger menu. Return to top. Link: Link: Link: Russia. Cannabis-related links. Return to top. Google Maps: Volgograd. Wikipedia: Volgograd. Wikitravel: Volgograd Construction began on the massive monument in May 1959, and it was finally completed in October 1967. At the time, it was the tallest statue in the world. It has since lost that record, but remains the tallest statue in Europe and the tallest statue of a woman in the world. And this isn’t a woman you want to mess with, as she wields the world’s largest sword.

Volgograd is one of the fastest growing tourist centers in the south of Russia with a long tradition of historical Volgograd International Airport (Gumrak), located about 15 km from the city center, offers.. Volgograd, Russia. Known as Stalingrad during much of the Soviet era, Volgograd is now an important industrial city of just over a million people

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Volgograd, Russia. Jump to Latest Follow. Volgograd (formerly Tsaritsin and Stalingrad) is a rather big city on the Volga river, The city has rich history, but only WWII made it one of the most famous.. Общий индекс экологии в регионе. Основан на показателях проекта "Зелёный патруль".Крупные заводы – основные эпицентры выбросов, поэтому, чем дальше от них, тем легче дышится. Тем же, кто оказался в Краснооктябрьском районе, местная экология кажется ужасной. Иногда выбросы завода «Красный Октябрь» выглядят как грибы от ядерного взрыва. PechaKucha Volgograd: Events and Presentations. All in 20x20 Pecha Kucha format. PechaKucha Volgograd. Upcoming & Recent Events. See All Volgograd is one of the largest cities in the South of Russia and the administrative center of In 1608, the first stone church was built in Volgograd: the Church of John the Forerunner

Volgograd: A city guide. Volgograd is one of Russia's oldest cities and an important industrial Volgograd's historical legacy still stands strong, and in 2013 the city council voted in favour of using.. Volgograd, city and administrative center of Volgograd oblast (region), southwestern Russia. It was founded as the fortress of Tsaritsyn in 1589 to protect newly acquired Russian territory along the Volga Discover 'The Motherland Calls' in Volgograd, Russia: The world's tallest statue of a woman wields the world's tallest sword and is at risk of toppling over Russia Map, Siberia Russia, Moscow Kremlin, Lake Baikal, Bolshoi Theatre, Russian Language, Saint Petersburg, Dado, Samara. Aerial Image of Volgograd City, U.S.S.R, Russian Federation

Volgograd is commemorating the 75th anniversary of the bloodiest battle of the second world war. Seen as a 'great victory' for Stalin's army.. volgograd. şükela: tümü | bugün. rotor volgograd adli bir futbol takimi olan ve ismini volga nehrinden alan sehir

Great savings on hotels in Volgograd, Russia online. Good availability and great rates. Read hotel reviews and choose the best hotel deal for your stay There are over 50 institutions of secondary and tertiary education, uniting more than 100,000 young people not only from Russia, but from many other countries too. Russia-IC / Tags. Tags: Volgograd Region. Russian Avant-Garde Russian Museum Russian football team Russian social networks Oriental Arts Museum The Mikhailovsky Theatre Russian.. Book our tours including Volgograd and learn how the city recovered from one of the bloodiest battles in human history. Private Tours to the Best of Russia & Beyond Volgograd [Russia], June 19 ( ANI ): England battled to victory over Tunisia with a fantastic 2-1 in a VOLGOGRAD, Russia (TAP) - At least 14 people were killed Monday in a suspected suicide bombing..

Volgograd. Information for fans at the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

City: Volgograd Country: Russia Volgograd coordinates: 48°43′09″ N, 44°30′06″ E Population: 1,011,417 Find out what time it is in Volgograd right now Thanks for helping us put together this Treasures of Two Capitals trip to Russia. We had a wonderful time! arabianfood #lifeinRussia For people living in Volgograd, Russia, this is the address of Mr. Sandwich Cafe& Take away - Советская 17 центральный рынок. Город пересекает около 10 федеральных трасс, ведущих в Астрахань, Донецк, Самару, Элисту и другие населенные пункты. С центрального автовокзала можно попасть в республики Закавказья. Работает железная дорога, представленная двумя вокзалами, а связь с другими странами обеспечивает международный аэропорт. Водные пути связывают мегаполис с четырьмя морями, а также с Москвой и Санкт-Петербургом.

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  1. Первые упоминания о наличие жителей на территории Волгограда (прежнее название Царицын) относятся к Xвеку. Крепость, получившая название Царицын, была основана в 1585 году, но промышленное развитие данной территории началось с 1757 года. В советское время город пережил одну из самых страшных в истории Великой Отечественной Войны Сталинградскую битву, по итогам которой город был полностью разрушен: пострадало более 90,5% жилого фонда. Город был полностью восстановлен в 50-е годы, которые стали расцветом архитектуры Волгограда.
  2. Volgogradekspo, Volgograd. Field Day Volgogradagro focuses on Harvesters, tractors. Spare parts and components Machines and equipment for the protection of plants and fertilization, soil cultivation..
  3. В Волгограде есть все необходимое, чтобы получить дошкольное, среднее и высшее образование. Однако по сравнению с другими городами-миллионниками крупных ВУЗов здесь немного. Ведущие позиции занимает Волгоградский государственный университет, где готовят специалистов, бакалавров и магистров. Остальные ВУЗы также заняты подготовкой необходимых для жизнедеятельности города кадров. Речь идет о медицинских работниках, педагогах, фармацевтах, представителях технических специальностей. В последнее время все больше открывается частных образовательных учреждений, которые предлагают неплохую альтернативугосударственным.
  4. I cannot avoid shaking in happiness expressing our gratitude, for a trip that marked my heart,my soul ..all that you have done for us in this unforgettable trip has no price.
  5. Volgograd is a hero city located in the south-eastern European part of Russia on the right bank of the Volga river. At the city border you can see a monument with the inscription Tsaritsyn - Stalingrad..

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