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Q: What causes geographic tongue?A: The cause of geographic tongue is unknown. Several factors have been proposed as possible causes such as emotional stress, psychological factors, habits, allergies, diabetes and hormonal disturbances. However, none of these factors have been conclusively linked to geographic tongue. A relationship between geographic tongue and psoriasis (a skin disease) has been reported. Geographic tongue was found to be more frequent in patients with psoriasis. Some consider geographic tongue an oral form of psoriasis. Geographic tongue, also known as benign migratory glossitis, is a harmless but discomforting condition that mostly affects the top and sides of your tongue. It forms irregular patches on the.. Awe-inspiring science reporting, technology news, and DIY projects. Skunks to space robots, primates to climates. That's Popular Science, 145 years strong

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Some reports in the medical literature suggest that geographic tongue affects females slightly more often than males. It appears to occur with greater frequency in young adults. The prevalence of geographic tongue is unknown, but it is estimated to occur in approximately 1-3 percent of the general population.The exact cause of geographic tongue is unknown. The condition often runs in families suggesting that genetics may play a role in the development of the disorder. Geographic tongue is often associated with a fissured tongue, a condition with a strong genetic link further suggesting that heredity plays a significant role in the development of geographic tongue. 8. Geographic tongue treated with topical tacrolimus / M. Ishibashi [et al] // J Dermatol Case Rep

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. Dergi. Abone Ol. Satın Al. Arşive Göz At. Natıonal geographıc socıety. Photo ark sergısı. GİZLİLİK POLİTİKASI (Güncel) Due to its appearance, geographic tongue may lead some people to experience anxiety or other psychological complications. The anxiety may stem from the fear of negative judgement by others. Additionally, a person may worry that there is something more seriously wrong.With geographic tongue, a person will live an otherwise normal life. The appearance of the tongue and mild discomfort are often the biggest concerns a person may have. In most cases, the patches eventually clear with no intervention.

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  1. People who experience geographic tongue often have periods of remission when they don't have any lesions at all. Geographic tongue affects both men and women of all ages and racial backgrounds
  2. B. It also may be due..
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so, i have geographic tongue. it's a rare geneticnot condition, i'm not sick.but it's a thing. i have cracks in my tongue. that's it. that's all there is to it. i was proud of it. it was different, it made me.. Geographic tongue is a common condition, with prevalence of 0.28-2.4% in adults. It is characteristically asymptomatic. There are multiple, well-demarcated erythematous areas of variable.. Geographic tongue — Infobox Disease Name = PAGENAME Caption = Geographic Tongue geographic tongue — noun Etymology: so called from the resemblance of the patches to land.. Geographic tongue may go undetected for months or years. Often a dentist or doctor discovers the condition during a routine oral examination.

A fissured tongue is a benign condition that is characterized by numerous shallow or deep grooves or furrows (fissures) on the back (dorsal) surface of the tongue. The surface furrows may differ in size and depth, radiate outward, and cause the tongue to have a wrinkled appearance.Even after being treated, the symptoms of geographic tongue may return after some time. Treatments for geographic tongue include: A condition called 'geographic tongue' makes mouth organ appear maplike. TONGUE TWISTER Cases of geographic tongue sometimes have spiral patterns (one shown)

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Geographic tongue usually looks worse than it really is as this condition is really harmless. It is not a problem of health and is not linked with any cancer or infection. It can cause some uneasiness or soreness of the tongue as well as sensitivity to some materials.Sigal MJ, Mock D. Symptomatic benign migratory glossitis: report of two cases and literature review. Pediatr Dent.1992 Nov-Dec;14(6):392-6. Geographic tongue results from the loss of tiny hairlike projections (papillae) on your tongue's surface. This papillae loss appears as smooth, red patches of varying shapes and sizes

Abe M, Sogabe Y, Syuto T, et al. Successful treatment with cyclosporine administration for persistent benign migratory glossitis. J Dermatol. 2007;34:340-343. Check out our fun tongue facts for kids and enjoy a range of interesting information related to the human tongue and our sense of taste. Learn about the various tasks our tongue is responsible for.. Explore National Geographic. A world leader in adventure, science, photography, environment Featuring our first ever flippable cover, this historic issue of National Geographic challenges you to.. A doctor or dentist may diagnose geographic tongue. This is most commonly done through a simple examination of the tongue and mouth. They may:

It is also seen in patients with a food allergy, allergic contact dermatitis, asthma, atopic dermatitis, reactive arthritis, anaemia, hormonal disturbance, emotional stress and in patients with early-stage of type 1 diabetes.In many cases, geographic tongue does not cause symptoms (asymptomatic). Symptoms that have been reported in association with geographic tongue include general discomfort of the tongue or mouth and soreness or a burning sensation of the tongue, which is often worsened by spicy or acidic foods.In some cases, pain may occur or the lymph nodes under the lower jaw (submandibular lymph nodes) may become enlarged. In rare cases, pain or discomfort may be persistent. Pain typically arises from acidic foods that burn the lesions. Avoiding acidic drinks and foods will help alleviate the discomfort.

Geographic tongue is a benign condition characterized by inflammation of the tongue (glossitis) that appears in a map-like (geographic) pattern. The normal tongue is covered by a layer of small bumps known as papillae. In affected individuals, certain areas of the tongue are missing these bumps. These affected areas usually appear as smooth, red or pink colored, degenerated (atrophic) patches. Geographic tongue tends to come and go it usually heals without treatment, but will recur again usually affecting a different area of the tongue. Most cases are not associated with any symptoms (asymptomatic) and the condition usually goes away without treatment. Geographic tongue is not associated with any long-term health complications in healthy individuals. The exact cause of geographic tongue is unknown. Geographic tongue is a common condition. It appears on the top and sides of the tongue, and sometimes on the under-surface. The tongue develops irregular, smooth, red areas..

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  1. Some current clinical trials also are posted on the following page on the NORD website: https://rarediseases.org/for-patients-and-families/information-resources/info-clinical-trials-and-research-studies/
  2. Geographic tongue is characterised by irregularly-shaped, red, map-like, smooth and swollen patches surrounded by white lines. Geographic tongue can occur suddenly and persist for months or longer, and may often recur.
  3. Geographic tongue (also known as benign migratory glossitis) is a genetic condition that affects the filiform papillae of the tongue, creating lesions that..

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  1. 1st International Collection of Tongue Twisters www.tongue-twister.net/en.htm © 1996-2018 by Mr.Twister. Please click on the number above the tongue twister for a rough translation..
  2. Geographic tongue affects approximately 1–3% of the adult population worldwide. It is less common in children. The incidence is twice as high in women than in men. Patients may have a family history of geographic tongue or fissured tongue.
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  4. A community that wants to preserve or revive its language has a number of options. Perhaps the most dramatic story is that of Modern Hebrew, which was revived as a mother tongue after centuries of..

Geographic Tongue

Geographic tongue is a harmless condition that occurs when parts of the tongue have a map-like pattern of irregular, smooth, red patches Geographic tongue has a characteristic appearance that is observed most often on the anterior two-thirds of the dorsal tongue mucosa. These lesions appear as multiple, well-demarcated zones of.. Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: geographic tongue. geographic tongue in anderen Sprachen: Deutsch - Englisch Author: Vanessa Ngan, Staff Writer, 2003. Updated by Dr Anita Eshraghi, Dermatologist, Sweden. March 2018.

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This condition of the tongue can continue for years or only months but it will resolve eventually by itself but can develop again at a later date. geographic tongue translation french, English - French dictionary, meaning, see also 'geographical',geographically',geography',geographer', example of use, definition, conjugation.. A mysterious ailment, Geographic tongue occurs when red patches appear on the top or sides of the tongue. The condition is not dangerous, but it can cause significant discomfort

Geographic tongue: Causes, pictures, and treatmen

Q: Is treatment necessary for geographic tongue?A: Geographic tongue usually has no symptoms. In most cases, there is no need for treatment of this condition. Occasionally geographic tongue may cause a burning or smarting sensation of the tongue. In this situation, topical anesthetics can be used for surface numbing. Anti-inflammatory drugs (cortisonelike drugs) also may be prescribed to help control discomfort.NORD gratefully acknowledges Martha Ann Keels, DDS, PhD, Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Duke University and Esther L. B. Childers, DDS, Chair, Department of Diagnostic Services; Professor, Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology, Howard University College of Dentistry, for assistance in the preparation of this report. Geographic tongue is a condition where the tongue surface appears altered or abnormal. Another term for geographic tongue is benign migratory glossitis Mayo Clinic does not endorse companies or products. Advertising revenue supports our not-for-profit mission.

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Geographic tongue is a map-like appearance on the upper surface and sides of the tongue. 5 Home Remedies for Geographic Tongue. Geographic tongue, also known as benign migratory.. Medical treatment is not required for this benign disorder. Some physicians advise patients to avoid irritants and substances that may sensitize the tongue. A bland or liquid diet, preferably cooled, is perhaps better. Meticulous oral hygiene is important, but care should be taken to preserve proper bacterial balance within the mouth.The cause of geographic tongue is unknown but geographic tongue occurs more often in patients who have psoriasis, especially pustular psoriasis.Gonzalez-Alvarez L, Garcia-Martin JM, Garcia-Pola MJ. Association between geographic tongue and psoriasis: A systematic review and meta-analysis. J Oral Pathol Med. 2019; 48(5):365-372. Geographic Tongue (n.) 1.(MeSH)An idiopathic disorder characterized by the loss of filiform papillae leaving reddened areas of circinate macules bound by a white band

⬇ Download geographic tongue - stock photos and images in the best photography agency ✔ reasonable prices ✔ millions of high quality and royalty-free stock photos and images Geographic tongue is so-called for the 'map-like' effect the condition produces on the tongue. Geographic tongue is a benign condition. It is much more annoying than it is dangerous

The information in NORD’s Rare Disease Database is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of a physician or other qualified medical professional. Geographic tongue is an inflammatory condition of the tongue affecting between 2- 3% of the While Geographic Tongue itself does not cause pain, it may be assoc...iated with pain due to related.. Your primary care physician could prescribe drugs to manage the sensitivity or discomfort such as: over-the-counter pain relievers; antihistamine mouth rinses; mouth rinses with anesthetic; or corticosteroid ointments or rinses. These treatments have not been researched so any benefit is uncertain. Geographic tongue definition is - a condition in which the tongue exhibits smooth patches surrounded by slightly elevated grayish margins —called also wandering rash Geographic tongue develops in approximately 2% of the population and may occur in any age, sex, or race. But, it does appear more in females than males and most frequently in adults.

There is currently no known cause of geographic tongue. Researchers have begun to look into connections to other conditions, such as psoriasis. However, more research is needed to confirm any connections. I believe Geographic Tongue is incurable because it isn't a disease. By that I mean, I don't think I suffered from Geographic Tongue and through a strange set of circumstances I learned how to get.. Any discomfort can possibly be helped with a mouth rinse that contains antiseptic and anesthetic properties. Topical corticosteroids might also help with use such as triamcinolone that is in dental paste can be applied several times each day as needed. Перевод слова geographic, американское и британское произношение, транскрипция, словосочетания, однокоренные слова, примеры использования geographic tongue: 4 фразы в 2 тематиках

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These areas or lesions often make the tongue look like a map, or geographic appearance. These lesions usually get better in one place then migrate or move to another place on the tongue. It is known also as “benign migratory glossitis”. Geographic tongue, also known by several other terms, is an inflammatory condition of the mucous membrane of the tongue, usually on the dorsal surface. It is a common condition, affecting approximately 2-3% of the general population Geographic tongue is also known as benign migratory glossitis, erythema migrans, or continental tongue. The colloquial names are due to the condition resembling a map

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Geographic tongue is a condition that causes a map-like pattern to appear on the tongue. People with this condition have smooth, reddish patches surrounded by white borders on their tongues There has been some help with zinc supplements. It is believed by some medical professionals that those with this condition have a zinc deficiency and by increasing the intake of zinc it can boost the immune system.

In This Article Traditional Ayurvedic Tongue Reading The Perfect Tongue You mention a Geographic Tongue but then you don't go into detail on it Some patients make no complaint, but others complain of persistent gingival soreness, worse when eating spices, or acidic foods, such as tomatoes or citrus fruits. Most patients are seen only when vesicles and bullae have broken down to leave desquamation, and the clinical appearance is thus of erythematous gingivae, mainly labially, the erythema and loss of stippling extending apically from the gingival margins to the alveolar mucosae. The desquamation may vary from mild almost insignificant small patches to widespread erythema with a glazed appearance. In addition to a full history and examination, biopsy examination and histopathological and immunological investigations are frequently indicated. Conditions which should be excluded include:In addition to fissured tongue, geographic tongue has been associated with many other conditions especially psoriasis. Psoriasis a chronic, inflammatory skin disease characterized by dry, reddish (erythematous), thickened patches of skin that are covered with silvery-gray scales. These patches may be referred to as papules or plaques and most often affect the scalp, elbows, knees, hands, feet and/or lower back.

Geographic tongue, also known by several other terms,[note 1] is an inflammatory condition of the mucous For faster navigation, this Iframe is preloading the Wikiwand page for Geographic tongue Keynote (National Geographic Learning) 01_Elementary_A1-A2 02_Pre-Intermediate_A2-B1 03_Intermediate_B1 04_Upper-Intermediate_B2 05_Advanced_C1 06_Proficient_C2 The condition causes smooth, red, and irregular patches on the top and sides of the tongue. Additional distinguishing features include: A sometimes painful tongue inflammation condition where patches of the tongue become red or Also known as benign migratory glossitis. Many people get a mild geographic tongue from eating..

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If pain or discomfort is persistent, some physicians may recommend anti-inflammatory drugs or numbing agents that are applied directly to the affected areas (topical analgesics).Herbal teas have also helped. Herbs such as slipper elm herb, aloe vera, the goldenseal, peppermint, licorice and chamomile may be used to lessen the problem of having gastric acid excesses in the stomach. These herbal teas may be prepared by the addition of a teaspoon of the herb used for every boiling cup of water. This herbal tea may be used twice every day.For information about clinical trials being conducted at the NIH Clinical Center in Bethesda, MD, contact the NIH Patient Recruitment Office:

Synonyms for Geographic tongue in Free Thesaurus. Geographic tongue synonyms, Geographic tongue antonyms - FreeThesaurus.com Geographic tongue is where smooth lesions that basically look like areas of your tongue that have Geographic tongue does tend to affect middle-aged or older adults though. It is also more common.. What causes these lesions is unknown but there are factors that have been associated with this condition. These factors include: occurs commonly in individuals with psoriasis – in particular “pustular psoriasis”; associated with anemia, diabetes, atopy (eczema and/or asthma) as well as stress; a trigger could be certain foods – such as cheese; clustering inside families gives the suggestion of some involvement genetically; and variations with the menstrual cycle gives the suggestion of hormonal factors as a cause.Kelsch R. Geographic Tongue.Medscape. Updated: May 14, 2018. Available at: http://www.emedicine.com/derm/topic664.htm Accessed Jan 13, 2020. Geographic tongue is actually a condition that gets its name from a map-like pattern of patches that form on the tongue in affected persons. These patches resemble little islands of redness on the..

The ease or difficulty of learning another language can depend on your mother tongue. In general, the closer the second language is to the learner's native tongue and culture in terms of vocabulary.. Geographic tongue (also known as benign migratory glossitis) is an inflammatory disorder that usually appears on the top and sides of the tongue. Typically, affected tongues have a bald, red area of.. A variety of conditions can affect the tongue including infection with a harmless type of yeast (oral candidiasis), burning mouth syndrome, an inflammatory condition characterized, in part, by gray-white spots in the mouth (lichen planus) and oral cancers. Tongue cancer is a general term for two types of cancer – one that affects the portion of the tongue that can protrude from the mouth and one that affects the base of the tongue in the back of mouth. The first form is classified as a mouth (or oral) cancer and the second form is classified as an oropharyngeal cancer. Oropharyngeal cancer refers to cancer that occurs in areas of the throat near the back of the mouth. Geographic tongue is not related to oral cancers and is not a premalignant condition. (For more information on these disorders, choose the specific disorder name as your search term in the Rare Disease Database.) Uncommonly, geographic tongue may cause a burning sensation on the tongue, for which various treatments have been described with little formal evidence of efficacy Shulman JD, Carpenter WM. Prevalence and risk factors associated with geographic tongue among US adults. Oral Dis. 2006;12:381-386.

Statistika o Geographic Tongue mapa - Podívejte se, jak tato nemoc postihuje denní život lidí, kteří jí trpějí. Statistika o Geographic Tongue. Statistiky. SF36 Stats The cause of geographic tongue is unknown, and there's no way to prevent the condition. There may be a link between geographic tongue and psoriasis and between geographic tongue and lichen planus. But more research is needed to better understand possible connections.In some cases, geographic tongue may look more like a painful ulcer. Despite the appearance, these cases of geographic tongue may not even cause discomfort. Geographic tongue causes island-shaped lesions that give your tongue a map-like appearance. The lesions can appear on the upper surface and sides of the tongue. They look ragged and uneven.. Geographic tongue, also known as erythema migrans, is an inflammatory condition that affects the tongue. It is mostly seen on the dorsal surface of the tongue. It is quite common, affecting 2 to 3..

PubMed Search: Geographic tongue[TIAB] oral cavity. Page views in 2019: 1,866. Cite this page: Thakral C. Geographic tongue. PathologyOutlines.com website. https.. Geographic tongue, also known as benign migratory glossitis, erythema migrans, or continental tongue, is a condition affecting the tongue. The colloquial names are due to the condition resembling.. Any use of this site constitutes your agreement to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy linked below. Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy Notice of Privacy Practices Notice of Nondiscrimination Manage Cookies Geographic tongue (or geographical tongue) can look very odd, and when you first notice it, most people tend to panic a bit. That's a normal reaction to something that looks weird, and we are all much.. In geographic tongue, patches of these papillae are missing, giving the appearance of smooth patches on the tongue. Often the border of the smooth areas is raised and whitish in appearance

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A geographic coordinate system defines two-dimensional coordinates based on the Earth's surface. It has an angular unit of measure, prime meridian and datum (which contains the spheroid) In other cases, geographic tongue may exist along with a condition called fissured tongue, which is often easier to see.J. PHILIP SAPP DDS, MS, ... GEORGE P. WYSOCKI DDS, PHD, in Contemporary Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology (Second Edition), 2004For information about clinical trials sponsored by private sources, in the main, contact: www.centerwatch.com

A single copy of these materials may be reprinted for noncommercial personal use only. "Mayo," "Mayo Clinic," "MayoClinic.org," "Mayo Clinic Healthy Living," and the triple-shield Mayo Clinic logo are trademarks of Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research. Geographic tongue usually looks worse than it really is as this condition is really harmless. Geographic Tongue Symptoms. Symptoms and signs of this condition might includ DermNet NZ does not provide an online consultation service.  If you have any concerns with your skin or its treatment, see a dermatologist for advice. 

Symptoms of the following disorders can be similar to those of geographic tongue. Comparisons may be useful for a differential diagnosis. Geographic tongue is characterised by irregularly-shaped, red, map-like, smooth and swollen patches surrounded by white lines. Geographic tongue can occur suddenly and persist for months or longer.. tounge (obsolete, now considered a misspelling); tung (informal/eye dialect); tong, tonge, toong, toongue, toung, toungue, tunge (all obsolete). From Middle English tonge, tunge, tung, from Old English tunge, from Proto-Germanic *tungǭ (tongue..

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Geographic tongue is a disorder that affects the tongue’s surface. Tongues are normally covered with pinkish-white, tiny bumps known as papillae. With those individuals with geographic tongue there are areas of the tongue surface that are missing papillae and instead appear as red, smooth patches sometime with borders that are slightly raised. Geographic tongue is a harmless condition and the tongue develops a map-like or a geographic appearance with red and smooth patches on its surface Geographic tongue. There is a peculiar condition of the tongue that takes the form of denudations of the lingual surface in patches of redness that shift in position from time to time over hours and days What's a geographic tongue? Answered by Dr. Joseph Ritz: Anatomy: It is an anatomic variation Most cases of geographic tongue (aka erythema migrans, and benign migratory glossitis) do not.. Geographic tongue is an often painless condition where spots or patches appear on the top and sides of the tongue. The irregular patches make the tongue resemble a map, which is where the condition..

Flaitz CM. Ectopic erythema migrans in an adolescent with a skin disorder. Pediatr Dent. 2000;22:63-64.Q: Can people catch this from me?A: Geographic tongue is not contagious and cannot be passed to anyone else.The information contained in this monograph is for educational purposes only. This information is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have or suspect you may have a health concern, consult your professional health care provider. Reliance on any information provided in this monograph is solely at your own risk.The characteristic lesion in geographic tongue is reddish (erythematous), degenerated (atrophic) patch or area on the tongue that is abnormally smooth because of the lack of the small bumps that normally cover the tongue. These patches may have a slightly elevated, yellowish or white border. These patches cover the tongue in an irregular pattern giving the tongue a characteristic map-like appearance. The patches may change in size, shape and location from day to day. Find geographic tongue stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection

All studies receiving U.S. government funding, and some supported by private industry, are posted on this government web site. Geographic tongue is also known as benign migratory glossitis. If you have further issues that are Geographic tongue can look different ways...in a fairly mild case, the tongue would have a slight..

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breadcrumbs Home » Topics A–Z » Geographic tongue Geographic tongue is most often found in adults but can occur at any age and be present in babies and children. Thrush Geographic tongue. coated white tongue smooth red spots There are no lifestyle changes that the person needs to make, as nothing will help prevent the condition from appearing again in the future. However, they may want to avoid acidic or spicy foods.The content of the website and databases of the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) is copyrighted and may not be reproduced, copied, downloaded or disseminated, in any way, for any commercial or public purpose, without prior written authorization and approval from NORD. Individuals may print one hard copy of an individual disease for personal use, provided that content is unmodified and includes NORD’s copyright.Additional conditions with that may occur in conjunction with geographic tongue include allergies, emotional stress, juvenile diabetes, Reiter’s syndrome and hormonal disturbances. However, no definitive link has been established between geographic tongue and any of these conditions.

ProfessorCrispian Scully CBE, MD, PhD, MDS, MRCS, FDSRCS, FDSRCPS, FFDRCSI, FDSRCSE, FRCPath, FMedSci, FHEA, FUCL, FBS, DSc, DChD, DMed (HC), Dr (hc), in Scully's Medical Problems in Dentistry (Seventh Edition), 2014 #long tongue. Top. Views count Geographic Tongue, Glossitis Areata Exfoliativa, Migratory Glossitis, Benign, Tongue, Geographic, LINGUA GEOGRAPHICA, GLOSSITIS, BENIGN MIGRATORY, TONGUE GEOGRAPHIC..

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Left untreated, most cases of geographic tongue clear up on their own with no medical intervention. People who do not realize they have it may never be treated, and they may suffer no ill effects. National Geographic Learning's mission is to bring the world to the classroom and the classroom to life. With our English language programs, students learn about their world by experiencing it

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Burning mouth ‘syndrome’ (BMS) is a common chronic complaint seen especially in middle-aged or elderly females. Organic causes of burning mouth include: A specific cause of this tongue problem has not been found but there are some physicians and scientist who believe that a deficiency of vitamin B could be involved. Or the tongue just might be irritated by certain substances. This problem does appear to be seen less in those who smoke. Face tongue. Place geographic Yes, the English Language refers to the tongue spoken by billions all over the world and I now think that more importantly the English Language refers to the tongue as a particular example of the.. Geographic tongue is an inflammatory but harmless condition affecting the surface of your tongue. The tongue is normally covered with tiny, pinkish-white bumps (papillae), which are actually short, fine, hairlike projections. With geographic tongue, patches on the surface of the tongue are missing papillae and appear as smooth, red "islands," often with slightly raised borders.

Geographic Tongue Geographic Tongue Toggle navigation Brain Head & Neck Chest Endocrine Abdomen Musculoskeletal Skin Infectious Disease Hematology & Oncology Cohorts Diagnostics.. Studies of factors that may be associated with an increased risk of geographic tongue have produced mixed results. Factors that are likely associated with an increased risk include: geographic tongue. Benign migratory glossitis, glossitis areata migrans Oral disease A condition characterized by idiopathic inflammation, possibly due to emotional stress; more common in children.. In some cases, a doctor may order additional tests if they suspect the condition is not geographic tongue.

Il servizio gratuito di Google traduce all'istante parole, frasi e pagine web tra l'italiano e più di 100 altre lingue Editor-In-Chief: C. Michael Gibson, M.S., M.D. ; Associate Editor(s)-in-Chief: Kiran Singh, M.D. Geographic tongue, also known as benign migratory glossitis, erythema migrans, or continental tongue, is a condition affecting the tongue Typically, affected tongues have a bald, red area of varying sizes that is surrounded, at least in part, by an irregular white border (see Right). The appearance of the affected portion of the tongue results from loss of the finger-like and mushroom shaped projections (papilla) which normally cover the tongue’s surface. Occasionally, similar appearing lesions occur on other oral sites, such as the palate, cheeks, under the tongue, or on the gums. Such lesions are known as geographic stomatitis or erythema migrans.Jerry E. Bouquot, ... Hiromasa Nikai, in Diagnostic Surgical Pathology of the Head and Neck (Second Edition), 2009 Definition Geographic tongue is a fairly common, usually painless inflammatory disorder that affects mainly Epidemiology Geographic tongue occurs in approximately 3% of the population worldwide

Geographic tongue, fissured tongue, and hairy tongue are the most common tongue problems and do not require treatment. Median rhomboid glossitis is usually associated with a candidal infection and.. Geographic tongue (benign migratory glossitis) is a benign condition that occurs in up to 3% of the general population. Most often, patients are asymptomatic; however, some patients report increased.. Спряжение tongue [tʌŋ]Глагол. tongue / tongued / tongued / tonguing / tongues Geographic tongue results from the loss of tiny hairlike projections (papillae) on your tongue's surface. This papillae loss appears as smooth, red patches of varying shapes and sizes.

В ролях: 320 kb, s kbs. Maribou State - Tongue (feat. Holly Walker) на телефон. Язык: RU Geographic tongue (GT), first described in 1831 as a wandering rash of the tongue, is an asymptomatic inflammatory condition of unknown etiology caused by the local loss of filiform papillae Pass B, Brown RS, Childers EL. Geographic tongue: literature review and case reports. Dent Today 2005;24:56-57. Shulman JD. Prevalence of oral mucosal lesions in children and youths in the USA. Int J Peadiatr Dent. 2005;15(2):89-97. Geographic tongue, also known by several other terms, is an inflammatory condition of the mucous membrane of the tongue, usually on the dorsal surface

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