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Jake Gyllenhaal'ın kariyer peşinde, genç ve fazlaca hırslı bir adam olan Louis Bloom'u canlandırdığı Filmde Jake Gyllenhaal'e, Rachel McAdams, Naomie Harris, 50 Cent ve Forest Whitaker gibi yıldız.. Get the softly spoken actor engaged on subjects that interest him, however, and he comes alive. This is what happens when I ask Gyllenhaal about his sister’s recent remark that at 37 she was considered “over the hill”, and was told by a producer that she was too old to play the love interest of a 55-year-old man. “There are far more movies and television shows made with males as the leads,” he says. “There is ageism and sexism, absolutely. I do think that there should be more, multidimensional, incredible roles written for women. I believe that’s also the responsibility of men in the entertainment industry.” In a recent interview, Dustin Hoffman commented that the current state of film was “the worst it’s ever been”. What does Gyllenhaal think? “I agree and disagree with that. It’s an industry; there are two sides to the business. We need to maintain the business, give people entertainment, people want to watch a movie that is fun and interesting and moving, coming up with new ideas.”   'Life' stars Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal waste some time with WIRED and answer the Internet's most Ryan Reynolds & Jake Gyllenhaal Answer the Web's Most Searched Questions We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future.

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“There are some things I keep to myself, that are my business…” he replies. An uneasy silence follows.  Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal (/ˈdʒɪlənhɔːl/; Swedish: [ˈjʏ̂lːɛnˌhɑːl]; born December 19, 1980) is an American actor and film producer. Born into the Gyllenhaal family.. Jake Gyllenhaal Jason Reed interviewing Jake Gyllenhaal at WonderCon 2010 in San Francisco

“I didn’t know how to box and I was just terrified that I’d look like an idiot in the ring,” says Gyllenhaal, who is outstanding in the role. “That was a motivation for me getting in shape.”  Blue wool coat, £125; white cotton t-shirt, £40, both by cos David Slijper Jake Gyllenhaal adlı sanatçının yer aldığı bütün filmler ve varsa gelecek projelerini bu sayfada bulabilirsiniz Allowes users to upload, organize, edit and share photos, geotag and explore them on the world map

Jake Gyllenhaal interview

Watch Jake Gyllenhaal's Hilarious Interview With the Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor He Plays in 'Stronger'. Matt Singer Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal aren't afraid of the dark. Gyllenhaal, who plays a rigid detective in the film, said it was the movie's relentless twists that ultimately convinced him to take the part Gyllenhaal won’t discuss his private life, but is said to be single after splitting from model Alyssa Miller last year. The relationship was reportedly a casualty of his Southpaw training schedule, as his trainer Terry Claybon recently admitted: “Jake gave up whatever life he had to live the life of a fighter… He even broke up with his girlfriend because he was at the ring every day!”Then his phone bleeps and our time is up. Gyllenhaal stands to go but keeps reciting, enjoying the sound and feeling of words coming from his mouth, and you get a sense of what The New York Times' reviewer of the concert version of Sunday in the Park meant when he described "this rushing realisation, both lonely and consoling, that looking — and really seeing — another person may be the highest form of intimacy there is." And then he gets to a bit where he's not sure of the words and he says, "I can only do it by singing," and you think, well that's that then, but then he does start singing, or half-singing anyway, looking you in the eye.

I'll get this out swiftly, I think Jake Gyllenhaal is a likable actor so I'm not going to slate him for being Many people seem to think Gyllenhaal gets snubbed by the Academy Awards for performances on.. Did it make him miserable? “It’s very hard for me to use words like ‘miserable’ about making a movie when I look out and I see what’s happening with the world. It was fun,” Gyllenhaal says, grinning. “You get to learn a skill from experts [he was trained by choreographer and former fighter Terry Claybon], their reputation’s on the line and they want you to look like a real boxer. So that motivated me. There were times when I was puking, when I went: ‘This sucks,’ but you know the weird thing about throwing up while you are working out is that if you give yourself like 30 to 45 seconds afterwards, you feel great, you can go again.” He punches the air, a gleam in his huge blue eyes. “It’s a very odd thing that you’d never expect.”  Découvrez l'interview exclusive de Jake Gyllenhaal donnée à AlloCiné pour le film Demolition. Découvrez tous les interviews vidéos de Jake Gyllenhaal. Mon AlloCiné

Tom Sturridge and Jake Gyllenhaal are commanding. Review by Marilyn Stasio from Variety. See Exclusive Portraits of Jake Gyllenhaal, Tom Sturridge & More at the Sea Wall/A Life Opening Night Jake Gyllenhaal stars in Spider-Man: Far From Home? There was confusion earlier this year over whether or not Gyllenhaal had been confirmed for the part, especially after he was spotted filming Dedicated to the American actor Jake Gyllenhaal, nominated for many awards including an Oscar This interview was published on Jake Hamilton youtube channel on June 19, 2019. If you're not.. “I remember one day we took a helicopter up 20,000ft, we were on this ridge, we had 15 crew members and cameras up there, Baltasar wanted to shoot the movie so that we were actually climbing – and this storm’s about to come in. The only way you could get down was by helicopter. There’s no way to leave. In a matter of 15 minutes these pilots came in and picked us up, four or five at a time: ‘Get in! Are you coming? Hang on!’ And they literally took everybody within 15 minutes, it was crazy.”   Jake Gyllenhaal. Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal, 19 Aralık 1980'de Los Angeles'de doğdu. Annesi Naomi Foner Achs, bir yapımcı ve senaryo yazarı, babasu Stephen Gyllenhaal ise bir yönetmendir

Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal are currently promoting their new film, Life, which means it's The uncensored, NSFW interview began with McCarthy gifting the actors Deadpool tie pins, which.. Jake Gyllenhaal also opens up about the unexpected success of Brokeback Mountain. Watch more of The Jess Cagle Interview with Jake Gyllenhaal this week on PEOPLE.com Jake Gyllenhaal's Fight To Mount 'Stronger' And Play A Real-Life Superhero. For Jake Gyllenhaal, playing Bauman in David Gordon Green's Stronger could not have been more meaningful a role

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Read The Telegraph's interview with Jake Gyllenhaal, star of the boxing drama Southpaw. It's early in the morning, and Jake Gyllenhaal is sprawled across a sofa, his long legs stretched out over the.. A new film starring Jake Gyllenhaal as a man who lost both legs in the Boston Marathon bombings is under fire for not casting a disabled actor in the role At SXSW I had the opportunity to sit down with Jake Gyllenhaal, the star of Source Code, and discuss his character in the Check out the interview below. Audio version is included at the end of the page

White cotton shirt, £380, by Dolce & Gabbana David Slijper @TomHolland1996 *without hesitation*: JAKE GYLLENHAAL This is definitely the best part of the panel lol. I love this couple so much

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Read the full interview with Jake Gyllenhaal from the June 2020 issue now.https Big Screen and Broadway star Jake Gyllenhaal is on A Late Show tonight "It was an amazing feeling, but not a comfortable one," he says. "I was just, sort of, not in my body." Awkward! Jake Gyllenhaal's GMA Interview Was Introduced With ''Bad Blood'' By His Ex Taylor Swift: Watch

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Jake Gyllenhaal arrives at today's interview carrying his own chair. Specifically, the chair he dragged across the fancy hotel suite so that he could sit in a normal, upright position, rather than recline on the.. Jake Gyllenhaal Doesn't Want to Talk About Taylor Swift. The actor is currently promoting sci-fi thriller Life, and during an interview with The Guardian about the film, he was asked whether he..


EMMY ROSSUM- Interview. JAKE GYLLENHAAL- Interview. Roland Emmerich (The Day After Tomorrow)- Interview Shares Elaine Lipworth 26 July 2015 • 8:00am He has played everything from a gawky teen to a gay cowboy. Now, Jake Gyllenhaal has turned himself into a bulked-up boxerSo yes. It looks like David Gordon Green isn't the only one to milk him for his weirdness. Which is also, in a manner of speaking, what I'm supposed to be doing today in Burbank. But first we have to work out where to sit. Interview. Laurence Boccolini (Mask Singer) : C'est nul et méchant d'avoir balancé les... Quand le journaliste a entamé sa question, Jake Gyllenhaal s'est attaché la pince à l'oreille, avant que Ryan.. Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal just gave us a taste of how crazy they probably were on the Oh and sleep. If you want an in-depth, lengthy insight into the film then unfortunately this interview isn't..

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  1. During an interview about a new watch, actor Jake Gyllenhaal has said that he will not be the next Batman. We still have no idea who will play the hero in Matt Reeves' The Batman..
  2. Fronted by Jake Gyllenhaal, the Summer/Autumn 2020 'High Art Pop Culture' issue of Another Man This issue mainly features people I have worked with, interviewed and known over the years, many..
  3. Starring:Tilda Swinton, Jake Gyllenhaal, An Seo Hyun. Watch Now on Netflix. Tilda Swinton, Jake Gyllenhaal and Paul Dano star in this modern fairy tale from director Bong Joon Ho (Snowpiercer)
  4. Having met him before, I should have remembered that the intensely private and rather serious actor doesn’t do well with small talk. But to my relief, Gyllenhaal bursts out laughing, realising the absurdity of the moment. By way of an apology for his brusque response, he explains that the obsessive interest in everything he does can get frustrating. “I feel like unfortunately most of the focus right now is on the external, as witnessed by most of the things that come out in the press.”  
  5. There's been much debate on whether Jake Gyllenhaal's penis makes a cameo in Love & Other Drugs -- so we asked his (Jake's) co-star, Josh Gad, to solve the mystery
  6. Джилленхол справился с задачей гораздо быстрее и без проблем нацепил на себя футболку. Unlike Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal completed Tom Holland's fitness challenge
  7. Jake Gyllenhaal stars alongside Mélanie Laurent in 'Enemy' ( Curzon ). Cinespace Film Studios, Toronto It's lunchtime on the set of doppelgänger thriller Enemy, and star Jake Gyllenhaal slides..
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  1. Gyllenhaal, 19.12. 1980) Jake Gyllenhaal is an American actor known for 'Donnie Darko', 'Brokeback Mountain' and 'Nightcrawler'
  2. Actor Jake Gyllenhaal won rave reviews for his role in the film Brokeback Mountain. When I do my next interview, I'm gonna tell them how much joy this interview brought me
  3. Jake Gyllenhaal. Ich glaube, dass die Rolle nie mehr vollkommen loswerde. Stuttgarter Zeitung | 13. Exklusiv Jake Gyllenhaal wirft ein kritisches Licht auf den Mythos vom American Dream
  4. Jake Gyllenhaal erkek Oyuncu, Yapımcı Amerikalı. Biyografisine, 29 yıllık kariyerinin detaylarına ve hakkındaki tüm haberlere bak. Jake Gyllenhaal isimli sanatçının kariyerini keşfet

Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal have been making the press rounds to promote their new film Life, but one interview just got irretrievably out of hand Having seen Nightcrawler last year, you can witness the commitment that actor Jake Gyllenhaal puts into his projects. Stefan Pape is the reviews and interviews editor for the site Ryan Reynolds & Jake Gyllenhaal Can't Contain Their Laughter in Hilarious Interview Ryan Jake joked that this is such a useless interview and that the reporter has nothing usable here, but we.. Gyllenhaal—who can sometimes come off as intense or self-serious—has seemed about as cheerful and sardonic as he ever has in the interviews with Reynolds

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Actor Jake Gyllenhaal tells Conan O'Brien that he is not on social media because he isn't very tech-savvy He didn’t have a stunt double and was pummelled in the brutally realistic fight scenes. “I don’t think you can claim you’re a boxer without knowing how it feels to be hit,” he explains. The actor spent five months in the gym – two punishing three-hour workouts seven days a week, 2,000 sit-ups a day. “The first part of the day was all technique, learning how to throw punches, footwork, and the second part of the day was getting into shape and getting ready for sparring. A physical transformation was key to making the character credible,” says Gyllenhaal. “I didn’t spend much time doing anything else or socialising in any other way.” Narrated by: Jake Gyllenhaal, Tom Sturridge. Length: 1 hr and 22 mins. Original Recording. At once profoundly personal and far-reaching, Exit Interview with My Grandmother serves as a meditation on.. First, McCarthy began the interview with a gift. He offered the costars with Deadpool tie clips, since Reynolds starred in the film and Gyllenhaal was apparently a fan. The latter sarcastically tossed the.. Also, he likes to turn ideas round and round, inside out and upside down. He does it with journalists, directors, fellow actors, testing the material, pushing, probing; reputedly sparing no feelings if he thinks it serves the common good. He's inquisitive to a fault and sometimes his interest in other people's experience only makes his own more opaque; in one recent cover story with a British style magazine for which he was interviewed by Tom Ford, it was the director, and not the actor, about whom one learned the most. (At one point he asks me what it's like doing my job and I give him my tuppence-worth about the hideousness of hotel junkets for a good couple of minutes before I remember that, oh yes, no one cares.)

Joelle Garguilo finds out! Jake Gyllenhaal hysterical interview - YouTube. Jake Gyllenhaal and Jeanne Cadieu in Paris 122718. They have been seeing each other since July on the DL Donnie Darko star Gyllenhaal talks about his career plans and why everything was rad in the 80s. Jake Gyllenhaal. Donnie Darko. Interviewed by David Michael

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Gyllenhaal has had longer than most to make peace with his profession. He was born in Los Angeles to a screenwriter mother, Naomi Foner (who wrote Running on Empty, for which girls who grew up in the Eighties — holler! — will be eternally grateful), and a director father, Stephen Gyllenhaal; his older sister is the actress Maggie Gyllenhaal. His first screen role, at the age of 10, was as Billy Crystal's smart-mouthed, spike-haired son in City Slickers, and though he attended regular high school — regularish, it was the prestigious Harvard-Westlake — and then college, studying Tibetan Buddhism and eastern mysticism at Columbia, he left after two years to pursue acting. Jakegyllenhaal Page for: Jake Gyllenhaal

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  1. 4. Gyllenhaal memorized the entire movie like a play. He even proved it by speed-reciting the film's opening monologue. It's still in my head, so when you say, 'Does it have an effect on me?
  2. Get the latest news about Jake Gyllenhaal. Find exclusive interviews, video clips, photos and more on Entertainment Tonight
  3. Interview: Jake Gyllenhaal, crown prince of Tinseltown (англ.), The Observer (30 October 2005). Interview with Jake Gyllenhaal (англ.). IGN (28 May 2004). Дата обращения 29 декабря 2017

GMA plays Taylor Swift's song Bad Blood during interview with ex Jake Gyllenhaal. Whether by design or otherwise, Jake Gyllenhaal was given a little trip down memory lane when he appeared on.. jake gyllenhaal. şükela: tümü | bugün. belkide pek yakında karşımıza batman olarak çıkacak isim jake gyllenhaal. zira warner bros şu sıralar yeni taytlı, sivri kulaklısını hollywood'un genç.. You can see Jake Gyllenhaal in the Netflix film OKJA and in Stronger, opening September 22, 2017 (I watched the trailer for both and was recommended this interview. Thanks, YouTube.

#StrongerMovie. September 22. Posted by Jake Gyllenhaal on Monday, September 18, 2017. Okay, okay, you've seen this shtick before: Someone not very famous tells someone super-famous the truth.. And just as I'm trying to digest that, and work out how much he's talking about George, and how much he's talking about Jake, he starts to elaborate, kind of, by speaking lines from the play, until he's enacting a conversation between George and Dot in which they try to grasp for each other with words but fall inexorably short...junket interview, but it makes sense if you take into account the subject (Jake Gyllenhaal) and the The Playlist sat down with Gyllenhaal to discuss the nuts and bolts of Enemy, why he prefers.. The main character will be played by Jake Gyllenhaal. She apologized for taking so long to set a date for an interview — and then completely forgetting about it because her life had devolved into.. The Jake Gyllenhaal that I met during the roundtable interview at SXSW has never really been seen on screen; he was affable, funny, warm and smart. Love and Other Drugs showed pieces of that and..

Jake Gyllenhaal, Actor: Nightcrawler. Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal was born in Los Angeles, California, to producer/screenwriter Naomi Foner (née Achs) and director Stephen Gyllenhaal Standing at the window of a tower block in Burbank, a few miles northeast of Hollywood, surveying the office buildings below and beyond them, the hills, Jake Gyllenhaal sees things differently. Джейк Джилленхол Jake Gyllenhaal. Карьера. : актер, продюсер Entertainment. Jake Gyllenhaal Proves He Is Our Best Celebrity. LeBron James and Jake Gyllenhaal are here to help. By Megan GustashawFebruary 1, 2019View More

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Публикация от Jake Gyllenhaal (@jakegyllenhaal) 3 Апр 2020 в 5:48 PDT In a new interview, Taylor talks about her break up with Jake, and reveals why she decided that they were 'never ever ever getting back together. Taylor Swift Talks About Jake Gyllenhaal

Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal. Родился 19 декабря 1980 года в Лос-Анджелесе (штат Калифорния, США). Родители - продюсер и сценарист Наоми Фонер и режиссер Стивен Гилленхол In keeping with President Obama's command, and assuming Barack enjoys a show as much as the next guy, a few days after our interview, Gyllenhaal is set to fly to New York, where his mother and sister live and he now lives also, with his German Shepherd, Leo, to start rehearsing a musical, Stephen Sondheim's Sunday in the Park with George, which will be performed at the Hudson Theatre on Broadway. Gyllenhaal's talent for singing might not have been called for in his movies — there weren't a lot of jazz hands in Jarhead — but his family is musical, he says, and theatregoers in New York have already had the chance to see him in Little Shop of Horrors and a stripped-back, concert version of Sunday in the Park with George, both of which received glowing reviews. (If you're really curious to check out his pipes, you can also find YouTube clips of him singing "And I am Telling You I'm Not Going" from Dreamgirls on Saturday Night Live — dressed in a sparkly cocktail dress.) When Jake Gyllenhaal signed on to play a brash, ambitious young cop in David Ayer's End of Watch, he took his training to the extreme. Watch the video of THR's Gyllenhaal interview above Siz de Jake Gyllenhaal hayranı mısınız? İzlemeniz gereken Jake Gyllenhaal filmlerini ve performanslarını Hayranıyız: İzlemeniz Gereken 15 Jake Gyllenhaal Filmi. 2010'lara Spider-Man..

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This is such a useless interview. Reynolds and Gyllenhaal's new movie Life follows a multi-national crew on board the International Space Station who capture a space probe from Mars containing the.. Jake Gyllenhaal with Boston Marathon bombing survivor Jeff Bauman. Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock. Four years have passed since bombs went off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon that turned..

Newsfeed. celebrities. Watch Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds Hilariously Goof Off in a 'Useless A reporter had his work cut out for him when he sat down with Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds.. His home was an intellectually stimulating environment, “like a circus with people coming in and out. Steven Soderbergh [the Oscar-winning director] lived in the room above our garage.” Paul Newman was a family friend. Social activism was encouraged; Jake and Maggie did volunteer work with their mother, who took them to homeless shelters. The pair emerge laughing when a production assistant announces my arrival. Gyllenhaal — in bearded mode for a future part — introduces himself. "Hi, I'm Jake." Yes, sure enough, there are those famously intense blue eyes, the heavy eyebrows, and the crescents in his cheeks when he smiles. He looks his age, though the weathering is making his face less pretty but more handsome, more interesting, in that way in which some men luck out, and most do not.

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Gyllenhaal piled on muscle to portray fictional light-heavyweight champ Billy Hope, whose life and career fall apart after the murder of his wife (a terrific performance from Rachel McAdams). Forest Whitaker plays the seasoned trainer tasked with getting him back into shape.  Jake Gyllenhaal sitemizdeki tüm filmleri, Jake Gyllenhaal son filmi, Jake Gyllenhaal yeni filmi, rol Yönetmen Stephen Gyllenhaal ve senarist Naomi Achs'in oğlu, oyuncu Maggie Gyllenhaal'in da..

Jake Gyllenhaal (Prisoners) Interview. EMMY ROSSUM Interview. Jake Gyllenhaal (Source Code) Interview. Roland Emmerich (The Day After Tomorrow) Interview Search, discover and share your favorite Jake Gyllenhaal Interview GIFs. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. jake gyllenhaal interview 1 GIFs. Sort: Relevant Newest SARANDON: Jake Gyllenhaal. SECOND WOMAN: Are you a producer or a writer? SARANDON: No. Go ahead. We're doing an interview. [To Gyllenhaal] I think this spot has been discovered Gyllenhaal has a point. Like many of his A-list peers, the star of the 2001 cult favourite Donnie Darko, the moving Brokeback Mountain (2005) and the blockbuster Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time (2010) is constantly scrutinised, his love life, or lack thereof, under the microscope. How does all that affect his own career? “I personally love the opportunity to do both. I really want to make entertaining movies; it doesn’t matter about the size of the budget, it’s just about whether or not you can get creative.” Does that mean he would do another blockbuster; a superhero flick? “Yes, I don’t discriminate.” 

Jake Gyllenhaal. Джейк Джилленхол (Jake Gyllenhaal) — американский актер, лауреат премии BAFTA и номинант на «Оскар» за роль фильме «Горбатая гора», номинант на «Золотой.. Jake Gyllenhaal says he tells actors who ask him how they should go method that it is all in the mind Method: Jake Gyllenhaal says method is all in the mind (David Slijper/courtesy of Esquire)

Read 2. Interview about your prank from the story Jake Gyllenhaal Imagines by _wtfhoran (Nancy) with 496 reads. movies, ryanreynolds, jakegyllenhaal. You ha.. Jake Gyllenhaal plays real-life Boston Marathon Bombing survivor Jeff Bauman in an upcoming movie, and Bauman hilariously interviewed the star for Facebook

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  1. Off Camera is hosted by photographer/director Sam Jones, who created the show out of his passion for the long form conversational interview, and as a way to share his conversations Jake Gyllenhaal
  2. Jake Gyllenhaal: Inside Man. Quietly, stealthily, steadily, Esquire's new cover star has become the most Before our interview, he has been holed up in an edit suite with David Gordon Green, the..
  3. Jake Gyllenhaal Interview about film End Of Watch. Jake Gyllenhaal Interview about Southpaw and Brokeback Mountain Anniversary
  4. It’s early in the morning, and Jake Gyllenhaal is sprawled across a sofa, his long legs stretched out over the coffee table in an LA hotel suite. There’s an empty plastic food container beside him, he’s drinking orange juice. I ask what I think is an innocuous question – an icebreaker. What did he have for breakfast?  
  5. d
  6. g film, Life

Jake Gyllenhaal. Джейк Джилленхол. Актер, Продюсер Another long pause. “I think it becomes a difficult thing as the movie grows in size, to bring the minutiae of ideas to an audience. Nowadays, there are a lot of very large movies being made because there’s a demand for that, and I think that’s amazing. On the other hand, there is also a demand for movies that are of a smaller size, with a smaller budget. It’s interesting.”  Jake Gyllenhaal will never be able to forget those plaid shirt days, just as Gyllenhaal's ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift promised in her heartbreaking song All Too Well I'm going to see it anyway because Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal are in it, and fuck you, that's why. Speaking of fuck you, that's why: Their junket interview with Fox 5 News in Washington D.C..

Harry Potter was over. The first months Radcliffe simply did not know what to do, and eventually became addicted to alcohol. I felt completely inconsolable, he shared during the interview Jake Gyllenhaal Talks Nocturnal Animals and Finding His Great Love. While everyone and their mother (and father) may crush on the actor, he only has eyes for one thing: his craft Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal interview for LIFE, DEADPOOL - UNCENSORED. Ryan Reynolds et Jake Gyllenhaal se marrent en Interview comme des gosses At SXSW I had the opportunity to sit down with Jake Gyllenhaal, the star of Source Code, and discuss his character in the Check out the interview below. Audio version is included at the end of the page Jake Gyllenhaal is on the dating market and apparently likes to be set up on blind dates by friends. In the interview, Gyllenhaal talks about nervousness, loneliness, and even masculinity


Jake Gyllenhaal Doesn't Want to Talk About Taylor Swift. We so love to remember the time Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift went apple picking in an orchard on their very first date, but Jake doesn't.. His altruistic upbringing has also influenced the direction of his career. One of Gyllenhaal’s most memorable roles, in Ang Lee’s gay cowboy romance Brokeback Mountain, for which he received an Oscar nomination and a Bafta, is also one of his most political. “What I think is interesting is how movies can effect some kind of change,” he says. “It is beautiful that [gay marriage] is now law,” he says, referring to last month’s historic US Supreme Court ruling legalising same-sex marriage across the US. “I still think there’s a long way to go, but I thought about Brokeback, the fact that it was 10 years ago is amazing… how far we’ve come since then.”  'Nightcrawler' Jake Gyllenhaal: We're All Complicit In 'If It Bleeds, It Leads' 5:17. When Nightcrawler begins, Lou Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) is stealing scrap metal and struggling to get by

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Jake Gyllenhaal at the premiere of Demolition. If you're among those who thought Jake Gyllenhaal would never find a role weirder than Louis Bloom, the sociopathic news videographer of.. Someone needs to give Jake Gyllenhaal and Jeff Bauman their own comedy show. SEE ALSO: Jake Gyllenhaal's 'Stronger' is the second feature film about the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing

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