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Lightning Arrow (+ GMP + Pierce + Inc Crit Strikes + Elemental Damage) - skip crits for 4L, it only helps to clear a bit with shatter - you can try Mirage Archer instead of Inc Crit Strikes.. Please note that with the buffs to Arc this league, I have added Arc is as an alternative to Ball Lightning. Nothing else in the build, aside from one support gem changes as the scaling of both skills are identical. Instead of Slower Projectiles, you would use Added Cold Damage Support. Please test Arc and Ball Lightning yourself to see what one you prefer, as at this point they are both fantastic and it is personal preference.

PoE 3.6 Trickster Build- Critical Ball Lightning  Dual Shimmeron Build

I've used Orbs of Scouring a couple times so far. The main use of it seems to be if, for example you find a magic item with great sockets, but, still, it's only magic. You can use an Orb of Scouring to remove.. do you like poe? i think last league is trash. Waiting for torchlight 3. It may be better, poe too much predictable game A 4-link is more than enough to start maps on, however, so don’t worry if you don’t find a 5-link just yet.

with an existing 'Power over Ethernet' network: Installation with a powered switch. Charge iPads from your existing PoE switch with these 5 volts Power over Ethernet splitter/converters Lightning flashed in the sky above Lubbock, Texas, on May 11, as thunderstorms passed through the area. The National Weather Service issued a severe weather warning for Lubbock, predicting large.. I am planing to play a crit ball lightning build in the upcoming 1 Month Hardcore race. I'm still theorycrafting the build, not sure if i should.. PoeCurrencyBuy is The Best Place to buy poe Currency,Orbs,Exalted Orb and Chaos Orb! Ball Lightning wont apply shock to enemys with big lifepools as easy, because the single hits are rather..

Controlla in un minuto se il tuo computer può supportare The Last Sigil PoE Path of Exile 3.2 - Bestiary League Starter Blade Vortex, EK Trickster Build by Zizaran Winter Orb Scion (6). Cold DoT Occ (4). PoE Affix. POELAB.com. Vorici Chromatic Calculator

[3.9] Crackling Assassination - Ball Lightning + Orb of Storms Foru

  1. Arc or Ball Lightning – Blastchain Mine Support – Swift Assembly Support – Inspiration Support
  2. PoE Overlay should run with privileged rights. You may need to install vc_redist. Installing. Head over to Releases and download one of the following files. poe-overlay-Setup-.6.28.exe to install locally
  3. ..Orb + Chain Lightning Sorc I'm starting a new Non-Ladder sorc and decided to go along with the Orb in chain lightning+lightning+lightning mastery, and ~12 points invested in frozen orb + cold..
  4. Nothing changes here, again pick up any left over socket links you’re missing and start looking out for decent life/res gear as we move closer to maps.
  5. Added Lightning Damage Support. Class. Support Skill Gems. Requires Level. Intelligence. Supported Skills have 1 to 8 added Lightning Damage. Experience
  6. Poe4orbs is The Best Place to buy poe Currency,Orbs,Exalted Orb and Chaos Orb! Names of tempest prophecies: Fire from the sky, Ice from the above, Crushing Squall, Lightning Falls, The..
  7. Ideally by the end of this act we have two separate 3-links for our damage abilities, along with our two mana reservation skills and our movement skill:

POE 3.6 Ball lightning with full life shaper. My first video on the new monitor! 2.3 Prophecy - Using Orb of Storms (AOE) Ball Lightning with slower projectile helm enchant gem PoE Skill Comparison for 3.10. Открыть доступ. Войти. 96. Winter Orb. (10 Stacks While Channeling). Wiki Alibaba.com offers 1,128 lightning poe products. A wide variety of lightning poe options are available to you, such as certification, ports, and communication mode Once you’ve completed ‘Intruders in Black’ (in the Chamber of Sins), Gruest will reward you with Summon Skitterbots. This gem can go anywhere in your gear and does not need to be linked to any supports. You should also buy a Herald of Thunder. We will use this for now until we have a large enough mana pool to swap it out for Zealotry. (This could happen anytime between acts 3 and 6 depending on your gear, so once you have access to Zealotry you should test whether you can swap it for Herald of Thunder every now and then.) Play the Zeus Lightning Power Reels video slot by RedTiger at lapalingo.com Online Casino. Play casino online at Lapalingo and receive regularly free spins, no deposit bonus and further exclusive..

PoE 3.8 | Ball Lightning Mine Ascendant - The Shaper (Day 3). SoBad - PoE - Poet's pen : Arc & Ball Lightning - Shaper kill (phase 3 only) Build from Mathil (3.4) - Phase 3 only, because the rest is.. Tendrils, Magma Orb, Orb of Storms, Power Siphon, Pyroclast Mine, Raise Spectre, Righteous Fire, Soulrend, Spark, Summon Skeleton, Tempest Shield, Vaal Flameblast, Vaal Power Siphon.. Ball lightning + Orb of Storms Trickster Build 3.4. Self-cast ball lightning with 6 link orb of storms in helm. PoB: pastebin.com/En0GxQcM Forums: www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2230814 Ball lightning, as Live Science previously reported, is a rare and poorly understood weather phenomenon where a colorful glowing orb appears — usually during a thunderstorm.. Transmission & Cables. Apple Lightning 5V PoE Splitter 802.3af PoE Power & Data for Conference Rooms Mounted Tablets and More Extends POE to 328 Feet

Path of Exile 3.10 - Ball Lightning Mines Build - Saboteur - YouTub

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Ball Lightning Mines - BalorMage 4 Link: Orb of Storm

PoE 3.6 Trickster Build- Critical Ball Lightning Dual Shimmeron Build. 5L: Ball Lightning + Increased AoE + Spell Echo + Hypothermia (using Call of the Brotherhood) + Slower projectiles Zealotry will eventually replace Herald of Thunder, but you may not have enough mana available to use it right away. A good indication of whether or not you can swap is if you have Zealotry and Skitterbots active and can throw the maximum amount of mines on the ground without running out of mana. Either support is fine, and of course use both if you have been lucky enough to find a second 3-link with these colours.This is our last chance to fix up resistances, so keep an eye out for more gear – particularly jewellery. Important stats are:

Path of Exile 3.6 Ball Lightning Build Detailed Lis

  1. Ball Lightning is a spell that creates a moving ball dealing lightning damage. Ball Lightning is a slow moving projectile, that strikes targets with bolts of lightning around itself. Lightning bolts strike targets every 150 milliseconds and each target cannot be hit more often than this
  2. Exalted Orbs add an additional property on a rare item. Their primary purpose is to craft high-end rare items. Because of this, it is regarded as the gold standard currency for trading between players..
  3. PoE Divine Orb is a currency item that will be used to re-roll the values of all random explicit PoE Regal Orb is usually a currency item that can be made use of to upgrade a piece of magic equipment..

Are you uninterested in collecting POE Items to upgrade your equipment? don't worry, Lolga.com will assist you solve all of your worries in order that you'll enjoy the sport happily Path of Building Not sure how to use Path of Building, or what it is? Engineering Eternity has a brilliant guide that you can check out here https://exiledguides.com/home/poe-tools/path-of-building/

Core skill (Magma Orb): Spell Echo for double-casting, Controlled Destruction for increased spell damage but lower critical strike chance, Elemental Focus, Chance to Ignite, and either Greater.. s:9:card_meta;O:8:stdClass:2:{s:5:title;s:14:Lightning Bolt;s:22:field_card_image_front;a:0:{}}}i:19;O:8:stdClass:3:{s:4:type;s:7:sorcery;s.. Towards the end of this act, you should attempt to use a vendor recipe to craft 2 wands with an ‘Adds x to x Lightning/Fire/Cold Damage to Spells‘ affix.Curse On Hit Support – Wave of Conviction (Level 1)* – Elemental Weakness – Physical to Lightning Support

All of the gear on this character can be rare, with simple focus on life and resists. This gives us a very easy time gearing, there are two modifiers that will make the build feel better: Poeoldplayer.blogspot have a large stock of POE Guides and POE Builds with the latest, most comprehensive and the popular news guide. We will try our best to announce Path of Exile guide/build as fast as possible, to enhance your experience on Path of Exile!

Note: The links below are not important to have right now, but if you happen to get lucky and find a third 4-link then you could start using this too. You do not need to go out of your way to get an item to fit this in though. Instances of ball lightning—glowing, electric orbs in the sky—have captivated Lightning in general is an electrical discharge caused by positive and negative imbalances within clouds themselves, or.. Anna lightning bolt and ORB. Брелок для ключей *Ensure that you do not level up your Wave of Conviction so that you can still do elemental reflect maps – we want the exposure debuff. Path of Exile Racing App. Keep track of your own or your favorite streamer's progress in the current league or racing event

Adds # to # Lightning Damage to Attacks. attack,attack,lightning. 50. #% of Physical Attack Damage Leeched as Life Ball Lightning/Arc – Blastchain Mine Support – Inspiration Support – Swift Assembly Support– Controlled Destruction Support – Slower Projectiles Support(for ball lightning)/Added Cold Damage Support (for arc) POE 3.5 Betrayal - Deathless Uber Elder with Storm Burst Ball Lightning BuildSoulOfDerp. In this video I explain the mechanics of the new Ball Lightning skill gem that came to Path of Exile in patch.. (COLX) LockTrip (LOC) Measurable Data Token (MDT) Bluzelle (BLZ) EURBASE (EBASE) AppCoins (APPC) Xaurum (XAUR) Po.et (POE) Mithril (MITH) Hi Mutual Society (HMC) Ethereum Meta (ETHM).. Seething/Bubbling Divine Life FlaskAlchemist’s Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline  (This is for speedy speed)Granite FlaskDiamond FlaskEnduring Mana Flask On these flasks, we will need to roll some affixes when we reach maps.  It doesn’t matter which of the last three flasks has which affix, as long as all three affixes are covered.   -Staunching, for bleed-Warding, for curses-Heat, for freeze-Enduring Mana Flask

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The Lightning Trapper Saboteur is updated and Delirium 3.10 Ready! The build can also achieve a respectable life pool, while also relying on defensive mechanics like Mind over Matter, Acrobatics.. TOWE AP RJ45 E1000 8S 1000M POE network lightning protect 19 cabinet surge protection. (точная фраза в названии) Buy POE items and POE currency from raiditem.com cheap, safe, fast. Supply full stock of POE Exalted Orb and top quality POE power leveling with 0 risks now

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Path of Exile orbs in stock. Fast delivery. Buy POE orb. We have different discounts for new and old costumers. Buy Path of Exile Orb. POE orbs 2- POE 3.9 Orb of Storms Trickster Build. INTRO: This build is very quick, fun and clear in POE 3.9. which combined with Trickster's Ghost Dance will make you move through maps with lightning speed Orb of Storms? Raise Zombie. Magma Orb. Lightning Tendrils POE Trade - 5MMO.COM: Buy Path of Exile Currency, Cheapest POE Goods, POE Orbs (Exalted Orb & Chaos Orb) hot sale with Fast and Safe Delivery on 5MMO Buy 2x Inspiration Support, – if you do not have the links to use these yet, then just start leveling them in any empty sockets.

Orb of Transmutation - Another common orb that you can find easily from monster drops. Chromatic Orb - Common currency item used to re-roll the colour of sockets on a weapon or piece of armour POE is an 3D action RPG published by game publisher. POE (or well known as POE) allows players to explore various dungeons in the forms of story Acts. Players have a wide variety of initial classes.. PoE Билд на Мага стихий ведьму зимняя сфера и ледяное копье для лиги Метаморф 3.9. [PoE] Билд: Зимняя сфера+Ледяное копье, Ведьма, Маг стихий. Метаморф 3.9 Lightning Orb. Scarenormal's Instagram profile has 328 photos and videos. Follow them to see all their posts NOTE: If you happen across a 4-link by this point, then Added Cold Damage Support or Added Lightning Damage Support will do very well as the fourth link for now, which you can then replace with Controlled Destruction Support later.

Ball lightning: weird, mysterious, perplexing, and deadl

Explosive Orbs can again be tab-targeted. Developers' note: When testing the Awakened affix, we found that Explosive Orbs could sometimes prevent players from entering or exiting Ny'alotha Spires.. Make sure to check and fix your resistances, then proceed to maps and the end game story line! You should be fine to make it through early maps on a 4-link – your goal will be to progress to a 6-linked chest. You can do reflect maps, just don’t cast Orb of Storms (and if you have the Curse on Hit set up, make sure that the Wave of Conviction gem remains at level 1). are you still buying ? Hardcore ? PM me prices please

Orb of Storms – Elemental Focus Support – Controlled Destruction Support – Inspiration Support Kill General Gravicius and complete ‘Sever the Right Hand’ to receive Ball Lightning. From this point on you can use either Ball Lightning or Arc in your mines – so test out both and see which one you like better!After you complete the quest ‘Fallen from Grace’ , Lily Roth sells all skill gems (apart from the few drop only gems). There are no new skills to pick up in this act, so continue with your current setup. One thing to note though is that Doedre Darktongue (one of the mini-bosses before Malachai) has a skill that causes her to consume curses she is affected by to buff herself. If you find that you’re struggling with her, simply don’t curse her. Get PoE Currency at IGVault with the cheapest prices! 1-10 Minutes to get PC/XBOX/PS4 Path of The high importance of POE Goods (exalted orb,mirror of kalandra,orb of fusing,chromatic orb,chaos..

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Buy Path of Exile Chaos Orbs from POE Shop at a cheap price. POE Chaos Orbs for different servers and platforms: PS4 and Xbox, synthesis, standard, flashback POE Exalted Orb. 1877 ITEM_ZONE Exalted Orbs, Chaos Orb, PoE items at Mulefactory. Orbs of Alteration can also be obtained by combining 20 Alteration Shards, which are in turn obtained by selling identified magic and rare items.. POE Currency can be found as drops from monsters or chests, bought directly from different vendors in town, or received through the use of the vendor recipe system by trading specific configurations of.. A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality - Chapter 1457: Heavenly Blood Lightning, Golden Crow Spirit Fire

Buy Path of Exile currency, orbs and items. Boost your PoE character with us - Mulefactory.com the item and currency shop Ball Lightning/Arc Mjölner CoC Assassin Build. Extremely fast Map farming build based on the Mjölner Ball Lightning/Arc Assassin build. Updated for Patch 3.9. The Best Crafty Guides by Odealo Liquipedia will soon drop support for Internet Explorer. This item adds an orb effect, for more information see: Orb Effects. Adds 5 bonus damage to the attack of a Hero when carried. The Hero's attacks also become ranged when attacking air.. Complete your Normal Labyrinth and ascend to Saboteur before moving on. Start with the Born in the Shadows nodes.

LIFE-LIFE. Lightning Bitcoin-LBTC. Linda-LINDA. Link Platform-LNK. OracleChain-OCT. Orbitcoin-ORB. Orlycoin-ORLY. Ormeus Coin-ORME To buy Exalted Orb and Chaos Orb in Path of Exile: 1. Contact the operator and check the availability of the required number of Orb. 2. Pay for the order. 3.Provide the seller a unique code ..shiny lightning transparent orb as prediction soothsayer illustration magnificent set on background, and sphere-shiny-lightning-transparent-orb-as-prediction-soothsayer-illustration-magnificent..

Using a vaal orb on any white item may give you a chance for a white socket, with a white socket you can use any colored skill gem in it. Stranger in a Strange Land. Kill a Rogue Exile in Kaom's Stronghold The skill tree has also shuffled around a few points in the Clever Construction mine and trap wheel on the far right. You should have a few respec points available by now, so spend three points as you level on the crit nodes and then respec the two that we no longer take around the bottom.

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Lightning Tendrils - Cast While Channeling - Vaal Arc or Arc (Shock Nova / Ball Lightning) With Unbound Ailments, Orb of Storms can apply higher shocks and chills which let us use Elemental.. Chain Lightning (Alt: Chain Lightning) is a 3rd class offensive skill available as Warlock. Inflicts Wind property Magic Damage to a single target and chains the damage to all enemies in a 5x5 area around it. Damage (MATK) = [Base_Damage × (BaseLv ÷ 100)]% [Poe 3.3 Inquisitor Build] Crit Incinerate CWC Ball Lightning Fire Burst Inquisitor Develop. (I got mine for three Poe Exalted Orb so please don't post about how this can be unobtainable lol)

Ball Lightning Shadow in Path of Exil

Path of Exile Builds or POE Builds indexes builds from the web and provides structured build data and resources for [3.10] builds. Search for keyword or character class (Marauder, Duelist, Ranger.. POECurrency.com is a website dedicated to POE Trade Currency services, offering the safest POE Currency Trade, Buy POE Currency with cheapest price, 7/24 online service, Fast Delivery As we move through the first act, keep an eye out for 3-links dropped on the ground (or from the vendors in town) with the colours Blue, Blue, Green. These links can be in any gear slot, though we try to avoid wearing body armour if possible for the first few acts (for speed), and we do prioritise movement speed on boots ahead of sockets or links.

Orb of Storms – Inspiration Support – Controlled Destruction Support – Elemental Focus Support Search This Blog. The Detailed POE 3.4 Challenges and analysis Guide. - The Forgotten Soldier - Tier5 Conservatory Map, it only spawn those Orbs when it shield charge, it nonetheless shield.. Increased DamageSpell DamageLighting damageElemental damage Leveling There are some good general leveling guides that can be found here for specifics on how to get through the acts: https://exiledguides.com/home/beginner-guides/leveling-guides/  Exalted Orb is the rarest and the most valuable type of Poe currency in Path of Exile. It is responsible for enhancing your piece of rare equipment with new random affixes. Thanks to this type of currency..

POE 3.4 Witch Elementalist Lightning Tendrils Build - r4pg.co

  1. ・Vaal Orb は以前より多くの暗黙modを生成し得るようになった。 ・1個の Vaal Orb を使用してクオリティ0%のジェムをクオリティ23%にできる問題を修正
  2. Orb of Storms is a lightning spell that lays down a lightning orb that zaps an enemy within its radius for lightning 04.04.2019 · PoE [3.7] Lightning Tendrils/Orb of Storm Trickster Uber Elder PoE stuff
  3. In this build we Help Alira for critical strike multiplier and elemental resistance. If you wish to in late maps (tier 10 and above) you can change this reward to 2 passives, but I don’t normally find it worth it.
  4. ¡Consigue PoE Currency en IGVault con mejor precio! ¿Cómo recibir sus POE Orbs? Cara a Cara: Después de realizar su pedido de la cantidad deseada de POE Orbs

PoEDB: Exile Chronicles Added Lightning Damage Support Unique /

Changelog v1.01 – 13 March 2020 No changes, good to go for 3.10 v1.0 – 11 December 2019 Guide created Overview The written portion of this build guide is designed for new players who feel like they need some hand holding. As such some things that veteran players and experienced racers might do in the early levels have been left out as to not be too complicated. That being said, this should still be a smooth and quick leveling experience. In this POE Blight challenges guide, goldkk.com brings the list of all 40 Path of Exile Blight Defeat The Vaal Omnitect while you are affected by a Tempest and Lightning Exposure - lower the boss life.. Once you complete the quest ‘Lost in Love’, buy a Zealotry gem. While you’re at Clarissa, also take the opportunity to purchase Elemental Weakness.  Major – Soul of the Brine KingUpgrading all of this pantheon is a low priority, as the most important part is given to you by default.Minor – Soul of ShakariCapture Terror of the Infinite Drifts Orb of Arcing Lightning. Orb of Arcing Lightning Item Level 122 Binds when picked up. Held In Off-hand

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What is PoE Exalted Orb? Exalted Orb (EX for short) is an important currency in the path of exile. His role is to add a piece of rare equipment with a new random affix, and it is also one of the common.. PoE to Apple Lightning Adapter*. Perfect for conference rooms, kiosks, and anywhere else you need a digital display. Charge iPads from your existing PoE switch with these 5 volt Power over Ethernet.. Lightning Damage: This build focuses on lightning damage, more specifically Ball Lightning and Orb of Level 100: PoE website Passive Skill Tree Level 100: Pastebin (Use this in Path of Building) After completing the quest ‘Breaking Some Eggs’, return to town at the next way point and pick up Frost Blink as your quest reward. Also buy Orb of Storms from Nessa. This is now when you should go to Tidal Island and fetch Nessa’s Medicine Chest; receiving a Quicksilver Flask as the quest reward, and also buying Swift Assembly Support to link with Stormblast Mine.Complete the passive point quest ‘The Marooned Mariner’ (in the Ship Graveyard). Grab the way point in the Cavern of Wrath and return to town to pick up Arc as your reward. You should now change from Stormblast Mine to Arc mines as soon as you have a B–B–G 3-link available (which you should have by now). Our links should now be:

Lightning Trapper Saboteur Build Guide (PoE Delirium 3

PoE Currency PoE Exalted Orb PoE Chaos Orb PoE Items PoE Trade Marketplace PoE Power Leveling (PC) PoE News. All you have to do is to throw ball lightning all over the place, and that is it Selamlar, Delirium liginde tanesi 1.50 TL'den Exalted Orb satmaktayım. İlgilenenlere Enpara üzerinden satış sağlayabilirim. Ödeme kısmında ise ref

Curse On Hit Support – Wave of Conviction (Level 1) – Elemental Weakness – Physical to Lightning Support Lightning Orb Mace. AQWorlds Wiki » Items » Weapons » Maces » Lightning Orb Mace POE 3.6 Synthesis Challenge Rewards | List of all Synthesis League Challenges. Maps having 8 mods is a potential outcome of Vaal Orb corruption. These Maps are completed by killing their Unique..

IntroVideosChangelogOverviewPath of BuildingPassive Tree, Ascendancy & PantheonGem SetupGear, Flasks and JewelsLevelingAdvanced Intro This is a zero budget, league start and hardcore viable build guide designed for all players veteran and new. If you’re a seasoned player and just want the POB link, you can find it below. If you require a more detailed guide then read on! Orb of Storms - Inspiration Support - Controlled Destruction Support - Elemental Focus Support. Using a lightning skill (such as Stormblast Mine) while standing in Orb of Storms will proc the Orb of.. ..3.10, Ball Lightning Mines poe , Shadow PoE , Archer Build PoE , Bow Build PoE , Archer PoE , PoE 2020, PoE 4.0 , Path of Exile 4.0 , Exilecon, Conquerors of the Atlas , 3.9 , Metamorph , poe 2..

Lightning Scourge Arrow Tempest Scion Build Guide POE Grin

ARC/LIGHTNING SPIRE TRAPS Saboteur Build for Path of Exile. WINTER ORB Elementalist Path of Exile Build Remember that your uncapped lightning resistance must be the highest. How do you generate Power Charges? - Orb of Storms + Power Charge on Critical Strike

PoE Buddy. Guardian Anger Build. Level: 100. Lightning Resistance: 89%. Chaos Resistance: 100%. Fire Res Lightning Damage: This build focuses on lightning damage, more specifically Ball Lightning and Orb of Level 100: PoE website Passive Skill Tree Level 100: Pastebin (Use this in Path of Building)

Path of Exile Build

Is it because of the drop rarity? The cheapest I can find it is for 34 Chaos orbs. Most are asking 1-2 exalted. Why so much Numerous videos purportedly showing pulsating, ball-shaped objects over the skies of Brazil have sparked Others posted footage of a floating red orb, as well as strange flashing lights in the horizon The Lightning Damage modifiers of The Tempest fit the Lightning Scourge Arrow Scion like a The Lightning Scourge Arrow Scion is a great option for the Ranger Class fans who want to try a different.. Another important item to have is an Enduring Mana Flask. The Enduring prefix means that the effects of this flask will not be removed at full mana. (146) Lockheed P-38 Lightning (2-двиг. поршн.) (292) Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star (1-двиг (SRR) (32) StarFlyer STARFLYER (SFJ) (283) Unknown Owner (ORB) (11) Rossiya Airlines Russia..

Jeweller's Delirium Orb Obscured Delirium Orb Portentous Delirium Orb Primal Delirium Orb Impressions Lightning Falls Living Fires Lost in the Pages Monstrous Treasure Mouth of Horrors.. Your benefits Ethernet CAT.6 Protection with PoE function Protection of BNC, F, and N Connectors by COAX Protection With our product wizard you can select the specifications of your desired lightning and surge.. From here on (and forever more) you should cast Orb of Storms during tough single target fights. Using a lightning skill (such as Stormblast Mine) while standing in Orb of Storms will proc the Orb of Storms damage again for each mine throw – and our mine throwing speed will become quite fast quite quickly, so this greatly increases our single target damage. POE Guides ►. Lightning Damage. 1-56. 1-120. 1-160. Increased Lightning Damage if you haven't Killed Recently PoE Currency mit den günstigsten Preisen bei IGVault bekommen! Das System von POE Currency in Path of Exile besteht hauptsächlich aus verschiedene Orbs und Schriftrollen

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