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What very many reviewers seem to be missing, implying they haven’t really used the watch or don’t understand people like you, is that Polar sees beyond steps.And to be fair, that’s the case with many Garmin watches as well (requiring either desktop or WiFi for updates).Polar estimates that the M400's 250 mAh battery will last up to 9 hours when using GPS, and up to 24 days as a watch with just activity monitoring active. I used the M400 primarily as a GPS device when running.For the sake of simplicity, I’ve just selected the Polar M400, Polar V800, Suunto Ambit2 S, and Garmin FR220.  However, you can easily make your own chart with any device you want here at this link.Other vendors such as Epson, Suunto, Garmin and adidas all have unique metrics. Polar covers all the usual bases as well as having a few unique ones itself.

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Polar M400 Watch has advanced features from general activity tracking to more in depth running analysis and customized personal goals. Best price on the market for the best personal tracker. Buy online NOW. Enjoy this blue color watch and track your improvements I did use the M400 with the MIO Link optical HR band…works fine (as it also works fine with the MIO Velo and the MIO Pulse).The high level menu starts with the configurable home screen  – for example showing your daily steps progress and the time. Then allowing scrolling through general non-exercise stuff like settings, timers, favourites, fitness tests and calendar.Otherwise, after you’ve chosen your sport activity mode, after pressing the red button from the home screen, then you are good to also scroll through various in-exercise screens showing various exercise-related metrics that we will return to later. Standard stuff.

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To start, we’ve got a new fangled box design for Polar where you can actually see the product you’re buying.  Very nice!The ‘issue’ is that you can’t start a new recording when battery is on 10%, but if your activity takes it below 10% it will still be recording.While the M400 can’t connect to any speed/cadence sensors, it can still connect to your heart rate strap in the cycling mode.  Once you’re ready to head for a ride you’ll go ahead and switch into the cycling mode by simply pressing up/down until you’re on that screen.  This also supports an indoor cycling mode where you can just capture heart rate data too.1) The battery life is not close to what is advertised. I wear it most days as an activity tracker, but am getting about 4 hours of battery life when GPS is used (I run and cycle). As it stands, it won’t last long enough for me in a marathon (something I’m looking to train for over the next 12 months).

The score is the sum of how well each watch can answer the four basic questions (how far, how fast, where are you, what's your cadence), plus some bonus points. The most common question I receive outside of the “what’s the best GPS watch for me” variant, are photography-esq based. So in efforts to combat the amount of emails I need to sort through on a daily basis, I’ve complied this “My Photography Gear” post for your curious minds! It’s a nice break from the day to day sports-tech talk, and I hope you get something out of it!Can you just go on your ploar.com/flow account, input the VO2max (Fitness Test result), save and then sync your device? Polar M400 Kalp Atış Monitörü - Siyah. Ürün bulunamadı And finally, a closer look at the three Polar offerings.  As you can see both the M400 and V800 are slimmer than the RC3, and they also forgo the plastic shell area at the top/bottom of the RC3 that hides some electronics.

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  1. or feature tweaks/changes (and there are other unannounced major free features co
  2. aisuudet: Musta. Polar M400. Hinta.fi ei vastaa tuotetietojen tai hintojen oikeellisuudesta. Tarkista hinta, toimituskulut ja toimitusaika kaupan tuotesivulta
  3. Polar M4005.Has inactivity alerts?The device detects when you have been idle for too long, and alerts you to encourage you to stay active.
  4. Log in to Polar flow. Click on your profile, then sport profiles, choose whatever profile you want that feature available i.e. running. Click edit on that profile, click on ‘related to device’ and ensure that ‘Back to start’ is ticked. Save and sync. That feature will then be available when you are doing the appropriate workout i.e running. Click the up/down arrows to scroll through and find it.

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Looking at the screen on the unit, it’s a 128x128px high contrast black and white screen.  It’s incredibly sharp and identical to that of the V800, though with a plastic covering instead of glass:Būkite aktyvūs! Įvertinkite prekę, parašykite atsiliepimą ir taip padėkite kitiems pirkėjams!After reading and re-reading this brilliant review (thanks Ray for all your fantastic, in-depth work on here), I finally bought this back in August.The funny ( if not sad ) think about it, is the last sentence in their answer… ” hope we have it fixed ASAP “….

I can confirm that the stride sensor works with he M400 for non GPS based distances, like treadmills.The M400 is not a good choice for ultrarunners, as its battery life is too short. See Watches for Ultrarunning for more details.

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  1. You can see this thinness when the unit is located on my wrist.  Here’s a look at things from a few different angles:
  2. My general M400 research for this review showed people moaning about the inability to show steps on the home screen. Instead a bar showing your %age achievement of today’s activity is displayed.
  3. There are problems with the latest firmware update – I’ve been getting extremely bad GPS issues recently with constant loss of GPS signal.
  4. 1) Watch loses GPS signal during run and the M400 doesn’t record any data during this period 2) Strava doesn’t include this no GPS period in the moving time calculation, but does include the distance travelled, thus decreasing average pace,
  5. You can view your activity in a daily, weekly or monthly view (the latter two show up as a calendar-like view) with a summary at the bottom of how much time you spent in active and inactive states. 
  6. From the manual : “Choose Manual lock or Automatic lock. In Manual lock you can lock the buttons by manually from the Quick menu. In Automatic Lock the button lock automatically goes on after 60 seconds.”

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So, yes, the M400’s activity/sleep tracking could be improved but so could EVERYBODY else’s. Therefore what the M400 offers is fine. More than fine, actually. It’s a very nice toy. And it REALLY is nice to play with motion-based sleep-tracking and activity/sport tracking.Go to Settings > Watch Settings > Watch Face and then select the “Your name and time” option. You should get a “Watch face changed” message and you should be good to go. Polar M400 schwarz. Displaygröße: 11, 5 mm dick Handgelenkumfang: n. V. Gewicht: 56, 6 g Konnektivität: GPS, Bluetooth Sensoren Kundenmeinungen (1.546) zu Polar M400 HR. 3,6 Sterne. Durchschnitt aus 1.546 Meinungen in 1 Quelle You could use the M400 for swimming as it’s good to a depth of 30m – although there is no swim sport profile. But you will be using it only as a glorified lap counter. It won’t log anything else, like HR or pace, meaningfully. There are lots of sport profiles you can add such as Pilates, Strength Training and Dancing but strangely not indoor/ergo rowing.

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  1. Anyway, mainly just posting to give a heads-up on issues with the android OS update possibly causing bluetooth pairing problems.
  2. (Note: The ‘Training Load’ dots below each activity do NOT appear with the M400, but only with the V800 that’s also in my account. To be clear, you won’t see those Training Load Recovery items with just a M400 in your account.)
  3. * Does anyone know if the polar flow app “consume” the notifications for certain applications, ie, if I get a whatsapp message, the notification is delivered to the m400 but disappears from android 5 drop down notification area, whereas for other applications the notification is delivered to the m400 and remains in the android notification area.
  4. Lastly, for those who prefer a less dark watch, here’s a quick look at the white variant of the watch:
  5. e has designed for me, he has recommended this unit for tracking my progress and making sure that I am in the proper zone on my daily rides. He is both an runner and a cyclist and had me review the entire review you had written and I am just concerned that this will allow me to be able to track and accomplish my goals for tracking my cycling, what are your thoughts on this for purely a cycling watch and tracking my heart zone workouts Regards Dan

I contacted Polar (in Sweden) and they apologised and asked me to send it to them. They fixed and returned the unit within the same day. To me it looked like the new USB plug was much sturdier in comparison to the one that was there before, but it also looks exactly the same as that in DC’s picture above so I’m not so sure.Overall the activity tracker on the M400 is good, but not great.  I’d really like to see the ability to add steps to my home screen (not just a progress bar), as well as see my exact walked distance each day.  That’s sorta the baseline for even $59 activity trackers like the FitBit Zip (and every other activity tracker out there) – so I expect it on a product three times as much.Many sports watches have Activity Tracking functionality and many Activity Trackers have sports functionality. In my opinion, at this present time in 2015, almost all of these products have a large degree of gimmickery and neither implement properly nor fully enough to give you a ‘proper’ view of your ‘entire daily activity’.exactly…all cables i found so far on amazon.de do not look as if you could wear the watch with the cable plugged in considering the m400 port is below the watch and not on the side…

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Reviews are generally good to excellent for the M400. Fell runner is quite negative about the M400 and the dcrainmaker review of the Polar M400 and other standard gadget sites like engadget are also out there for those who need to search further for detailed feature information.I use both the M400 and FR225 for running. The accuracy of the Polar H7 HRM strap when used with the M400 is far better than the optical HR sensor on the FR225. The FR225 quite regularly displays ‘cadence lock’, where the displayed HR matches your cadence, and also doesn’t work well in cold weather due to low blood flow in the wrist. For these reasons I only ever use the FR225 with a HR strap.Polar plans to include free updates (like the running footpod), but may experiment down the road with being able to buy additional features for a small fee, such as purchasing the Training Load function normally found on the much more pricey Polar V800 (almost three times the cost).  They haven’t quite worked through the full logistics of this, but I actually think it’s a smart move long term.  It would allow folks to potentially pickup just the higher end features they want while in a budget GPS watch.Bought mine in Feb 2015, got the USB-issue in Aug 2015. Got it repaired and still going strong now. Although I am under the assumption that the 8 hour GPS-recording won’t be reached. When fully charged I get approx. 5-6 hours.

There is no new update for M400 available but the latest version is 1.8.4 which yu have updated earlier.1) for GPS it is showing a much smoother track, that may be down to a more accurate GPS track or just a smoothing algorythm,. I had same issue recently between m400 and Nike run club app on my LG G4. The m400 looked much closer to the actual route, much as I would like to think I had run the further distance suggested by the app.Hi Jared I saw the post from Polar yesterday and yes it’s not there anymore. Hmmmm. I like intrigue! I thought that data has always been available FROM A FOOTPOD. It is just that now they are calculating it from the watch itself ie no longer requiring a footpod. One of the guys I train downloaded the upgrade but couldn’t figure out how it worked…maybe now we know why. thank you !!A proper activity tracker needs to track different levels of activity. It needs to track sleep quality and inactivity. It probably needs to use both an internal accelerometer and heart rate monitor to do those meaningfully and to look at your activity and inactivity holistically.

I haven’t been for a run with it since fixing it, but bashing the watch about with it on running mode shows some cadencey type figures coming up so I assume it’s all working now. I’ll report back on Monday whether it continues to work while running, but for now I think we can assume this was something to do with the process of adding the new screen rather than the firmware update per sé.The distance between 21.0 and 21.1 isn’t that big. Did you check the map to see if you can clarify this?Polar M4002.rating on Google Play?The app has a higher rating on Google Play, showing the overall quality of the app and user satisfaction. The lowest score is 1, with 5 being the highest. Next, all of this is sync’d to Polar Flow online, which allows you to see it both via a web browser as well as the Polar Flow mobile app.  Below is an example of yesterday using the desktop web view:Can a few people check and see if they’re seeing the same expiry date? (Settings -> General -> About Your Product -> one of the screens has the A-GPS expiry date on it).

Is there a replacement device for M400 planned by Polar ? Like some A300 features like underwater HR and vibrate option in the M4xx series ?i put the watch in indoor mode. it catches the heart rate and carry my normal activities without any restrictions on movement or any specific way in which to hold my hand and so on. after 1-2 minutes, i shift to running mode and bingo, GPS is already ok.This is what I do when on the road (which I am a lot), often without access to PC/Mac for weeks, but have phone/tablet with me. I log into Garmin Connect on web (but in my phone’s/tablet’s browser). Create an interval, Close my phone’s/tablets webrowser. Open Connect App, find the newly created intervals (the one I created a minute ago on the phones browser, synch to my Gramin product via BT. No Cables, no PC./Mac Just Garmin product and phone..I just realized that training load and recovery time is now indicated on the Polar Flow app (iOS version). It suggest me that we can expect upgrades on the Flow web..I’ve been using my M400 for over a year now, largely on the basis of your review and the good price point. I find it easy to use and it has featured really like including the race completion predictor which I find much easier to use than trying to keep track of a pace – I’m surprised other manufacturers don’t do this. However there are a few things that annoy me. Firstly it doesn’t give figures for the partial lap left over at the end of a run. It doesn’t automatically suppress auto laps when you are running intervals. It would be useful if you could put the backlight on permanently, perhaps at half setting – theses Swedes must run at night too. And when you use the race completion function it won’t show elapsed time, and these screens aren’t customisable. And I have just had the failure to recharge problem – the day before my first marathon so I am going to have to borrow an unfamiliar watch. But despite the niggles is has been a good first GPS watch

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The Tests include Polar’s version of VO2max (Polar Index) and their Running Index; the latter being a measure of efficiency. The former, VO2max, is pretty useless on the whole; it’s a great measure of your current potential so, over time, it is a good measure of YOUR progress with YOUR fitness. It’s pretty useless to compare to other people for a variety of reasons I won’t go into and similarly it may well fail to predict your race performance today for a whole host of other reasons. However the great thing about this test is that you do it whilst lying down – so quite a few of us might actually do it! 🙂 POLAR M400 ساعت پلار. 780. نمایندگی انحصاری پلار Polar M400 is a very popular option at the top of the price range. Polar M400 is $269 more expensive than the average fitness tracker ($30.99). Key features. Versatile A smaller size means that the app will take up less space on your Apple device. This leaves more space for other apps, as well as other data such as photos and music. In fact the only Activity Tracker product that DOES DO ACTIVITY TRACKING VAGUELY PROPERLY is the Microsoft Band (in my opinion and yes I expect many of you won’t agree); which incorporates proper sleep tracking and they also have a reasonably accurate sports tracking component.

Have some fun in the travel section.

You can change screens (training views) just like in running mode, as well as configure any of the training targets seen on Polar Flow for cycling:No doubt that m400 is a very capable watch BUT it is burned from software issues and VERY long time waiting for corrections….The update took a while but went fine. I do not have any GPS issues either, the expiry entry is up-to-date as well.For a $200 GPS watch, the Polar M400 is a very capable crossover device. It's comfortable; the display is easy to read, and I really like that it can track your activity even when you're not using the GPS feature. Almost all other GPS watches lack this functionality.

Polar M400 Black Sports Watch with GPS - A stylish GPS companion with 24/7 activity tracking. Pranešti, kai kaina nukris. Dabartinė Polar M400 Black (Juodas) kaina. 199.00 €. 1. Įrašykite pageidaujamą kainą 2. Įveskite savo el. paštą On the other hand, the M400 does not have a periodic heart rate monitoring function for sleep tracking and the general accuracy of the internal steps sensor seemed to me to produce results that are slightly lower the other devices. Against that I would say that it DOES properly record more lively activity. I would also say in defence of the M400 that it seems consistent in what it records. So if you do more of the same level of activity than yesterday, it WILL show that. Consistency is what you need.Polar calls it either “automatic lap/speed pace average” which gives you the current lap pace for the current autosplit. That is, if your watch is set to automatically register a split after a fixed distance, this field will report the lap pace for that split.

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Hi Jasper, exactly the same problem here. Instead of cool-down, I get yet another ‘unscheduled’ repeat of the previous step (work). After syncing, Flow shows the activity structure as expected, even though there seems to be a weird/extra division line before the cool-down step. I haven’t found any solution yet. Any insights, anyone? Thanks!Never had that problem with my watch since March this year. I did have an issue after the latest up date with incomplete data upload after bluetooth synch. After a factory reset and removing /installing app have been trouble freeCadence is working for me now too. After going through the training view setup for running (which automatically had a new screen of ave cadence/ave stride length), I had expected that stride length was also being calculated/displayed (like my wife’s Garmin VA) but I got zero values on my latest run. So it needs a footpod (unlike the VA)?Kale, did you try using the Polar Beat up on your phone instead of the watch as I suggested above? That’s my workaround for this problem, works like a charm, even though it’s kind of sad that you can’t use the watch for its intended purpose.Lastly, at the end of the day keep in mind I’m just like any other regular athlete out there. I write these reviews because I’m inherently a curious person with a technology background, and thus I try and be as complete as I can. But, if I’ve missed something or if you spot something that doesn’t quite jive – just let me know and I’ll be happy to get it all sorted out. Also, because the technology world constantly changes, I try and go back and update these reviews as new features and functionality are added – or if bugs are fixed. So – with that intro, let’s get into things.

Polar have removed the rubber flap from all new models on the market since August and will remove the flap and replace some pieces of the watch if you send the device to them when it’s under guarantee.Can’t possibly understand why the extremely useful “heart touch” feature, present in so many of the more basic models, could have been omitted from the Polar m400 model ? Am I missing out somehow ? Could it be a software feature that needs to be synced into my m400?Polar also has a “Lap/Speed pace” field which is a measure of the current lap pace for a manual lap. That is, you have to manualy push the lap button to reset the field.Polar has five different classifications for activity: Sitting, Resting, Low (light household chores), Medium (walking) and High (running and other intense activities).

Note that this training log information is available regardless of whether you are indoors or outdoors, or which sport mode you use. Die Polar M400 ist eine Sportuhr und sieht wie eine Sportuhr aus - ob man sie als Alltagsuhr tragen möchte ist Geschmackssache! Die schwarze oder weiße M400 macht einen überaus soliden Eindruck und verspricht eine lange Lebensdauer. Dazu trägt auch die Wasserbeständigkeit bis 30 m Tiefe bei.. “CONTINUOUS HEART RATE IN A NUTSHELL Measures heart rate from your wrist at regular intervals, day and night”so, all of you who are tired of standing still while the watch gets GPS, there is hope. pl try and let me know if it works for you.

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  1. I wore the M400 on a number of long runs, and the band never chafed on my wrist. The display was easy to read while I was moving, and I could easily cycle through the different screens while on the move. I also like that it provided an audible notification every time I ran a selected distance, which you can set manually.
  2. e to work again after some fine and subtle toothpick engineering around the USB port… so looks like I may still have a watch to race with until I switch to a decent Gar
  3. Sounds great, thanks! The thing is, I’m not sure whether the strap is swappable by users, as they don’t seem to sell the straps separately.
  4. After reading your article I purchased the M400 and found it easy to use and was quite happy with it until after 3 months it stopped syncing and charging. A quick search on the internet revealed that I was not alone and quite a lot of people have experienced similar issues.
  5. Fortunately, you can work around this flaw by lying to the M400 about your age in the “physical settings”, retaking the “fitness test” and, through iterative testing, eventually produce a VO2 max value that’s close to your lab test results. This approach will, in turn, produce caloric counts and ‘fitness’ that more in-line with expectations based on real lab test results.
  6. By default the backlight will shutoff after about 10 seconds, however while in an activity you can force it to stay on by holding the upper left button and selecting ‘Set Backlight On’.
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Easiest way to test would be to run with a second watch, but the pace fluctuation I saw was so large that there was no way it was due to anything else.If you use an Android phone, check out the SyncMyTracks app, it can synchronise just about anything to anything…GPS is comparable under most scenarios, although when there is no GPS signal the FR225 uses the accelerometer to determine the pace.The Smart Coaching functionality has always been a core aspect of many Polar products. These features were aimed at providing a more cohesive feedback loop to users on how to train in a structured manner.  Much of this functionality was focused on heart rate aspects.How can i confirm that on my watch?compare the results with another gps watch?(which i dont have) or testing with gps apps via my mobile phone application?

I enabled the location service and now it does sync with my nexus 5 (marshmellow). It is pretty strange though…because a few days ago (since i didnt know what the problem was) i deleted the Polar watch from my bluetooth devices and tryed to re-add it (which didnt work). So now it doesn show it anymore (eaven if i click pair on the watch Nexus doesnt list it under bluetooth settings). Since it wont pair the “regular” way its strange that syncing works via the app anyway (if location is included ofc). It would be morel logical that it wouldnt since i manualy deleted the device and i cant re-add it under BT settings…but hey…im just happy that it works ;)You can then take this file and load it into a 3rd party application.  For the heck of it, I just selected SportTracks (online variant). The Polar M400 is a GPS watch that acts as an all-day activity tracker, making it useful even when you're not running or cycling. Polar estimates that the M400's 250 mAh battery will last up to 9 hours when using GPS, and up to 24 days as a watch with just activity monitoring active

I had similar issues with some of the items you have listed too. 1) with bad HR readings, so I downloaded the tcx file, deleted it from polar flow, modifed the tcx manually to remove the invalid HR readings thinking I could upload the tcx file but no, but you cant upload a file to polar flow. Only sync from the watch. So I lost this session which would contribute to my running index. 5) the FR230/235 now supports cycling speed/cadence sensors. I stopped using the m400 for cycling over it not having cadence support and went out and bought a garmin edge for cycling. Im not wearing a dual B+/ANT+ HR strap during my commute so my polar daily activity stats are not very useful seeing they are missing this cycling activity. 8) With android smart notifications I end up restarting my phone if Im not getting notifications. (maybe force stopping the polar flow application and restarting would work too, but I preferred the restart option) Polar M400. Touchscreen. No. Polar M400. Heart Rate Monitor. Built-in, Support for HRM chest strap Of course, not everyone is out to race or finish in a specific time.  If you’re more of the wandering type the M400 includes a ‘Back to Start’ function, that will show you the direct line back to the start.  Note that this does NOT follow your exact route to your current point, but rather is just a compass that points you directly back to the starting point. The Polar M400 has almost everything you would want in both a running watch and daily activity tracker. Polar's latest watch looks to further bridge the gap between activity trackers and GPS running watches. The Polar M400 is the company's second GPS watch that includes tracking for.. To be clear, Polar sent me over an M400 to start testing with until retail availability.  Like always, I’ll be shipping that back to them in Finland in the next little bit and going out and getting my own via regular retail channels.  That’s just the way I roll.

My experience of Polar’s customer service has been very positive – they serviced the watch within a day of receiving it and have stated that they will refund the cost of shipping.According the the FAQs it’s only available for the Loop 2 and V800 at the moment. M400 implementation is due “during the upcoming months”.If I wish to support you via purchases and am in UK (or Fr, quite often…) do you have a link to UK or FR suppliersOnce you’re back at your phone or computer you can upload the activity to Polar Flow, which is Polar’s online training log site.Thanks Ray, I’m truly baffled why it does this. I have been going to this gym for months with no problems with standard wired iphone headphones, and as soon as I switched to the bluetooth ones these problems started. Happened 3 times last week. I’m going to try it today with the iphone headphones again to rule out that as the problem.

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The Polar M400 also includes two different structured workout modes (in addition to a free-for-all mode), starting first with a super basic interval timer.  This timer allows you to setup two-step workouts using time or distance (or both combined).  Such as a 5-minutes on, then 30-seconds off type workout.  For each segment it’ll give you a countdown of how much time is left.The GPS track shows a number of corners where it looks like I cut through the buildings on the side of the road. I think the issue was particularly exacerbated as this route has quite lot of corners compared to the the routes I usually run. Given the density of runners in the first half, I was probably nowhere near the shortest distances on the course, so expected the track to actually measure long.

If only I could get my M400 to connect to my PC to transfer data/update firmware. Despite trying every cable in my house (and USB port on the PC) it will only connect for charging now…. Polar should enable firmware updates via bluetooth on this model.Yes it is pity Polar doesn’t e.g. has an option to customise the recording interval – so I got a Suunto Ambit 3 Run as well…

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You probably stumbled upon here looking for a review of a sports gadget.  If you’re trying to decide which unit to buy – check out my in-depth reviews section.  Some reviews are over 60 pages long when printed out, with hundreds of photos!  I aim to leave no stone unturned.You need to wash the usb port often with warm water, you can also use a toothpick to clean inside the cavity

III➤ Polar M400 ⇒ Leggi la nostra recensione dettagliata con foto, video e prova pratica ⇒ Confronta le migliori offerte online ⇒ Acquistalo al miglior prezzo! Recensione: Polar M400. Fascia+orologio, info personalizzate, activity tracker, bluetooth. Luisa. Scrivi una recensione Regardless of which way you sync the data though, it all ends up on Polar Flow. There is no local analysis of the data on your computer without the data first going to Polar Flow online (web service/site).You'll support the site, and get ad-free DCR! Plus, you'll be more awesome. Click above for all the details. Oh, and you can sign-up for the newsletter here!These zones are configurable online via Polar Flow.  You can have Polar figure them out for you, or you can override them for a given activity type.But syncing should be automatically done between Flow app and webservice but in one way or another this isn’t working in my case. Or what am I overseeing here? It’s quite annoying having to sync 2 times.

Polar M400: Design and build. While it does have some multisport credentials (it will track the GPS related stats for cycling and even horse riding) the M400 is built to be a running watch with added intelligence. Let's face it, being the younger relation to a multi-talented piece of tech like the V800 was.. I did the experiment with indoor cycling mode ( no gps) and saw my heart rate graph during sleep time hr (strap was a bit uncomfortable) but the data is precious!!!maybe i give a shoot` wear watch and hr strap all night with indoor cycling as a training mode and check hr graph after the only way but is very uncomfortable! :PI’ve partnered with Clever Training to offer all DC Rainmaker readers an exclusive 10% discount across the board on all products (except clearance items). You can pickup the Polar M400 below. Then receive 10% off of everything in your cart by adding code DCR10BTF at checkout. By doing so, you not only support the site (and all the work I do here) – but you also get a sweet discount. And, since this item is more than $75, you get free US shipping as well.

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So after 4 months, polar managed to semi correct custom work out programs. But keep in mind, 2 step mentioned above if you want trouble free Custom Work Out program.The Polar M400’s latest firmware update (of February or March 2016) allows to show running cadence​ during runs using internal accelerometer. I have these watches and calculation are pretty accurate and steady. I was running two times with different metronome apps on the smartphone and copmaring results of these apps and the watches. While app metronome shows 180 BPM the Polar M400 shows 91-92 SPM (it counts steps of one leg). Thus taking this slight tolerance in mind you can run withing the 180 SPM sweet spot. Great tool! Anyway, the watches are very good. Except for one thing and this must be taken into consideration by anyone who wants to buy them. There is no vibration alerts in them and the sound alerts are VERY quiet. Thus, it’s almost impossible to know what the watches want you to do while running on the city streets. The only way is to repeatedly giving a glance on the screen. If there is a strong built-in vibro in Polar M400, I would rate them very high in the everyday sports use.The watch is unreliable, as for Custom Work-Out Training. It is also not comunicating any more for notifications.Beyond the standard running and cycling modes, the unit can also be used with any of the custom sport modes found on Polar Flow (many more than displayed below):I’m having an issue with my m400 and wahoo tickr Run. If I use the tickr Run the m400 will not register distance or pace (both 0) but will register hear rate. If I do not use the tickr Run then the m400 will show distance and pace. I have tried repairing with no success. Any suggestions?

Thank you! I think maybe I should have explored that menu a bit more, although maybe it would be better to be able to turn the light on before you start a session. However it’s all a bit academic at the moment as I am still suffering the USB fail problem. Now I have the M400 by Polar, and I am quite impressed with the watch. It appears to be more rugged than the others, and I really like the variety of A:Answer Yes, the M400 can be used for any activity where one wants to track their heart rate during exercise. You can create what Polar calls a 'sport.. You’ll see it tracks my total steps on the left side (6,676), as well as the distance below it (3.21 miles).  Further down you’ve got how much sleep I got (6hrs and 43 minutes), along with an overview of my day as a time slice.  The M400 doesn’t require you do anything to track sleep, it just does it automatically (which is great!).

Polar also look at: fairly standard HR zones; Training Effect; and claim to have the most accurate calorie calculator available in a GPS watch. Good stuff.1) Battery life: Have done many events > 4h, longest 7h and I still had 10%+ left at the end of my 63 km run; 2) GPS lock on – quick and stable, even beneath cover (latest firmware); 3) Strava integration – not such an issue for me, I export the TCX file and import into Strava and voilà! Yes it does take 3 or 4 clicks exactly, but really not such a pain for me.What happened to the cadence update? Did it get pulled? The link from Ray’s twitter feed is not working anymore, and it’s now not listed amongst the updates on Polar’s site.Once ready (with GPS showing 100%), you can press the red button to begin recording the session.  This means it’ll start the timer and begin recording your distance, pace, location and other metrics.  These will then be shown on the screen for you in various data pages.Thank you for your reviews!! I feel like I can really trust what you say about products, I also really appreciate that after you get sent the product by the company for free, you then go and buy the product to support them.. I think that is stand up and I appreciate that! Which makes me trust you more!!

The Polar M400 is part activity tracker and part GPS running watch

With some tree cover the Garmin had me in the trees and the Polar in the gardens on the other side of the road, below.Upon enabling location services as advised by Polar Tech sup on their Facebook page, I was immediately able to sync.These modes have specific calorie burn algorithms, which is part of the reason you can’t go rogue and create your own mode.  Note however that while there is a swimming mode, there’s no lap/distance tracking in either indoor or outdoor swimming (like the V800 will have later this fall).  Further, unlike the V800 the M400 will NOT capture heart rate data underwater.Overall I’m really impressed with the M400.  Polar seems to have finally found an appropriate price for its products (some might even say they priced it a bit low actually).  The unit is a near perfect blend of activity tracker with GPS running watch, as well as daily wrist watch.

Polar M400 Review Trusted Review

Hi Ray, Im considering getting a M400 as my first training watch this autumn. i have been using a box of the old CS300 and polar beat up until now for my indoor spinning sessions.Polar M4002.has an accelerometer?An accelerometer is a sensor used to measure the linear acceleration of a device. A common application is detecting when a device changes between vertical and horizontal positions. I like your other suggestions around notifications. I guess I don’t have much experience of these due to the unreliability I’m experiencing and it now seems to have auto-disabled itself and I’ve kind of given up on them. How often do you find you have to restart phone/app to keep M400 notifications working? (I seemed to have to do it every few hours!).Note that while you can invert the screen in the training mode (so it’s black lettering on white background), you cannot invert it for the daily watch mode, thus it’ll always be white lettering on black background in the non-training pages.

With the internal accelerometer the unit will track steps, distance, and sleep (along with calories), throughout your day.  It doesn’t however use the internal accelerometer to give you cadence while running nor pace/distance on a treadmill – you’ll need a footpod for both of those.I don’t know if battery is easily replacable. I still have the 310xt around so if I need more batterylife I can always use this watch. Also looking out for the successor of a V800 with optical HR.I especially like that the M400 has a standard microUSB port; far too many GPS watches and fitness bands require a proprietary charging cradle.I’m not aware of any way to do that (indoors), since there’s no sensors I’m aware of that would track ice distance (nor any that the Polar M400 supports). Sorry!

I called customer service. The representative was snide and insisted that I should have known a laptop was required.Polar have since removed the post, but I suspect this feature is coming soon. Instant cadence, average cadence, stride length, etc etc… keep an eye on updates.polar.com مقایسه ساعت های پلار M400 و پلار M430. 07:54. بررسی و معرفی قابلیت های اندروید 10 Android Q

Nenaudoji Facebook arba Gmail? Ir neturi Kaina24.lt paskyros? Registruotis su el. paštu Pamiršai slaptažodį? Priminti slaptažodįCurious, never saw this mentioned. With the watch, if you’re doing interval or phase training, can the polar m400 give you audio cues over bluetooth earbuds similar to runkeeper app? I’m hoping with interval trainig, it will cue when to rest, resume, etc. Hope this question makes senseIn its current state the workout functionality is basic compared to other competitors, but functional for many workouts.  Once Polar adds in the ability to specify pace/speed targets (November), as well as the ability to do post-workout analysis comparing planned versus actual, it’ll start to become much more powerful.People/Reviewers will cite Garmin’s cadence sensor as being more easy to move between shoes; it is. However once the position of the cadence sensor is moved the sensor will need recalibration to deliver accurate footpod speed/pace. This is really, really inconvenient. So, ultimately, whichever vendor-route you go down you seem to come back to the one sensor per pair of shoes solution or just one pair of shoes at a time! (I do the former). Unless, that is, cadence comes from the watch itself or from the chest strap which is the best longterm solution for what should be a fairly simple metric to measure.

I can also see the gradual degradation of my M400’s battery, I could reach ~8h in the beginning, after 1,5y I am glad if I can get 5,5h out of it , and then Polar sticks with the silly function that you can’t start a recording when the battery is on 10% – that is easily 30 mins – 1h left perhaps :(I’ve been reading your review on the Polar M400. I need a watch that has a good reading on GPS and especially on HR. I have only started running for a year so I’m still learning. I have an offer to buy either a Garmin 225 or this type of Polar. Which one is more accurate on HR? The strap or the incorporated HR in the Garmin as I can tell that they are both ok with GPS. I ran for a while using a Garmin Forerunner 610 which was very easy to use and quite accurate.I have contacted with polar since January 22, and they told me it is the latest firmware update. They found errors and they are trying to fix it asap.Polar said the strava link would be up and running by the end of October but that could easily get delayed by a month or so….

Video tutorials Tracking Activity with Polar M400 (and V800) Polar M400 - Your guide in trainin I’ve reviewed quite a few dedicated activity trackers and played with a few others; most of them do not do the ‘activity tracking job’ properly as I would define it let alone the sports activity component. Very many, other, activity trackers at present are glorified digital pedometers.This doesn’t seem to occur with any of the Garmin watches I’ve used as they don’t seem to lose GPS as easily, whereas with the M400, at the slightest sign of difficulty I will immediately receive the no GPS message.U have to wash the usb port with warm water after every training session.. You can also use a toothpick to clean up inside the usb port… If you don’t do this most likely after few months you have issuesAgain, down the road in a firmware update they’ll add footpod support for indoor running on a treadmill which will gather cadence and pace as well as distance.  Note that without the footpod the unit will not gather running cadence information.

Hi, I encountered a very strange issue a few days ago. I went to our runninggroup training and afterwards I synced my M400 with the Android-app which also automatically syncs with Strava and in Strava everything is private until I make the workout public manually. Last Monday I suddenly got kudo’s for a power-workout in Strava. When I looked I noticed it had the same starting time as my runninggroup training, but only contains heartrate. And the duration of this one was shorter. Strava said that the used device was a V800. I synced at home with no other devices near (and also not connected a V800 before). How can this happen?Once you’re done changing your data fields you can go ahead and save the settings and then sync your M400 either via USB or via Bluetooth Smart.  Both options will update the data fields on the unit itself.Hi there just some news to be updated: polar added cadence and recover time ( this only in polar flow web site).I downloaded the update with the cadence feature on my M400. I also update my training views on my watch to include the cadence results. I used it in a run last night with absolutely no issues. I synced my run via the IOS app – again no issues. Everything seems to be working fine. From my experience I don’t understand why the cadence update was pulled.

Polar M400 review: Combines the simplicity of a fitness band with the heartrate and GPS activity tracking of a high-end running watch. The Polar M400 gets this right more than any other rival. That also means that it works better on skinnier wrists. Again, this is in stark contrast to key rivals Katso 25 Polar m400 ilmoitusta parhaalla hinnalla. Polar m400 urheilukello. Äänekoski, Keski-Suomi. Tarkista hinta. Lisätiedot kaksi kappaletta ylimääräiseksi jääneitä kelloja

Considering my usage (for mountain biking and cross country skiing) would there be another watch better suited ?However, I was very impressed with Polar’s service! I’ve never had such a positive warranty experience.

I’ve just bought the M400 and as and entry level / beginner runner I am LOVING IT! It’s not only encouraged me to ‘move’ with the activity tracking… But I am more focussed on setting goals now… I have found some direction… Great review, found out about some stuff I didn’t know, that reading the manual just confused… XHello! Maybe someone can give me advise regarding Polar M400. I was considering this device with Hear Rate monitor bundle or Fitbit Charge HR as Christmas present for my girlfriend. She mainly do walking, so I was considering are there any advantages of GPS in walking mode ? For example, can you see later in the app your walked path on map, distance, etc ? Currently, I am leaning more towards M400, because I’ve seen many complaints with Charge about skin rash issue and not so precise optical heart rate sensor.Lastly, the unit is well waterproofed at 30-meters, despite using just a standard micro-USB connector.  Though, while it is waterproofed, it won’t give you heart rate underwater, as it only supports Bluetooth Smart heart rate transmission and not the analog frequency used on some of Polar’s other water-friendly watches.The same Garmin vs Polar ride was 35.69km with the Garmin and 35.58km with the Polar. That’s a tiny difference of 110m over 20 miles.She was carving cakes when I requested her wrist, hence why her hands are so dark looking (from the chocolate).  That said, she did find the black version a bit big on her wrist.  I’m checking to see if the white version is smaller as a strap.  I’ll update accordingly.

I don’t need any power, ANT, Heart Rate stuff, training etc. Just the basic recording of distance to put that on the map in the web app at home; the recording of elevation would be a plus.Now there does appear to be one limitation in that laps aren’t exported yet (that’s coming though, Polar has confirmed, hopefully later this year).Wanna save some cash and support the site? You have two options. The first is to use Clever Training with either the coupon code (DCR10BTF) or the VIP program. Both save 10%, see details by clicking below:Mine finally updated on 11th, looks like someone at Polar put some coins in the A-GPS sync-via-android meter :) 1 Best Memorial Day Sales 2020: The best deals right now 2 Where to buy Nintendo Switch: These retailers still have stock 3 Where to buy Clorox Wipes 4 The 5G revolution has been a big fail so far 5 Samsung Galaxy Note 20 vs Galaxy S20 Ultra: How will they be different? 1 Best Memorial Day Sales 2020: The best deals right now 2 Where to buy Nintendo Switch: These retailers still have stock 3 Where to buy Clorox Wipes 4 The 5G revolution has been a big fail so far 5 Samsung Galaxy Note 20 vs Galaxy S20 Ultra: How will they be different? Tom's Guide is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Visit our corporate site.

Next, let’s look at the size of the unit compared to the V800, then we’ll look at rolling pins.  As you can see in the next three pictures, it’s very similar, but the M400 is just a smidge smaller than the V800, mostly due to the slight rounding.This review was made possible by readers like you buying products via my links. I buy all the products I review through normal retail channels, which allows me to create unbiased reviews free from the influence of reciprocity, or the need to keep vendors happy. It also ensures I don't get "reviewer specials" that are better than the retail versions. So don’t let the M400’s activity tracking functions play any key part in your purchasing decision. They’re more than fine enough.

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