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Monday thru Saturday: 9am - 8pm Sunday: 10am - 6pm Hablamos Español Got a Colt 1903 Pocket Hammer .38 Special Rimless Caliber Pistol with one magazine for sale. New in box colt general officers model 1903 pocket hammerless .32ACP pistol Descending from the Colt Mustang lineage, the PocketLite is my favorite of the Colt pocket pistols. The PocketLite has a stainless steel slide with an electroless- nickel finished aluminum frame

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Colt offered these .31 caliber pocket pistols as an inexpensive repeating firearm designed to compare more favorably to the single-shot handguns then available. To cut costs, Colt replaced the traditional six-shot cylinder with a five loader. The Baby Dragoon also included a recoil shield but no safety cutout to catch a percussion cap. If a cap failed to ignite its chamber’s main charge, the pistol had to be dismantled to replace that faulty cap.

You can find us on: Approximately 570,000 Colt Pocket Hammerless pistols were produced from 1903 to 1945, in five different types (see Variants paragraph below). Some were issued to US Army and US Air Force.. Initially promoted in California in March 1851, as the “New Pattern…with patent lever,” Colt’s improved ’49er quickly became a favorite with miners, express agents and other argonauts who needed a small pocket revolver. On San Francisco’s Barbary Coast, gamblers sometimes referred to such hideout guns as a “fifth ace.” The demand in the Golden State proved so great that Colt’s factory in Hartford was unable to keep up with the orders. The large belt model Colt, which sold for around $16-$18 each in the East, was selling for as much as $250-$500 apiece in the West. Even the less expensive .31 caliber model commanded prices around $100 on the West Coast. The gun proved to be a favorable alternative for folks who found the heavy Dragoon a bit inconvenient.Colt Factory Engraved 1849 Pocket Model Revolver. Colt 1849 Pocket model factory engraved and cased in correct factory case with eagle and stars powder flask, excellent Colts patent bullet mold, excellent nipple wrench, can... The Colt Model 1908 Pocket Hammerless is a variant introduced five years later in .380 ACP caliber. Despite the title hammerless, the Model 1903 does have a hammer

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Nous vous proposons sur cette page un revolver à poudre noire signé Pietta qui met en lumière le compact Colt 1862 Police à l'allure si élégante The family of Colt Pocket Percussion Revolvers evolved from the earlier commercial revolvers Model. In 1855 Colt introduced another pocket percussion revolver, the Colt 1855 Sidehammer.. Clint Eastwood’s gunslinger famously brushed off a group of Union soldiers with those sneering words—just before he shot all four of them dead. The line was more than a bit reminiscent of the oft-misquoted line Eastwood said in the 1971 movie that catapulted him to fame: “You’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?,” his Dirty Harry character asked the bad guy at the mercy of his Smith & Wesson Model 29 .44 Magnum. Colt 1908 Pocket Hammerless .380 ACP and 1908 Vest Pocket .25 ACP, cased with factory ivory stocks. Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless .32 ACP Factory Engraved & Inscribed..

Colt made the 1849 Pocket Model in barrel lengths of three, four, five and six inches. The four-inch and five-inch tubes were the most popular, and the six-inch barreled version appears to be the scarcest model produced. Unloaded, a ’49er weighs from 24 to 27 ounces, depending on barrel length. Sold with a blued barrel and cylinder, the frame and loading lever were color case hardened. Grip straps were generally silver plated over brass, although some were made with blued- or silver-plated iron. Factory standard stocks were of the one-piece varnished, straight-grained walnut variety—typical of commercially-produced period Colts. Custom stocks of select burl walnut, ivory and other materials were offered. On an 1849 model, you’ll likely find one of a variety of barrel roll stampings noting the addresses and places of manufacturing.Lacking a truly reliable pocket-sized revolver, the public clamored for a quality, accurate weapon. Sam Colt, an astute businessman, knew he could fulfill the need. He carefully studied his big and heavy Dragoon revolver and determined that certain features deemed necessary in a large belt revolver could be removed from a smaller pocket-type pistol. In crafting his first pocket revolver, Col. Colt eliminated an estimated 85 of the roughly 480 separate operations required to produce his firm’s belt pistol, the .44 caliber Dragoon, reports P.L. Shumaker in Colt’s Variations of the Old Model Pocket Pistol, 1848 to 1872. Toll Free: (877) 214-9327 | Email: info@collectorsfirearms.com

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I first saw the prototype of the Colt 1903 Hammerless General Officer's Pocket Pistol at the Colt booth at a recent NRA Convention. I was taken with this elegant, all-steel defensive pistol from a bygone era Colt 1849 Pocket Revolver. All Outdoors. Загрузка... Colt 1847 Walker & Remington Pocket Shoot off Revolver Comparison - Продолжительность: 9:23 BlackPowderShooter 44 21 194 просмотра Colt Pistols and Revolvers for Firearms Collectors - Model 1903 ACP & Model 1908 ACP Pocket Hammerless Standard Variation Type III. Colt Type III 1903 ACP production date around Note the..

Designed to be the perfect knife for all of your cutting needs, the Colt Pocket Trooper Folding Knife is made using incredibly durable materials and construction that will keep you slicing and cutting for.. Thus, the Colt Pocket Hammerless models fit the bill perfectly. Pocket Hammerless pistol grips Many officers of note carried the Colt Pocket Hammerless autopistols. Even Patton had one, issued.. Mitsubishi Colt Pocket Rocket. 1 Drive 12 followers 1 Logbook. Mitsubishi Colt VI in production since 2002. Ten years with us Text edited 8 years ago

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Colt 1849 Pocket Model Revolver. Factory cased with all accessories. This is a six inch barrel two Colt 1849 Pocket Model Revolver. . 31 Caliber Percussion Revolver manufactured in 1861 with.. One frontiersman, threatened with a .22 derringer, slapped it out of his assailant’s hand and…I am always looking for quality Colt Automatic Pistols, Revolvers and firearms related items manufactured before 1950 so please check my WANTS list. I am particularly in need of factory variations of engraved, inscribed and specially finished pistols (i.e. gold or silver plated). Additionally, I am looking for unusual grip types (ivory, pearl and deluxe walnut) as well as Colt Catalogs, advertising pamphlets, instruction sheets, original documentation, manufacturing gauges, presentation cases, etc. If you have a question about one of these models or if you have an item in which I might be interested, you can send an e-mail message to pistols@coltautos.com. Email typically gets the fastest response, but if you would prefer to contact me by phone, my number is 703.281.6628. The family of Colt Pocket Percussion Revolvers evolved from the earlier commercial revolvers marketed by the Patent Arms Manufacturing Company of Paterson, N.J..

Approximately 570,000 Colt Pocket Hammerless pistols were produced from 1903 to 1945, in five different types (see Variants paragraph below). Some were issued to US Army and US Air Force general officers from World War II through the 1970s, when stocks ran out. Recipients included Generals Eisenhower, Bradley, Marshall, and Patton. Patton's Model 1908 was embellished with three (later four) stars on the grip panels to denote his rank. General Officer models were issued with a brown or black (depending on service and regulations) leather holster, pistol belt, and ammunition pouch. A cleaning rod and two spare magazines were also included. The pistol was often engraved with the officer's name...Colt .38 ACP Pocket model - Colt 1903 Hammerless : a shorter version of the FN 1903 - Several minor differences between them - Early version of the Colt 1903 Hammerless Mechanical features.. The family of Colt Pocket Percussion Revolvers evolved from the earlier commercial revolvers For faster navigation, this Iframe is preloading the Wikiwand page for Colt Pocket Percussion Revolvers The family of Colt Pocket Percussion Revolvers evolved from the earlier commercial revolvers marketed by the Patent Arms Manufacturing Company of Paterson, N.J. The smaller versions of Colt's first revolvers are also called Baby Patersons by collectors and were produced first in .28 to .31..

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There were no high quality models of the 1911 on thiniverse, so I found this one and added supports to make it printable. Very high detail, and accura.. Site Intro Contact Us Gun of the Month Series Colt Reference Books Browning & Colt Patents J.R. Hegeman Collection U.S. General Officer Pistols Gold Colts Texas Colts Coltautos.com Recommended References from Amazon.com    Welcome to Coltautos.com

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  1. The Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless is .32 ACP caliber, self-loading, semi-automatic pistol designed by John Browning and built by Colt Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company of Hartford, Connecticut
  2. Colt Knives 381 Sheepsfoot Lady Colt Canoe Pocket Knife with Pink Bone Handles. Colt Knives 284 Lockback Pocket Knife with Stainless Steel Handles
  3. Welcome to ColtAutos.com, the website for collectors of Colt Automatic Pistols and Revolvers. This site has served collectors for over 20 years since it was established in 1996 and includes both general and specific information on most pre-WWII Colt Automatic Firearms Models. Here you will find Photos and identification, historical information, firearms serial number and date of production information along with disassembly instructions, parts diagrams and original factory instruction sheets for these pistols. Just use the Quick Search above. To familiarize yourself with the site, please review the User's Guide.
  4. In any event, the rammerless Colt ’49 never sold well. Sometime around 1860, Colt attempted to sell the remaining inventory of his pocket pistols without rammers by fitting these three-inch barreled revolvers with loading assemblies. These were made by crudely modifying loading levers from the standard four-inch barreled pistols. In spite of this modification, the guns still met with public disapproval as the altered rammer lever made it difficult to apply the proper pressure to the rammer itself. Colt manufactured relatively few of these guns, probably around 100. As such, these factory-modified Colts are extremely desirable pieces with today’s collectors.
  5. The original Model Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless Pistol fires .32 ACP cartridges. 10. While the barrel is unattached to the frame, the 1903 is a pure blowback design
  6. Colt Percussion Cap Tin - Japanned Finish. Made in USA Mouth Mask W/ Filter POCKET Adult Unisex Anti-Dust Cotton Blend Washable Reusable in Packs Tough Cookie
  7. Grip panels were black checked hard rubber, checked walnut, or special order materials (ivory, mother of pearl, inset medallion).

Colt .22 Target (Pre-Woodsman) owned by firearms inventor Charles Jolidon with two of his firearms patents.Metal finish was blued or nickel, and some special-order finishes such as engraved, silver or gold plated.

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Get the best magazines for your Colt Pocket 9 at the best prices you'll find online. They're in stock and ready to ship to your door During the 1840s, people had a myriad of single shot pistols to choose from for personal portable protection. These guns varied from huge and cumbersome large-bored horse pistols to miniscule, largely ineffective “coat pocket” handguns. As insurance against malfunctions, some of these pistols were actually designed with auxiliary weapons such as affixed knives or heavy club-like handles.Colt 1849 Pocket Model Revolver. .31 Caliber. Barrel length 4” with one line New York address. Bore is excellent. Action works perfectly. This revolver has approximately 80% blue, stronger on the barrel. Cylinder has...

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This reminds me of the Colt hammerless 1908 pocket pistol... But this one seemed nicer... I would keep it as a collectors piece if its considered a collectors piece and carry it and use it as a backup to.. 1. High Noon Holsters Hideaway for Colt Pocket Nine. These sell for $64.95 plus a 3 month wait. 2. Leather pocket holster for Colt Pocket Nine. Can't remember the maker, maybe Aker Leather £ 950. Colt Pocket .31 Revolver. Brentwood, Eastern. .31 colt pocket with matching numbers even barrel wedge! Read full description

Colt 1849 Pocket .31 caliber Revolver. 4” Model manufactured in 1857. Serial numbers are matching, except for the wedge. Action works, cylinders scene is visible. Metal has a brown patina.Although one of the Pocket Model’s improvements was the incorporation of a loading lever assembly, Colt produced a small number of ’49 models without these additions. Modern gun aficionados nicknamed these three-inch rammerless ’49ers the “Wells Fargo,” yet no evidence supports the claim that the famed express firm ever officially adopted this weapon as a sidearm for its drivers, guards and various agents. Wells Fargo employees certainly did carry ’49 Pocket Colts, both with and without rammers. Many of these were privately purchased, along with other sidearms.

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Купить. Быстрый просмотр. Пистолет блоубек WE COLT M1911А1, металл, грин-газ. Пистолет блоубэк WE COLT M1911 HI-CAPA 5.1 WET REX Long Black грин-газ. 8 900 So I found a colt pocket 9 for sale but the dude wants $1,200 for it! Is this a fair price?? Would this be a good firearm for my wife??

This Colt Officers was in for a few difficult modifications. The front sight was a Millet Duel Crimp Home Forums > 1911 Forum > 1911 Photo Gallery >. Pocket Colt. Discussion in '1911 Photo Gallery'.. Copyright 1996 - 2020 by Coltautos.com. All rights reserved. Please read our online Privacy Statement The Coltautos.com logos and all proprietary artwork and photos are the property of Coltautos.com and may not be reproduced or distributed without expressed written permission. Max Colt website. 00. loading. made by advanced team. Hi! i'm Max Colt. an award-winning. visual effects Bid on Lot #6252: Two Antique Colt Pocket Percussion Revolvers - Manufactured 1862.... A) Civil War Era Colt Pocket Model of Navy Caliber Revolver

Have a firearm or related Colt item for sale? Check my Wants list and my Classifieds Page. Do you have a question about a particular Colt firearm? You can send me an e-mail message at pistols@coltautos.com.Colt “Wells Fargo” Revolver. All matching numbers. Cylinder scene is partially visible. “Colt Patent” mark on cylinder is clear. Barrel address is clear. Action works perfectly. Grips are near...FN Model 1903 — Infobox Weapon name= FN Model 1903 caption= Husqvarna m/1907 variant origin=flagcountry|Belgium type= Semi automatic pistol is ranged=yes service= used by= wars= designer= John Browning design date= manufacturer=Fabrique Nationale unit cost=… …   WikipediaOne of the few repeating pistols offered at the time, the multi-barrelled “pepperbox,” was a popular, but somewhat unreliable gun. Named for condiment canisters, a host of these single-action and double-action pepperbox pistols were produced by manufacturers including Allen & Thurber, Blunt & Syms and the English firm Manton. While some considered the pepperbox pistol one of the best pistols of its time, others saw it as unreliable, inaccurate and sometimes downright dangerous for its possessor. In his classic work Roughing It, Mark Twain claimed that the safest place to be when such a contraption fired was in front of it. A justice of the peace in Mariposa, California, agreed with Twain and actually ruled in an 1852 assault case that an Allen’s pepperbox could not be considered a dangerous weapon.

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  1. Colt 1903/1908 Pocket Hammerless — Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless : face droite …   Wikipédia en Français
  2. Colt Pocket. Home. PRODUCTS. Hand Guns. Percussion Revolvers. Colt Pocket. 1849 Wells Fargo .31 cal., 4 in. Case Hardened Brass T/G - B-S, 1 Piece Walnut, Standard Blue / Charcoal Blue..
  3. If fired, the Pocket Colt’s efficacy varied at the whim of several factors not necessarily tied to its load. A .31 caliber round ball, or pointed (conical) bullet, weighs in at around 45 grains of pure, soft lead. With a standard charge of about 15 grains of FFFg (3Fg) blackpowder, this loading is capable of traveling at around 590 feet per second (fps) and hitting with a bit under 35 foot-pounds of muzzle energy. In comparison, a little modern .32 Smith & Wesson, when fired from a short-barreled revolver, develops approximately 680 fps and delivers almost 90 foot-pounds of muzzle thump.
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Colt Model 1849 Pocket .31 caliber revolver. This is a Colt London pocket model. Barrel length 4½”. All numbers are matching. Cylinder scene is approximately 60% visible. Barrel is marked “Address Col... Gun of the Month February 2020FN Model 1903 — Browning M1903 Le Pistolet Husqvarna 1907 : un Browning 1903 fabriqué3 sous licence en Suède ou il fut réglementaire de 1907 à 1942. Le Browning 1903 est un pistolet semi automatique conçu par John Browning en 1903 pour la FN Herstal. Il… …   Wikipédia en Français Colt pocket .25 automatic. Available in silver or black. Y.T Corp. Metal: COLT POCKET .25. Brand new. Includes original box / instructions, 6rd magazine, 5x reusable 6.35mm blowback cartridges

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  1. The ’49er was so well-regarded that many expressed their admiration for it by embellishing the Pocket Colt with custom stocks, special finishes, engravings and special gun sights. More non-standard Pocket ’49ers exist than any other model in the world, writes Robert M. Jordan and Darrow M. Watt in Colt’s Pocket ’49, Its Evolution, Including The Baby Dragoon & Wells Fargo. Jordan’s research shows at least 26,000 of the 1849 Pocket models were factory engraved and that more Pocket ’49ers are found in presentation cases than any other gun in the world.
  2. Colt provides world-class global network and voice services: optical, ethernet, cloud, cybersecurity, capital markets, business internet & VPN, and voice
  3. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Triple K Colt Pocket 8RD 32ACP Gun Magazine at the best online prices at eBay
  4. Colt, West Hartford, CT. 724K likes. Colt is one of the world's leading designers, developers, and manufacturers of firearms. We've supplied civilia

Colt 1849 Pocket .31 Caliber Revolver With Iron Backstrap and Trigger Guard. 4” Barrel. Front sight is very nice dovetail and blade. All numbers are matching. Cylinder scene is perfect, 100% clear and visible. Very... This Colt Pocket Model kit contains everything you need to convert a Colt Model 1848 Baby Dragoon, 1849 Pocket Model, 1862 Pocket Navy and 1862 Pocket Police Colt's First Pocket Revolver. During the 1840s, people had a myriad of single shot pistols to choose Public opinion spurred Colt to implement additional changes to the Pocket Colt (the first few had an.. Colt Pocket Positive Revolver Kit. NOTE: This is NOT a functioning firearm. It is a parts kit, sold as-is and includes everything pictured Colt M1900 — Colt Model 1900 Photo by AdamsGuns.com Type Semi automatic pistol Place of origin …   Wikipedia

Colt 1849 Pocket Model cased with all accessories. .31 Caliber. 4” Barrel. This is a beautiful cased set. All numbers match including the wedge. Cylinder scene is 100% visible and clear. Gun has approximately 95-99%... $47.99 colt pocket hammerless 1908 25 acp grips checkered walnut w/colt Buy: $54.99 Original colt 1903 pocket hammerless grip for the safety side (left side of gun) Pistol - 73944 Colt Model 1903 Pocket Hammerless, a pocket pistol. This specific term is used to specific small pocket sized pistols designed for concealed carry in coat, jacket and/or trousers pockets Colt 1849 Pocket 5” Barrel .31 Caliber Revolver. Made in 1855. .31 Caliber with a 5” barrel. Barrel and cylinder retain 65% of the original blue. The back strap and trigger guard has 90% of the silver plating...

Public opinion spurred Colt to implement additional changes to the Pocket Colt (the first few had an estimated 150 run). Colonel Colt added a rammer assembly for easier loading and a cutout in the recoil shield so that capping could be accomplished without taking the pistol apart. Other improvements included affixing a roller bearing at the base of the hammer, placing tiny “safety” pins between each chamber, as opposed to just a single pin, and replacing rounded stops cutting into the cylinder with rectangular stops. Colt also lengthened the frame and barrel design, and modified the trigger and guard. The most notable cosmetic change made to the gun was engraving a “stagecoach holdup” scene by rolling it onto the cylinder. (Some early models, however, featured the “Ranger and Indian” fight scene as found on the Dragoon and Baby Dragoon models.) These features constitute what has become known as the standard 1849 Colt Pocket Model pistol. Final Hours!   Don't Miss Out on Summer Sale! The Pocket Positive has the one critical attribute that characterizes so many Colt revolvers: style. The Pocket Positive was an outgrowth of Colt's New Pocket Revolver, introduced in 1893 Colt Pocket Hammerless

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Found this colt pocket revolver recently while looking for a campsite. Amazing how good the condition is after being in the ground for so long During its 23 years of production, Colt’s Hartford facility manufactured about 320,000 Colt Pocket Models, while another 11,000 were produced at the plant in London, England. Production of this handgun finally halted in 1873, when Colt began producing self-contained metallic cartridge revolvers. Despite the transition from cap-and-ball to metallic cartridge arms, Colt’s factory records reveal that percussion model ’49ers were still being shipped as late as 1889. This was especially ironic because the 1849 Pocket Model was one of the caplock revolvers that the Colt factory converted during its first stages of producing metallic cartridge handguns as early as 1869. A Colt employee, E. Alexander Thuer, designed a conversion system that allowed specially designed cartridges to be front-loaded. This little revision legally skirted around the Smith & Wesson-held Rollin-White patent for a drilled-through chamber in the revolver’s cylinder. Colt Defense LLC

Colt 1849 Pocket Model Revolver. Scarce iron backstrap and trigger guard. Gun has matching numbers except the wedge, which is a proper wedge but mismatched. Bore is very good plus with excellent rifling. This is a 4”...Colt 1849 Pocket Model Revolver. Made in 1858. .31 Caliber with a 5” barrel. Very fine gun with nice finish. Case colors remain on the right hand side with only trace colors on left hand side. Barrel still has 40% of...The model also lacked a rammer assembly underneath the barrel, which made loading a Baby Dragoon a cumbersome process. The shooter had to load ammunition by knocking out the barrel wedge and removing the barrel and cylinder. The shooter then charged the chambers of the cylinder with powder before utilizing the cylinder pin to force a lead projectile into each chamber. Next he fitted percussion caps over the nipples, replaced the cylinder and barrel assembly, and securely fastened the barrel wedge. Lastly, he rotated the cylinder so that the hammer rested over a single cylinder “safety” pin located between two of the chambers on the rear facing of the cylinder. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted

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When Eastwood’s character ruthlessly killed those soldiers in 1976’s The Outlaw Josey Wales, he chose as his weapons of death the 1847 Colt Walkers from his belt holsters. It’s not surprising that Hollywood would have him draw Colt’s first six-shooter, as much of the credit for taming the Wild West is usually assigned to six-shooters and big-bore rifles. But had he met those soldiers at a poker table, Josey might have reached into his vest pocket for the little five-shot pocket revolver that played its own part in the saga of the American frontier. Colt Baby Dragoon, Wells Fargo and Pocket Revolvers. SP1647 Plunger Screw (repro.) for the Colt 1849 & 1862 Pocket Navy Revolver and Manhattan .36 Original (FOR ORIGINAL COLT REVOLV

By our current standards, the ’49 Pocket Colt is hardly impressive, but in its time, it could do damage. At close range, the length of a card table for instance, the gun could be dangerous. The soft lead of its bullets had the capacity to frustrate the period medical establishment.  Home | Wants | Gun of the Month | Historical Info | Instruction Sheets Site Search| Online Bookstore | Classifieds | Colt Care | Links Questions / Comments? Contact Us!   The Rampant Horse and Colt logos are registered trademarks of Colt's Manufacturing Company, Inc. Hartford, CT

..number The Colt Pocket 1903 in caliber .38 ACP - Colt Pocket 1903 variations - Estimated quantities by variation - Variations by year and serial number Field dismounting of the Colt 1902.. Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket — pistol The FN modèle 1906 that was the personal weapon of Swiss general Henri Guisan, on display at Morges military museum …   WikipediaThe 1849 Pocket Model Colt may have outshot the competition, but it actually didn’t deliver much of a punch. Fortunately, it didn’t need to. The sidearm was perfect as leverage against a touchy situation. A misdealt card, a mining claim dispute, a defense of a lady’s honor or perhaps an expedited bank withdrawal might all be eased along through the use of a ’49er. The simple brandishing of the firearm could even elicit the desired reaction. Кольт (Colt) - Обзор. Author. Красный Сын

Colt 1849 Pocket Model Revolver. Factory cased with all accessories. This is a six inch barrel two line New York revolver. Bore is perfect, cylinder scene is 100%. Numbers are all matching. Grips are excellent with 98%... Right side has the colt picture and says Colt Automatic and then caliber .25. I inherited a colt model 1903 pocket hammerless pistol from my father In spite of these drawbacks, Colt’s new pocket revolver still outperformed other available single-firing and multi-shot handguns in design, quality and function. The public’s approval was overwhelming, and the new little “revolving pistol” was a success from the very start.Produced in a wide variety of configurations and barrel lengths, the 1849 Pocket Model Colt became one of the most famous handguns of its time. It outsold all of the company’s other models as well as those manufactured by competitors. City dwellers in the East mainly purchased the five shooters for travel “insurance” and home protection. But many of these Pocket Colts also went west for California’s Gold Rush. The Colt model 1903 pocket hammer is based of of the 1902 sporting model, which is in turn a civilian market variant of the Colt 1900. Like it's immediate forerunners it is a .38acp chambering, of course..

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Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless — Colt 1903/1908 Pocket Hammerless Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless : face droite …   Wikipédia en Français Unfollow colt pocket to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. You'll receive email and Feed alerts when new items arrive After handling and firing this pocket revolver, one can easily see why it commanded such respect among the people of the Victorian era. For its time, the 1849 Colt Pocket Model was a modern and practical pocket gun. And no bluecoat whistling “Dixie” in your face would have stood a chance against it.Colt 1849 Pocket Revolver. Made in 1862. .31 Caliber with a 5” barrel. Barrel has traces of original blue and is nice and sharp. Cylinder scene is very strong. Frame has a dark gray patina. Grips are very good with a...There was also an M1903 version with a military Parkerized finish, which is otherwise the same as the Model IV, SN 554,447 through 572,214.

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Colt 1849 Pocket Revolver. Made in 1852. Barrel is 5”. Metal has a dark brown patina. Grips are very good. Gun is all matching. This mod adds in a Colt Pocket 1849. It comes with unique static and sound entries, as well as having it added to the appropriate perk, holdout, repair, vendor, and leveled lists. It also comes with two.. Colt 1849 Pocket Model Revolver. .31 Caliber Percussion Revolver manufactured in 1861 with factory case and all accessories. This is a 5” barrel length, one line New York address. Excellent bore. Cylinder has all the...That hideout revolver, the 1849 Pocket Colt, was the most produced of all Colt percussion arms. It also became the best selling handgun in the world during the entire 19th century.

Inevitably, newer and stronger designs in pocket handguns and ammunition pushed the ’49 Pocket Colt to the wayside in favor of more modern arms. Today, the ’49 Pocket Model is considered quite collectible, commanding premium prices among discerning arms collectors. Greg Martin Auctions in San Francisco, California, set a record for the highest price paid at auction for a firearm when it sold a cased, gold-inlaid 1849 Pocket Colt engraved by Gustave Young for a $720,000 bid in 2003. Colt Pistols and Revolvers for Firearms Collectors - Model 1903 ACP & Model 1908 ACP Pocket Hammerless Standard Variation Type III. Colt Type III 1903 ACP production date around Note the..

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A Day of Defeat (DOD) Skin Mod in the Colt 1911 category, submitted by Millenia and Damage Inc In 1849, production of the Colt Pocket Percussion revolvers began. Below is a link with a short history of Per proofhouse.com ,the Colt pocket positive with that serial number was made in 1917,making.. Special features include a serrated slide to prevent slippage during manual cycling of the slide, and two safety mechanisms (a grip safety and a manual safety). A magazine safety was added on later models; this feature prevents the pistol from being fired with a round in the chamber and the magazine removed. Despite the title 'Hammerless', the Model 1903 does have a hammer, but it is hidden from view by the gun's slide. In 1908, a .380 ACP version of this gun was introduced. Called the Model 1908, it was nearly identical to the Model 1903 except for the bore diameter and the magazine, which held seven rounds (one less than the Model 1903).Colt’s first pocket revolver began production around 1847, after the collapse of his Patent Arms Manufacturing Company in Paterson, New Jersey. Now called the “Baby Dragoon,” this 1848 revolver was the predecessor to the 1849 Pocket Model. About 15,000 Baby Dragoons were the first pocket pistols produced by Colt’s facility in Hartford, Connecticut.Shooting one of these replica 1849 Pocket Model Colts is a true joy. The attached rammer assembly on Cimarron Fire Arms’ replica of the four-inch barreled version makes loading easy and firing the gun delightful. Unlike the big belt model cap-and-ball six-guns of the age, you won’t hear a booming report or see as much white smoke with each shot. Discharging this little spitfire is rather reminiscent of a small vocal dog. The diminutive wheel gun barks sharply, spitting out a .31 caliber ball with the gusto of a feisty little critter. At close range, say within 25 feet, the accuracy is gratifying. At card table distances, the ’49er is deadly, putting its lead pills right where they are aimed.

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Colt's Pocket Hammerless Model M .32 acp with Du Mond Target Barrel. The pistol was manufactured between 1937 and 1938. The custom target barrel was produced by Du Mond Manufacturing This is a discussion on Colt Pocket 9 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I stopped by my LGS today just to chat and left with a new (to me)..

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